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Performance Teaser: Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011


Here is a quick performance teaser on the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011.

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The fit is one of the aspects that has been a great improvement. Is there still a little extra room inside the shoe? Yes, a little… its much improved from last years model (which I did not enjoy playing at all) but could still be a little bit better as far as the fit is concerned.


One thing I am torn on is the traction. For the most part, I really like it. The Herringbone traction is one of the best around, hands down.

Now, the part I didn’t like…


The medial side of traction that wraps itself around the base of the shoe (also known as the Grey part) has very little traction and to top it off it rolls up the side of the out-sole where it meets the mid-sole. I get some slipping in this section, which is right where I don’t need it. When I make hard cuts or roll around screens, my speed and momentum works against the design. Factor in weight and you wont be sticking to the ground for very long.

Most often, this type of thing can make or break a shoe. For me personally, I end up having to adjust my style of play to revolve around the shoe rather than the shoe enhancing my personal style of play. This isn’t a horrible thing if you can make some changes to your game, during the game. If you can’t then you may end up with some unforced turnovers by the end of the night.


That’s all for the moment, it is a teaser after all.

  1. dude do u have any performance shoe that u cld sell to me for a really really REALLY cheap price? just for practice coz i dont like beating up my hyperfuse2011 we have the same size i love ur videos btw God bless

  2. anything for a fellow sneaker head, this guy “afilagroupleader” does he keep bugging for a pair of cheap sneakers? his been bugging my vids somewhile now and i believe his poor do u think i shld give him a sneaker? oh btw he shouted out to us on his review on the hyperdunk2011 he said we inspired him man real fly real fly to get some respect 🙂 if u would like donate him some sneakers bro xD -therealdjdelz

    1. I did see his review today and thought it was good. Always nice to get love and appreciation for what we do as well. He has asked for sneakers, I can’t say his finacial status… he does have the hyperdunk 2011 and hyperfuse 2011 so he can’t be that bad off. I will be doing a giveaway soon so maybe he will win a pair.

      1. hmmm thats a great idea! i would love to do a giveaway too bro, he did message me though saying that he won the hyperfuse 2011 at a tournament cup in the Philippines and the hyperdunk 2011 was given as his advance birthday gift, so how to win a pair of what ur gonna give away?! haha just kidding

        1. Lol! I’m not giving away anything special. Just a performance shoe followed by some samples later on. They’re all just things I don’t really need so I figured id give them away.

          1. all right bro lol what u plan on giving then? ive got alot of sneakers that i dont rock and i plan to give it to this kid lol, what u planning on giving?

  3. What’s the word on the Hyperdunk 2011 review? Patiently waiting lol. Actually I found a pair of Black Mattes down here in the local FL on St. Thomas which is a 1st. Waiting on your review before I copp though. Clearly this being the Virgin Islands it’s the only pair they have Soooo please drop that review soon lol. I’d save some change if I could copp them here. Only good thing bout the VI is they charge zero tax and all kicks r for regular retail.

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