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Performance Teaser: Nike Zoom Huarache 2k4


Many claim the Nike Zoom Huarache 2k4 to the best performance model to date from Nike. While I’d love to disagree… there is no arguing that these are quite possibly one of their best performance shoes period… and that is without the use of Flywire, Fuse & most of Nike’s more ‘modern’ tech.


The triangle traction pattern looked a bit iffy but that is far from the truth. Many PG/ SG’s will tell you that their forefoot and ball of the foot are the most heavily used sections on their feet. With the traction being anything but standard… it actually held up well following a break-in period. It took roughly 3 hours to break the traction in completely. Once that was taken care of its been extremely good ever since.


I dislike when I can’t explain why something works… Everything works for a reason and this just works yet I cant figure out how. Its frustrating but as long as its good then that’s all that matters.


The traction wasn’t the only area needed a break-in period… the entire shoe actually had a period of adjustment. With the upper being one full piece of leather, that took some time to get used too. Usually you will have panels making transition easier to deal with while the shoes are new. These don’t offer that so again, roughly 3 hours or so and you will be good to go.

Along with the traction and upper, the midsole & cushion took the same amount of time to break-in. This is pretty much the theme of the shoe here… the more you wear it, the better it becomes.

The first few hours weren’t that great as the foam was dense and the Zoom Units weren’t being as effective as I’m used to. My legs felt tired – these weight more than some of today’s shoes – and sluggish overall. I played for 5 hours the first night in these and after the 3rd hour you’d think that I’d be exhausted but that wasn’t the case at all. My last two hours on-court were fast paced, exciting and most of all… fun. I felt as if I had fresh legs for some reason… again, cant really explain it but I’m sure those who have played in these before may understand what I mean.


Honestly, these would have to be my go-to shoe right now… if I was able to have a go-to shoe. They make the Kobe VII look as if it were an outdated model. If Nike were somehow able to re-create this shoe with a thinner and more flexible upper – like what we’ve had on the Kobe V, VI & VII – without sacrificing support; they could easily be one of the best performing shoes of all time.

      1. the latest colors are the crazy 8 are dope (red, white, blue) but they are stiff big time. Go howard or the latest rose soft fast and sweet.

  1. I love these shoes.. I actually have 4 pairs of these back then and they were awesome for basketball. These, as you said, were and still my go to shoes. Only complaint I had before was I couldn’t feel the zoom air in the forefoot as much as I have with other zoom based shoes.. I don’t know if the retros are the same.

  2. Hi Nightwing!

    Back in the day, I was choosing between bb 1’s and 2k4’s and after initial tryout, I chose bb’s. Now I see it could go either way if I was more patient with brake in (bb’s are just good from first try, I don’t regret choosing them). But I think that nike could easily drop everything and just leave theese, bb 1’s and bb lows 🙂 you don’t need more shoes.

    Anyway, since bb’s are hard to come by these days, how is sizing on 2k4’s?


  3. i was reading an article a long time ago on the 2k4s and i remember it interviewing eric avar and he said that after they tested the shoes, they found out that the triangle traction pattern actually offered more grip than the herringbone did.

  4. I really enjoy your reviews. I’ve had 3 pairs of the OG 2K4’s and they are my all time favorite shoe(I play PG). If I could afford to buy some ID’s i would. For me they provide the ultimate blend of light weight, cushioning and support.

    Not to be off topic, but I bought of pair of the Under Armour Micro G Threat that were marked down to $40 based on your performance review of the Clutch. You liked the cushioning set up and so I figured I’d give them a shot. I haven’t played in them yet but the cushioning feels great.

    Keep up the great reviews!

      1. Played in the UA’s and I really enjoyed them. I’m impressed with the micro G cushioning. I play outdoor and the traction was great as well.

        Thanks again for the great reviews!

  5. So nightwing, since you said the traction was really good, was there a lot of squeaking in these 2k4s?? Just like the fly wade 2? i got REALLY good traction and a LOT of squeaking in those. Thank you

  6. Nutty, i just received my 2K4 iD’s last week and balled in them Saturday (they took them off the iD so just in time) Nothing like I expected. i was hoping for a huarache 2009 feel but ur darn right there stiff. The tri’s also. They have no texture, nothing there smooth, but they didnt slip up on me and the court was not all that clean. Maybe when you hit the court hard it causes a vaccum effect? I was leary about the 1 way strap getting unfastened but with these they stayed locked in but the Tounge slid out from underneath and the tounge would end up in front of the strap. They need another lace whole for sure just below the strap, they are very close to low tops with the lacing system, these will be modified (dremmel). They for sure need some break in time, I had to bust out the AF25’s to get my knees back. keep it up; ur rollin.

  7. The new 2k4’s that just came out are great shoes, but not AS good as the original. I found that the tongue of the shoe used to be a lot more cushioned and comfortable. (I still have an original pair). Also, I always swapped out the insoles for some with a bit more cushion, making the the ultimate ball shoe.

  8. Can’t wait for the full review on these. Had the OG’s back in ’04. Haven’t bought the retros yet, but from what I can tell when holding them in the store, they seem stiffer, especially around the collar. The OG’s are still my favorite ball shoes of all of time. I hope the retros can play at least near the level the ’04s. Good work on the website and the reviews. This has been my go-to site for awhile now. Keep it up!

      1. I’m curious. What did you use back in the day (2004)? These were probably the Hyperdunks of that time in a sense that nearly everybody was playing in them.

          1. Funny story. Just last week I traded my Lebron 9 Kentucky’s for a pair of University Blue XIV’s, straight up. Good trade, don’t you think? lol

  9. Hey Nightwing, i currently ordered the Rose 2.5. But now im having second thoughts because of the 2K4s. Which do u prefer/ recommend and your reason why? Thanks

  10. I happen to prefer the uppers being made of leather rather than the flywire/fuse plastic gimmicks so I definitely like that on the 2k4. I wish the 2k4 had more cushioning similar to that of the hyperdunk 2011 or hyperdunk 2010 rather than being so hard. I hope the velcro strap remains sticky on this shoe because on the 2k4 id’s it wouldn’t work after 5-10 wears.

    1. I dont feel that flywire/ fuse are gimmicks since they actually work and often times last longer that leathers. The flywire strands are gimmicky but other than that its a better material even if its overpriced plastic.

  11. Man, I’ve been trying to break these in, but every time I try to hoop in these I just get angry because they feel so stiff. I try to hide the laces behind the strap but they tend to come off too. Guess I just gotta be patient with these but I literally said today I HATE THESE.

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