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Reebok Kamikaze 4 Black/ White – Available Now

The Reebok Kamikaze 4, and their entire basketball line in general, will continue to go on clearance if they never let anyone know the products are available.

Yeah, the Kamikaze 4 is available now in this Black/ White colorway. You would never know that though, unless you frequently visit Reebok.com… and we all know that isn’t gonna happen.

But, if you wanted to try out a pair then at least you know they’re available now & you can get them here.

Reebok Kamikaze 4 Black White - Available Now 1

Reebok Kamikaze 4 Black White - Available Now 2

Reebok Kamikaze 4 Black White - Available Now 3

Reebok Kamikaze 4 Black White - Available Now 4

Reebok Kamikaze 4 Black White - Available Now 5

Reebok Kamikaze 4 Black White - Available Now 6

    1. I’ve been playing in them since then. They fit half a size bigger and the padding is very thin. The only thing I really like is the lacing system.

      1. Are there any more details you can give? Thinking about getting a pair but I can’t find a review anywhere.

  1. So what’s the deal with DMX foam? I don’t know much about it.

    I have read a few time though that it sucks compared to the original version. What’s the difference between the original version and what they’re using on the retros?

    1. I never had the pleasure of feeling the original but the newer DMX foam is firm as h*ll bro. I believe that’s what’s in the Iverson Answer 4 that I have and they are ok for casual wear but I’d never wear them on the court personally. I even had to replace the insole for casual use to give me some kind of step-in comfort.

      1. Hey man, thanks for the reply.

        I had thought that DMX was average, but from what you’ve now told me, I’ll try to stay away from it. lol.

        Since you mentioned insoles – would a cushioned insole make it playable in your opinion?

        1. It’s possible but I need more cushion so I’m not sure. If you don’t need too much cushion then it might be worth a shot.

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