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Puma PROADAPT Alphacat Performance Review

Puma Proadapt Alphacat

The Puma PROADAPT Alphacat is the most versatile spikeless golf shoe I’ve tested. I’ll say it again for those in the back. The Puma PROADAPT Alphacat is the most versatile spikeless golf shoe. Period.

I’ve put the Alphacat through the wringer over the past few weeks. Here’s why I feel that the Puma PROADAPT Alphacat should make its way onto your local course and into your golf shoe rotation.

Puma PROADAPT Alphacat

Release Date: February 2022

Price: $160 ($130 for Women)

Sizing: True to size

Buy Men's at DSG Buy Women's at DSG
  • Rundown: Versatile traction, great ground feel, and a perfect fit make the Puma PROADAPT Alphacat a big time winner.


  • Adapt Cushion
  • Traction
  • Fit


Puma PROADAPT Alphacat side view


Adapt Cushion

Why did I love the Adapt Foam cushion on the PROADAPT Alphacat? Ground feel. The cushion is low-profile enough to provide awesome ground feel and awareness, but also plenty soft and responsive for underfoot comfort and energy return.

The adidas CodeChaos 22 has been my favorite recently released spikeless shoe, and the Puma PROADAPT Alphacat is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Where the CodeChaos cushion is plush and stacked, the Alphacat is low and stable.

Both are good options, however, recently I’ve been favoring the low-profile ride of the Alphacat. This is definitely a personal preference thing. If you’re in need of the MOST cushion, you should look elsewhere. But like a guard shoe on the basketball court, the Alphacat is all about feeling connected to the ground.


Thanks to the new Multi-Material PROADAPT outsole the traction and grip on the Puma PROADAPT Alphacat are extremely versatile. The multi-direction pattern coupled with the multi-material construction provided ultimate grip in dry AND wet conditions.

Yes, we finally got some rain here in Phoenix, and the Alphacat withstood the heavy monsoon rains like a champ. Even though the course quickly turned into a muddy slurry, I was confident that I could swing without slipping or sliding.

This is easily one of the best spikeless tractions I’ve ever experienced. It’s funny how different shoes with different patterns can still perform so well. In contrast to the FootJoy Fuel (one of my favorites), the traction looks vastly different but performs just as well.


The one-piece construction of the Puma PROADAPT Alphacat provided a truly one-to-one fit. If you’re looking for a snug shoe that keeps you in place you’re going to love the Alphacat.

Sock-like or bootie-type uppers aren’t generally my favorite, but I found the upper to be plenty comfortable like it was hugging my foot rather than strangling it. Seriously, if you’re looking for a one-to-one fit then this is the shoe for you!

Puma PROADAPT Alphacat outsole



My one and only gripe (although very small) is the EXOSHELL upper. The plastic/TPU shell on the shoe just feels…well…like plastic? I’m not a fan of cheap-feeling materials, and while the EXOSHELL does a phenomenal job at keeping water out, it does make the shoe feel a little cheaper overall.

Not a big deal considering the function of the EXOSHELL is to waterproof the shoe, but it’s just something that I wanted to call out.

Puma PROADAPT Alphacat on the golf course

Puma PROADAPT Alphacat Summary

The Puma PROADAPT Alphacat is as versatile as they come. Puma claims that it’s “The King of Comfort,” and I agree. The Alphacat is comfortable, fits well, takes hold of the ground, and won’t let go. Come for the fantastic ground feel, responsive cushion, and phenomenal traction…then stay for the good looks and pretty decent price.

Trust me on this, the Puma PROADAPT Alphacat should be at the top of your list if you’re in the market for a great spikeless performer. Plus, it’s available in both men’s and women’s sizing, which can’t be said for a lot of other great golf shoes.

Total Score


  • Adapt Cushion
  • Traction
  • Fit



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