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Reebok Answer IV (4) Retro Performance Review

Iverson dropped 51 while wearing the Reebok Answer IV… I did too… spanned across two and a half nights worth of pick-up games. Same difference…

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Traction – This pattern was build for a Guard that is ready to cross someone up. The 3D Ultralight located at the heel isn’t great – especially when dust is involved – and really forces you to stay on your toes. While the center of the forefoot does require some break-in, the lateral movements are well taken care of. One can’t really complain when it comes to traction on the Answer IV. It isn’t great but it also isn’t horrible… if you move laterally, then you will enjoy them quite a bit.


Cushion – What once utilizes the ever so awesome DMX I-pak now boasts DMX foam… not cool. The foam is light in weight but also dense. There really isn’t any give to it and no matter how long I allowed for a break-in period, they just wouldn’t get any better.

Luckily when one comes across cushion issues, insoles are an easy remedy to resolve most issues. Initially I thought that removing the stock insole with the one they originally came with – same insole as the Reebok Question – would solve the lack of absorbency the DMX foam offered. When that didn’t work I wound up throwing in a Micro G insole… awesome! I love having a Micro G insole, ready to be thrown inside any pair of kicks that lacks cushion.


Material – The materials are as premium as they come. On a personal level, this is exactly the type of setup I prefer. That doesn’t mean its the best option available, but that’s where everyone’s personal preferences come into play.

The one downside to raw materials such as leathers, nubucks and suede is that they break-in more and more throughout their lifespan. Some people love this while others wish to have their shoes remain the same – or as close to the same as possible – as the day they bought them. If you prefer the latter… then a 90’s/ early 2000’s styled shoe isn’t for you.


Fit – They fit true to size. If you are a wide footer then I’d suggest getting your regular size and just put in a little extra work to break-in the leather upper – trust me, it’ll break-in eventually… skin stretches. Midfoot and heel lockdown were surprisingly good… so good that I can’t really find anything to say about them. Only negative aspect I could talk about would be that the materials wont retain their shape for an incredible amount of time… just be aware that its the materials fault and not the overall fit.


Ventilation – There isn’t any. The tongue has mesh/ fabric – which is breathable – but then its lined with leather… the entire shoe is lined with leather. This didn’t bother me at all but if you are someone that requires ventilation then you will want to stay far away from most 90’s styled kicks.


Support – The fit and lock down offer most of the support while the TPU shank offered just enough torsional rigidity to make them above average. I’m still surprised by how good the lock down in the heel is the more that I think about it… it’s making me want to go play in them some more.


Overall – I feel the cushion could have been a lot better than what is offered but as stated above, an insole swap is a simple fix for such a cumbersome problem. Other than the cushion they played pretty darn good. They offer up a bit of everything… not too great in any one area but enough in all areas that make them a good option if you wish to take the Retro route.

All in all, nostalgia will play a key role if you choose to take a spin in the recent Reebok Answer IV Retro. They offer enough to get the job done but the slight skimp in tech doesn’t do them justice.

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  1. Are the insoles in the UA Torch Micro G? I’m thinking of putting them in some of my other shoes. Great review as always! Seems pretty redundant to compliment you at this point hahahaha.

  2. Good review as usual. Yeah the cushion is shocking on this release. I remember even the answer 5 (when they removed DMX completely and just put foam at the heel) felt better when I was wearing them.

    You would expect that after 10 years, they should have improved their technology to make DMX better right? I am also wondering why they are not putting the I-packs or 6-packs or 10-packs back onto the retro basketball shoes especially these DMX are still being used in walking and running shoes? (I mean the Reebok Tone version runners – claiming to be good for shaping ladies’ butt and legs etc)….

  3. I am currently balling in these now. love them. quite comfortable and have no issues what so ever. I wish jordan retros could be of same quality as they used to be. They need to take pointers from reebok. I was wondering is you were gonna review the Kamakazie 2. Since they are set to hit retailers soon

  4. I laughed hard about you scoring 51 points over 2 1/2 pickup games. 51 is still 51 though. Much props for reviewing and playing in these shoes.

  5. I am going to bring my original … Yes Original Answers “on court” next week. Had to slightly glue just one part and they are ready. The original Answer is the only one for me. The Question is not bad. (memories)

  6. Another great review. Only recent pair of UA over here are the Torch’s & Charge BB’s(lol) so far. Looking forward to them releasing the Spine’s over here.

  7. Is there any other good insole swap? How can I get a pair of Mirco G insoles without buying a shoe just for the insole? I find myself slipping alot in these but it is a dusty court.

  8. whatever retros are all horrible anyways i will never understand why some people use them for actual competition…

    1. You sound bitter… and like you don’t play ball. Some of these Retros are labeled as the best performance models of all time and were worn by the greatest players of all time.

  9. Hey nightwing, I wanted to play in some sort of retro shoe of any brand really and most of the time a shoe that works for you ends up working well for me. So I was wondering what your favorite retro shoe is or which you think is the best performer on court for you.
    If you could answer is appreciate it.

  10. The retros are much better to ball in. The OGs are 1st of all older and the reason why the leather and the cut is different (not as luxurious) is because they are made to hold up better and be lighter and better fitting on court. I’ve played in around 10 OGs vs 10 Retros on court and there is no comparison. Their is nothing like the feel though of a plush thick leather OG Jordan. MMMM! I feel like I’m 18 years old again 🙂

  11. I know this a little older post but I have been playing in my answer 4 for about a month now. Puting an extra insole i just took out of a nike shox running shoe has really done the trick. Before I had no cushion or traction. After wearing for a few runs now with double insole cushion is not a problem. The rubber has also broken in and the traction is very good but only in the forefoot like you said stopping while on your toes. Overall I love the classic feel to these and I think they look great. I got to use a coupon code for these also so for about $85 well worth it. These retros to ball in is great compared to my many jordan retros.

  12. Did anyone else have a problem with the top backing of the shoe. They blistered the back of my upper heal.

    1. I did/do. I wear a size 9 and the upper at the heel tab cut into my achilles. I now wear longer and thicker socks when I use these and it helps big time. Unrelated, but this goes along with putting a Micro G insole in them, I put a full length zoom air insole from a pair of old SBs and the feel awesome.

  13. Hey nightwing may I know in your opinion is it safe to play withe the zipper all the way up? Hanks man

  14. I need help.. i just bought it and i can’t seem to remove the insole as it is glued in.. please reply me with solution please 🙁

  15. Love the answer 4s, I switched the insoles out with kobe 8s and they feel great. And another thing is I get a lot of on court compliments especially because I have the blue raindrops. I know its old but great review!

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