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Performance Teaser: PEAK Team Lightning TP9

Performance Teaser PEAK Team Lightning TP9 1

Everybody was kung-fu fighting… Those cats were fast as lightning…

Performance Teaser PEAK Team Lightning TP9 2

The cushion feels less than average when you first try them on & if compared to another foam based shoe then you might turn these down… don’t do that. They may feel average while standing but once you start running around in them they feel amazing. Multiple foams are used – all of which are different density – and they are in key strike zones making every step feel protected against too much impact without sacrificing an ounce of court feel.

It’s hard to explain how nice it feels because there isn’t much responsiveness from the foam itself but its like driving in a high end car versus a lower end economy car. The economy car has everything you need when on the road and you can feel the bumps along the way but you are still protected since the car has everything needed while the high end vehicle has everything needed but its better quality… ensuring you can feel the road without having to feel all the bumps along the way. Its definitely an interesting setup so if you ever have the chance to try it out… I highly recommend it.

The insoles are plush as well so once broken-in, they just add to the level of comfort they bring.

Performance Teaser PEAK Team Lightning TP9 3

Traction starts out a bit slick. The rubber is a littler for firm than the rubbers other brands use so its a pretty similar initial experience to an adidas shoe. Break-in process is pretty quick and with the rubber being as firm as it is, it’d make for a great outdoor shoe.

Performance Teaser PEAK Team Lightning TP9 5

So far, I’m liking them quite a bit. Loving the cushion and that is my favorite aspect at this point in time. Its a unique setup that will really have you enjoying foam cushions.

  1. yo kicksoncourt(formerly knows as nightwing2303)
    in my local shot they were selling a grayish collorway of the aj28 for like 6 months and no one was buying
    they dropped in price from 190 euro to 109.99( bout 140 dollars)
    and i bought them thanks to yo performance review TEHY FIT AMAZINGHSFSFGS
    have to admit i tought zoom was gonna be like when u step u get bounced back up n shit
    was underwhelmed by the cushioning and after 2 weeks i realiesed how good it was
    sry for the long post BUT TY KICKSONCOUR(fromerly knows as nightwing2303

    1. Yo atari where in europe you bought your jordan 28′? Have you got a website? Many thanks! Nightwing once again very good teaser! Can’t wait for the final review

  2. Just got a pair of energy boosts based on your review even though your not a runner. They are sooo comfortable. Thanks. #nightwingknows

  3. Thanks nw! For the price, i found my outdoor shoe in the tp9 to save the outsole of my Lebrons. Get two for the price of a lebron x ps plus some more savings for diapers!

  4. NW, Once you’ve done the reviews for these and the FILA shoes can you tell us how they rate compared to your top 5 foam cushions?

  5. Of note is that these shoes, along with one or two others on Peak’s roster have the Gradient Dual foam tech. Most of Peak’s shoes carry the Cushion-3 foam tech for the cushioning system. I believe Parker’s next Peak shoe will also feature Gradient Dual, which sounds really good so far. Can’t wait for this and the Anatomix Spawn reviews. So glad NW does reviews of kicks other than Nike, JB, and Adidas.

    1. Hi Thomas, Have you got a link or anything on where I can read about this? I thought they were using the Cushion-3 foam. How new is this Gradient Dual foam tech? Is it relatively new?

    2. btw Thomas, just to clarify, are these definitely a player edition team model shoe? They’re not TP’s first true signature shoe with Peak are they? I know the title of this post says Team Lightning, so I am 99% sure that they are the player edition team model, but I know next to nothing about Peak shoes and just want to know. Does the regular team model also use the Gradient Dual foam or has this been customized for TP?

      1. The Peak shoes Parker wore this season were the Team Lightning’s, just a PE version for TP. The first versions had Cushion-3. I believe starting with his Finals versions of the Team Lightning, they started with Gradient Dual. The shoe NW has is the white version of the Team Lightning TP wore for the Finals. Here is a pic of the back of the white TP Team Lightning PE with gradient dual branding clearly on the back…


        If you look at the insole pic NW has, it shows the different colors of the different foams used. There are pics of the shoe dissected by long-7 that show the different foams used for the cushioning. I believe starting now, TP’s shoes will have Gradient Dual tech for the cushioning system as it’s Peak’s latest and greatest tech. To answer your second question, I believe the regular team model uses Cushion-3 and Gradient Dual is used starting with TP’s Team Lightning versions going forward.

  6. hey nightwing! always appreciate your reviews and posts on instagram

    how are the sizing on these compared to nikes or adidas? i wear a 9 in d rose 3.5s and kobe 8s – thanks a lot! appreciate it

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