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Performance Teaser: PEAK Team Lightning TP9 Pt. 2

I’ve always heard good things about PEAK but its always good to confirm something like that for yourself… the Team Lightning TP9 has lived up to their reputation in my eyes as a solid on-court performer which leaves very little room for complaints.

Performance Teaser PEAK Team Lightning TP9 Pt. 2 2

The upper is something that we are all used to by now. Every brand pretty much utilizes a Fuse-like material in some way-shape-or-form. What I like about their bonded materials is that they don’t use it 100% across the entire shoe. I like that the Fuse is in place for support, durability and ventilation but the heel and forefoot remain patent leather which gives a slight premium vibe to it and it feels great after a few wears.

Performance Teaser PEAK Team Lightning TP9 Pt. 2 1

If I were to give the entire shoe an actual critique it would have to be on the one thing that really doesn’t matter at all with their performance… and would be their design. They look a little familiar to other shoes I’ve owned and played in – which isn’t a bad thing since they are different overall – but I would love to see some really cool designs. This critique is literally the only thing I could think of as far as changing something goes and even then I really had to reach for it because I don’t think they look bad at all… just a little plain.

Performance Teaser PEAK Team Lightning TP9 Pt. 2 4

I’ve seen some of their upcoming designs – seen above – and they look awesome so ‘plain’ is not something you’ll see from them in the near future.

Performance Teaser PEAK Team Lightning TP9 Pt. 2 3

Overall… these get my stamp of approval. I enjoy them more every time I lace them up.

Image Via q_designs

  1. Nice to hear you enjoyed a ‘new to you’ product. Gives me confidence about taking the plunge for the all black version of these, especially if and when the Peak store/s in LA get them in my size and for $99 or cheaper. The new design of TP’s sig look real sick to me and I hope they perform just as good as this first Team PE shoe. Sounds like NW dug the Dual Gradient tech. Wonder where Dual Gradient would rank now on foam cushion scale?

  2. I just saw you played in the spaghettis are they ok to ball in ? You don’t have to get too detailed as it is off subject but is it a yey or ney?

  3. You can get these in 5 different color ways at highbasketballshoes.com for 80 to 90 bucks they have the same exact makeup as the jordan play in these 2’s minus the air max heel and podulon forefoot and to be honest they feel very similar because air max goes almost unfelt but helpful and podulon is one of those in the middle cushions where it’s not great and not bad at all but overall the feel is very similar as well as the break in time look up pictures to compare because those Jordan’s can be found for under 70 bucks

  4. Ooo yeah btw fore wide footers this shoe will provide hot spots up front but don’t go up half a size because after 2 painful days of hooping they will break in it is mostly due to the patent leather toe which starts stiff then loosens up real nice If you go up expect to feel a lot of dead space a week later in sorry for taking so much of your space nightwing 2303 but there’s just not enough love for wide footers any more and I know you try your best but its very hard to tell nowadays especially when you said you have a narrow foot all these different materials make it hard to tell however I loved that top ten for wide feet sneaker report you did it gave me a lot of options I really appreciate it I was waiting for something like that

  5. The reason why only some of the shoe is fuse is simply to cut cost. Cool that the patent came of as premium for you because that’s a good thing, but it was actually cheaper for them to do that.

    1. Fuse is actually cheaper. Thats one of the main reasons why its widespread across every brand. Its the cheapest way to manufacture a shoe. Its costs more to add the overlays, stitch them on instead of heat press the entire shoe together in one shot etc.

  6. SHOUT OUT TO Ice09, i think it’s best we wait for the new design since we couldnt find anymore tp9’s in stores. Looks like launch date is pretty near!

    1. Thanks for the heads up, NoQ. Peak Australia still haven’t replied to my emails. In the first email I got from them, they said the shoes were on sale now locally. I think whoever sent that first (and only) email got it wrong. When I asked him what colorways are available, what stores have stock and what sizes they have, I never got a reply back after that.

      Hopefully these new ones release soon. For some reason, I am really keen on them, keener than I thought I would be when I first heard he joined Peak. It’s also cool that they have this new Gradient Dual foam, so maybe it’s better that you didn’t get that silver colorway with their old cushioning system.

