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Reebok Celebrates Mother’s Day with 30 percent Off

You know what time it is – Mother’s Day!!!! We’ve all got them and believe it or not, they are the reason we are here today (with some help from the dad’s out there).

To celebrate, Reebok has decided to give us all a 30 percent off on Reebok.com to grab those last-minute purchases for every type of mother, from the fitness addict to the road runner to the mom who just has that fashion and style. If you go to the site and grab your gear for your favorite mom, you can use the code MOM until May 12 to get 30 percent off on workout tights, sports bras, tops, pants and of course, KICKS!!!!

Below are some of the choices Reebok suggests, and there are picks for moms of all styles. In case you haven’t noticed yet, “mothers” aren’t what they used to be, and Reebok is a big reason for that. Before companies realized women have different ways of exercising and especially different needs from workout gear, Reebok blew the aerobic scene up with the Freestyle (Reebok with the straps!!!!), quickly cornering the market.

Reebok has continued to be a strong supporter of women in sports through the years, from big hair and leg warmers to tank tops and Crossfit. If your mom (or mom of your kids) needs that little extra piece of “stuff”, Reebok has it covered. For the Runner: Reebok Forever Floatride Energy Floatride Run Ultraknit Forever Floatride Run Fast For the “Green” mom: NPC UK Cotton and Corn For the stylish lady: Reebok Classic Leather For the fitness mom: Reebok Crossfit Nano 2 Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 All of the above styles and more are available at Reebok.com. I know my wife, sorry, my KIDS used the code to grab some gear for Mother’s Day (the Floatride Run Fast and the Classic Leather). If you use the code, let us know what you grabbed – we want to see those Mother’s Day pics on our IG @weartesters and @reebok.  

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