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Performance Teaser: Nike Zoom Hyperenforcer Pt. 2


The Nike Zoom Hyperenforcer is an overall average performer. Some will love them while others may feel there are better models available within the respective price range.


One good thing about Fuse models is their durability. You really can’t beat this material as far as longevity is concerned. They may show signs of wear here and there but the overall damage to the upper is nearly nonexistent for quite some time. It’ll take a hard beating to be able to really thrash a Fuse model.


This particular model combines Flywire & Fuse. While it sounds good, it takes some time to get used to the layers of tough material. The area which is circled took a few hours of gameplay to break in… until the break-in process is complete this area will dig into your foot. It’s not necessarily painful but it is somewhat annoying. Honestly, these along with the LeBron 9 have a bit too much going on and both of them would be better suited if they had less layers… often times less is more. Flywire is a great material as is Fuse; together they aren’t the most comfortable.


The lacing setup is very nice. The original Hyperfuse had a pretty straight forward lacing structure and these are more like individual harnesses for each section of your foot. Having them setup this way also emphasizes the use of the Flywire so you get a better fit from the base all the way up to the collar. Best of all; with each eyelet being almost separate it allows for some much needed flexibility along the upper while you are in motion without sacrificing the fit & you can customize each section to accommodate your foot shape.

For example: Tighten the forefoot for greater lockdown, if you have a high arch you can lace the midfoot up as tight or loose as you see fit then tighten the collar up for heel lockdown. This is one of the best uses of Flywire I’ve experience as each section of the tensile fibers are almost independent… if the Fuse wasn’t layered all over the upper it would have been a very comfortable fit.

      1. i remember 1 of the video, u said jordan and adidas beat nike. even hyperfuse and hyperdunk? or just kobe, lebron and kd

        1. As of right now, Jordan and adidas signature lines are def better performers than Nike’s in my opinion. Hyperfuse is a good shoe, these are decent and the Huperdunks are on the same page as these two models as well IMO… There are better shoes within the same price range. At least to me personally.

  1. Hey mate, I’ve been considering the Melo M8, but unsure as I like the Hyperenforcers too. Which would you prefer? (I’m a 1 & 2). I suppose comfort, support and good traction are my priorities. Thanks!

  2. i’m interested in buying these ones, but i cant decide beetwen these, jordan cp3.v and nike zoom kd iv (is the tracktion really that bad on a dusty floor?).
    i’m a 1/2 guard, who plays a very fast-pace basketball and intense perimeter defense.
    which ones, would you recommend better?
    since the review of the hyperenforcers isn’t published yet, how would you grade it?
    i’m sorry for so much questions but i’m in a real dilemma right now. thanks:)

  3. ok sry for asking you to awnser another question but Im a point guard possible a 2 I’m very fast so should i get KD IV, Hyperdunk 2011 hyper fuse 2011 cp3.v

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