      Also, I hope the price stays the same. If it does, I think Peak might have a winner on their hands.

      1. You’re absolutely right about the silver cw, im glad i didnt get them as it seems the gradient foam is the one getting NW’s nod.

        So i went back to the store today and they explained that there were only one pair for each size of the TP9’s available. They also released my reservation since the next delivery is third week of October, and they arent sure if the TP9 will still be sold by then. Big HINT HINT on the second TP9, which is actually Parker’s first Peak shoe designed for him. I can wait a few more weeks, i think i really want the second shoe!

        Btw what’s your go to pair right now?

        1. I only just got back into the shoe game, so my inventory isn’t that big. A member on my favorite NBA team’s message boards that I go to recommended I check this site out 5 or 6 months ago, and I’ve now bought some shoes based on both Nightwing’s reviews and also the posters here.

          Believe it or not, I actually listen to some of the member’s opinions here just as much as Nightwing himself. For example, I am going to get a pair or two of the Adidas Real Deals and also the Top Ten 2000s thanks to Tadatsune’s recommendation of them.

          To answer your question, from the shoes I own, I’d say the KD Vs are my favorites right now. I also like the Hyperdunk 2012s, but I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet (I mainly play outdoors, so I don’t want to use them until I can get on an indoor court again).

          1. Thanks ice! Hope i didnt sound offensive, i just wanted to know a little more about why you prefer the Peak TP9’s thru ur shoe choices.

            Hahah cool i just got back into the shoe game as well, and because of Tadatsune’s comment somewhere ive also considered the real deals. Though i settled with getting a crazy 8. I have to get them from the states thru a relative though. This site is really useful, helped me make the most out of my meager budget.

            Thanks again ice! Cheers!

  7. Hey NW, what is that model you previewed there? Is it the next TP shoe?

    Actually, here in the Philippines, there are a lot of Peak shoes that have simple designs. There are hoop shoes that looks like casual shoes. Some look like derivations form the AJ3 design. The wierd designs though are rare here. Like Shane Battier with the “bat” in front. I would say most of Peak shoes I’ve tried are good performance wise IMO.

    1. Ditto. And peak is reasonably priced here, $50-80 on average. There’s even one model with a 3/4 carbon fiber shank and full grain leather for $60. lining is overpriced on the other hand; WoW’s go for $165/170

        1. Yes its team staple!! I got me a pair of those here in phil. and they perform really well! The traction is sick even in dusty courts! They stick like a glue!! Haha.

    1. That stamp of approval from Nightwing makes it 9/10 for me getting a pair of these. I just hope the fit works well for me when I try it on at a store.

  8. Just picked these up today, they run abt 90 USD in Singapore. The comfort and fit is out of this world! Cushion looks to be very very solid. I have a league game tomorrow morning, I can’t wait to wear them!

  9. Was watching the FIBA Euro semis between Spain and France and saw Tony Parker wearing the French team colorway (blue and red) of the Peak Team Lightning. Looked pretty sweet.

  10. For anyone in the U.S. the Peak store in Culver City has the white, silver, and burgundy team lightning tp9’s in stock for $110 ($120 total incl tax and shipping) sizes 7-11. Manager said bigger sizes expected in a week or two. Gotta call the store to order since their website doesn’t reflect this shoe.

  11. I wonder if the gradient dual is another way to incorporate linings bounce and cushion foams they are made by the same people i believe if im wrong correct me

  12. Rocked these today in a league game, first time wearing them and I was very very impressed with their comfort, no break in time required. Cushion was very consistent and they grabbed the floor very well, especially considering the floors are poorly maintained where I played.

    When I wear hoop shoes, I like it when I forget about what s on my feet so I can put all my energy on playing. These definitely passed that test. Also, got lots of compliments on the shoe and how it looked very nice (black colorway)

    1. I think the Black/White colorway is the one I want to try and get the most. I cannot seem to find anywhere to buy them from though. I think they look like very good shoes (performance wise), and also seem to be durable too (seems like they’d be great for both indoor and outdoor). The very reasonable price is also what makes these more intriguing.

