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Performance Teaser: Nike Zoom Rookie Pt. 2


One last Performance Teaser prior to my reluctant review on the Nike Zoom Rookie, Penny’s latest hybrid from the Nike brand.

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I’m greatly disappointed with this shoe, for those of you who have missed my First Impression, you can check it out HERE.

The fit is odd, cushion is greatly lacking, traction is below average and to be perfectly blunt… these just aren’t basketball shoes. What is more irritating than anything else is the way Nike promoted the shoe. Placing them on Penny’s feet for charity game events making one think that these were in fact a performance model.

I should have known better when I saw the brown Nike Sportswear box… however, the recently released Nike Huarache Free Bball 2012 and Huarache Free Runner 2012 also come in the brown Sportwear box and have been advertised as performance shoes as well… its very confusing for consumers.

Granted, I may be the only person who picked these up with the intent of playing in them on-court yet that shouldn’t matter. They were comprised of two of the most heralded Nike Flight models of yesteryear while encompassing one of the most durable and groundbreaking materials in performance history; Foamposite.

This has turned into more of a rant than a performance teaser… I apologize, but I’m just surprised that a $200 sneaker listed as a basketball shoe cant handle on court and literally killed my feet every time I went out onto the floor.


In short, the Foamposite material and placement of the material is great and its extremely durable. The black pods on the ankle collar were fine but the forefoot pods dug into the foot like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Traction was decent but below average. Heel lockdown was non existent, the only way I was able to withstand playing in them for a few short hours every time I walked onto the court was to tie them very loose… which isn’t something I ever do… ever.

I will still make a full performance review on video but if anyone out there is wondering if these were actually playable, the answer is no. These are a beautiful $200 sneaker without a purpose… disappointing is an understatement.

  1. I purchased these with the intent that they would perform on court. I think I’ll return them now. I’m also really disappointed.

  2. You sound like my parents. We’re not mad just disappointed. oh and thank you for all your reviews. went and got the q flight for cheap (under 70) and are loving them! Keep up the good work!

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