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Point 3 DryV Baller 3.0 Basketball Shorts Performance Review

Watch the video above for our performance review on the Point 3 DryV Baller 3.0 basketball shorts from Point 3. Point 3 is a company focused on gear that makes your life easier when you’re on the basketball court through various innovations we’ll talk about in the video. It can be game-changing, especially for those looking for a lightweight, competitive pair of basketball shorts.

These feature four-way stretch moisture-wicking polyester construction and utilize Point 3’s Dry Hand Zone technology on the side panels. Plus, there’s a silicone-lined waistband. They retail for $50 and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. For that price, you’re getting awesome performance for all your basketball needs. You can also use them for other sports and workouts.

We think this pair of shorts is perfect for anyone who likes above-the-knee performance wear. Even when you’re playing competitively, the shorts aren’t cumbersome. They don’t get in the way of your knee pads and braces, so your freedom of movement is never restricted. Additionally, they’re lightweight and you will always feel ready to go to your euro step or step back. If you’re from the old school era and prefer heavier shorts, you will have to get used to this.

Now there are pockets. Some people would prefer that. Some would rather have no pockets. Pockets are usually reserved for casual, basketball-style shorts, but don’t be fooled by that stereotype. These shorts are for competitive and high-level basketball performance and the pockets are just there for those who want them. You don’t have to use them. Besides, who wants stuff in their pocket while playing anyway?

All things considered, the Point 3 DryV Baller 3.0 Basketball Shorts are some of the best there ever will be. Lightweight? Check. Cut that’s not too long? Definitely. Sweat-wicking materials? Got that done. Sections where you can dry your hands seamlessly while playing? You can find it here. Silicon on the waistband so the shorts don’t fall off while playing? Present. There are no real weaknesses with these shorts, except if you have strong feelings about pockets.

Buy the Point 3 DryV Baller 3.0 Basketball Shorts

Buy the Point 3 DryV Baller 3.0 Shorts

You can check out our full performance review on the Point 3 DryV Baller 3.0 shorts in the video above. You can pick up a pair for yourself over at Point3 Basketball. You can also comment below on what you think is the best basketball shorts available today.

  1. Man, that side panel for wicking the sweat away from your hands is just genius. I have sweaty palm and sweat a lot in general so it’s really a pain in the a** sometimes to play in the heat.

    1. UA did it once on a pair a shorts and while the fit was meh, they are still one of my fav go to shorts just cause of that panel haha.

  2. Didn’t liked the 1st point3 shorts, the fit just feels off for some reason, that’s why I never bought any of the new point 3 basketball,

    I Like to use the nba swingman shorts for balling, they feel more natural to me.

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