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Performance Teaser: Under Armour Micro G Clutch


Here is a small performance teaser on the UA Micro G Clutch. Hit the jump to read on…

The Micro G Clutch is a very interesting sneaker so far. After about 3 hours of play time the shoe is neither good nor bad… that’s not a bad thing either. Some shoes take a bit of time getting used to and these are one of them.

At this point there is one thing that I would have changed immediately… the ventilation is non existent. The tongue is made of mesh and a synthetic material but that just isn’t enough when you combine a synthetic and suede upper.


They trapped in so much moisture that my sweat started to soak through the materials which can be seen in the image above at the base of the tongue. Why is proper ventilation important? It allows your feet to breath but mostly it allows the moisture to escape. This is important from a comfort standpoint, at least in my opinion. I had added, within three hours, around 4 new blisters due to the moisture having no escape route which ended up making my skin wet and soft. Mix that with all the hard cuts, changes of direction and stops that your feet make and you have soft skin being pushed & pulled in numerous directions during the course of the night. By the end of the night I limped off court due to the pain my feet were in. Were the shoes comfortable otherwise; yes they were very comfortable.

I’m not going to count these out just yet, they are good enough to make me want to lace them up again. Once my blisters turn to callouses I am hoping this will turn into a non issue.

Stay tuned as I will be updating you throughout the course of the wear test until a final performance review is made.

  1. Yo, I CANNOT WAIT till you review this in depth man, any estimate on the review date nightwing? I have the micro g lite, put them on, and the fit is great. havent played in them at all tho, but i can imagine that the performance is similar.

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