      Thanks for your opinion on them The Blue Roster.

      btw what country are you in?

        1. Thanks for this link, but darn, I ain’t paying $150 for them.

          I can’t even make sense of the sizes on the listings. I usually wear size 11.5US which is 29.5cm, but for size 11US on one of the listings it says 27.5cm. WTF, that just doesn’t add up. Are they using US sizing for these or what? There shouldn’t be a 2cm difference from size 11US to 11.5US.

          There’s one that only lists 29.5cm/EU49, and that doesn’t add up either, so I am not sure what the true size of that shoe is, and on top of that, they want $40 more for that size, then you add in $30 shipping to Australia which makes it $150 total. No thanks. I don’t want to pay $150 for what is essentially a team model shoe with TP’s name slapped onto it. Plus, I wanted to use them outdoors, and I find that way too much for an outdoor shoe. If I am going to spend $150, I’d rather get the Under Armour Anatomix Spawn, Kobe 8s or Jordan XX8 SEs. No offense to Peak, I just don’t think their shoes are on that level.

          Even $90 is pushing it, as I’m going to order a pair of Under Armour Micro G Torch 2s (which are in the same price range) first, so I think these are going to have to wait a bit until I can find them at a decent price. I’ve wanted to try out UA’s Micro G foam cushioning for a while now and it also looks like UA have released a beast of a shoe with the Anatomix Spawn, so I want to try and show some support by getting a pair of their shoes now, rather than wait until the prices drop and they go on discount.

      1. Im from the USA, but I live in Singapore. The shoes are great and really turned some heads since they are not a typical Jordan/Swoosh brand. My favorite performance sneakers are still the Jordan XX8s but the CP3.6 AE and these TP9s are right up there with them…

    2. Dont wana preempt nw’s review so hope u dont mind if i ask you.. How’s the arch support in these? The insole looks like it has one but is the arch pronounced and supportive or is it soft and pliable? Thanks..

      1. Agreed, they aren’t super high arches like the CP3.6 s, more neutral but still a great ride. I am really interested to see what nw rates these as.. I would definitely buy more Peak sneakers in the future

        1. Thanks again blue! Perfect description, comparing them to the cp3.6. And thank u for your thoughts on the shoe earlier. Was planning to wait for the second model, but im back to hunting down a pair when i fly to our capital city next week. Your insights are highly appreciated!

          1. Wow that’s a big plus for the TP9, being preferred over the Kobe8 that’s almost twice it’s price! I play in the Kobe 8 half of the time and during shooting practices and your insight means a lot to me. When i started using rigid orthotics on top of the lunarlon (yep it’s now a lil tight), the foam’s responsiveness was affected, and now i have marshmallows in my shoes. Hunting for a pair of Tp9’s just got more exciting for me thanks!!

  13. The arch support on these doesnt favor anyone its quite neutral one the shoe breaks in it is so comfortable all the technology is in the midsole anyways so if you need arch support you should have your own insole anyways i wouldnt leave it for a shoe manufacturer to know my arch specifications id start trying different insoles now

    1. Thanks! I do use a semi-rigid insole in my Brons and a rigid pair in my Kobe8, both Spencos. I needed arch support only a few weeks ago though, that is why i asked about it since it wasnt an issue for me before.

  14. Not sure anyone is checking this section out any more, but Peak store in the US now has all 4 CW’s (black, White, Silver, Burgundy) in and sizes 6.5-16. Getting my sz and in black. Boom!

  15. No luck searching the stores in the capital city, all big sizes remaining no more size 9’s. i guess im now on waiting mode for the 2nd TP9, which technically is his first signature shoe. Oh i hope they keep the great pricing level!

    1. That sucks. I think the new ones a still a ways off as TP was wearing the team model for media day earlier today.

      How much do they cost over there converted to US dollars? Is there many US size 11.5s? I might have to have another look on Ebay and see if more people are selling them.

  16. Here in the phil almost all the stores still have it even the allstar colrway!! And thats what im tryng to get for christmas!!!!

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