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Performance Teaser: Nike Zoom Flight 98 ‘The Glove’ Pt. 2

I need these to release so I can buy a couple more pairs…


The cushion isn’t anything spectacular but I could say the same about some of Nike’s more recent performance models as well. Heel Zoom Air is in place but its a small circle about the size of a quarter… I thought the rectangle shaped Zoom units were strange but this one takes the cake. In the forefoot I can’t feel much while on-court but there is a forefoot Zoom unit in place as well. I’m not sure what is going on with Nike’s Zoom as of late but I don’t find it to be particularly responsive anymore… Lunarlon has been more responsive… and that’s a foam.


Monkey Paw… this is my first experience with it and I have to say, it works just fine. You could do without it on the medial side but the lateral side supports the foot just fine. Offers some flexibility while still offering slight restriction which reminded me of the Carbon Fiber panels on the LeBron X Elite… just nowhere near as sturdy… just the same basic concept in action.

Performance Teaser Nike Zoom Flight 98 'The Glove' Pt. 2 1

I like them… they are, what you may call, “Nightwing Approved” in terms of hooping in a Retro model.

  1. So mabey it’s a good thing that the hyperdunk now uses lunarlon. Disappointed to see what has happend to nike’s zoom units. Do you think it can be because they are mostly using bottom loaded zoom instead of top loaded ?

    1. Im not sure. The Hyperdisruptor, The Glove & the Soldier VII all had top loaded units. Soldiers and Disruptors both had pretty large volume units too… not sure what is the deal but maybe its because they have it encased within the foam midsole too tightly and its not able to respond to impact… the ‘unlocked’ Zoom is unbelievable so maybe Jordan Brand really did unlock something.

      1. You sure the Hyperdisruptor had top-loaded zoom? Since you can see the zoom from the bottom of the shoe shouldn’t it be bottom-loaded?

  2. NW – I remember the OG having very little cushioning feel as well. I thought back then with the thick foam housing it would be very bouncy but they felt dead, much like the 2K4 IMO.

  3. NW do you think it’s a cost cutting measure on Nikes part? I just remember zoom air being more responsive from earlier models.

    1. Im sure that has something to do with it but even newer models arent as responsive. The Melo M8 was the last Zoom based setup that I can remember which felt like Zoom.

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