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Q&A with KickGenius – Part 1 of 4

Our friends at KickGenius have taken their time to answer a bunch of fan questions. So many, in fact, that they have to make a 4 part series. Part 1 of 4 is out now. They titled it “What Shoe Started Our Collection,” and I like that because of my similarly titled article which you can read here. If you don’t know who the KickGenius team is, you are missing out. They also have a new website, KickGeniusOnline.com.

  1. They are shills. They called the lebron 11 a great shoe. They will lie to their subscribers for free shoes and fame. Don’t be blinded by cone dribbling and a few dunks kids….they do not have your best interest in mind. Anytime someone gives an A+ grade to s C- shoe you have to know something is up.

    Take what they say, then read the reviews here…..then read a kicksology review.
    There is a difference between being honest and sugar coating to stay in the good graces of the supplier.
    Im sure they are cool peeps but its feeling a tad dishonest these days

      1. Nah, I kind of agree and it’s been starting to show slightly for a while. It just doesn’t seem too consistent. I mean, anyone can have a varying opinion and I get that because at the end of the day, that’s what these are…opinions. But I wouldn’t call dwelly “salty”. There is a little truth. Then again, that’s just MY opinion as well.

    1. Is Kicksology a reviewer or a website? I’ll have to do a google search and check it out. I’m always keen on reading decent reviews.

      1. I think youll find some luck in the gym rat review as well. kicksology, thegymratreview. weartesters. these are the websites I use for performance reviews.

  2. Also….why is weartesters bigging up a video where they are taking subliminal shots at this site regarding the Way of Wades? Thats not a good look. Infact even involving yourselves with these cats is a shot to credibility. We followed yall for honesty, not to get read positive product descriptions approved by the finish line family.

    These guys actually just called those wades the worst hoop shoe of all time.
    That alone should be indication that at the very least they do not have enough time in the game to be an authority.

    These kids are the lebron 11 of shoe reviewers. .and not their description of them either

    1. Yea I didn’t understand the hate on the wades, like when he said the leather on them took forever to break in. That stuff took 15 min to break in max.

      1. True but that might be the reason that they showed enough respect to not say the name of the reviewer(s) who they believe were wrong.

  3. Alan…. they did an air raid commercial because in an actual review they would have to say ” raids are uncomfortable bricks, that are so heavy hot and inflexible that id rather play in timbs…..”
    They didnt say that tho. They told their followers when and where to pick them up.

    Play in some raids, in or outdoor and tell me they play better than Wades. They dont, thats laughable.
    They called the wades the worst as a pure shot at this site

    1. Definitely agree with you on the wades. They’re fun to watch but the bias is there. And damn I was mad when they did the boost review and started talking physics. If you don’t like the shoe just say it, no one wants to hear that explanation.

      1. That boost review was an interesting one. I’m curious what most of you guys here think about Tre’s opinion in regards to the boost foam that he was trying to talk down in that review.

        I don’t know, sometimes I really like Kickgenius, other times I don’t. I just feel that they are biased towards Nike/Jordan brand. I don’t know if they really are, but they sure do come off that way when they review most shoes from other brands. Off brands especially don’t usually score well with them at all.

        1. I felt the boost review was just Tre finding a reason to say another adidas product wasn’t good. If you watch the review, he spends almost all of it going over the negatives, while spending about 1 min going over the positives. He does this with virtually all non Nike/Jordan products and it’s a very annoying trend that I feel like I’m not the only one noticing.

  4. They are pretty honest imo. Just because their opinion don’t mesh with yours doesn’t mean they’re shills. I happen to love the lebron 11s. Everyone has different opinions. And FYI they trashed the KD6 so I wouldn’t exactly call them a shill.

    Also they happen to test the over town wades, which deserves the trash rating for the traction. Like they said, there’s not much you can do on the court with shitty traction

    1. I think people that are bringing up the Lebron 11s aren’t the ones that have an issue with their reviews. I’d agree that the Lebron 11s might be pretty good for some people, so I don’t have an issue with their Lebron 11 opinions.

      It’s more their views and reviews of off brands, or anything not Nike/Jordan brand related, but there is also the chance that they just don’t like the other brands as much as they do Nike. I mean, they are the ones playing in them, and maybe Nike/Jordan brand shoes just suit them best and feel best to them on court, not sure as it’s hard to say for sure if they are being biased on purpose or not. It just comes off that way to me, as I can’t believe that nearly every other brand can’t get a good rating from them. Surely, there is a shoe from another brand that they can play with on court that they like as much as Nike/Jordan brand shoes, isn’t there?

    1. Did they review the shoe before getting the free pairs? I might have to go back and watch what they initially said about it.

      1. i seem to remember a review before summer is serious that was quite critical of the kd 6. After that i think their views softened up but only on nike product.
        They seem like they don’t even like Jordan brand product compared to Nike too

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