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Performance Teaser: Nike LeBron X (10) Pt. 2


Every year the Air Jordan signature grew in popularity but more importantly, the annual signature grew in performance and innovation. There was one model that solidified the Air Jordan sneaker legacy… the AJXI. The LeBron X is that sneaker…

For the longest time we had been shafted in the traction department… okay… maybe it wasn’t THAT long but when you have three versions of the LeBron 8 and two versions of the LeBron 9 that all had the same issue along the outrigger’s traction-less surface then it makes it seem as if we had been wearing mediocre traction based sneakers for quite some time.


Finally we have traction that runs along the entire outsole. It’s made of a pliable rubber and the design itself is similar enough to herringbone that it actually works very well. The pattern is spaced out enough to where dust and debris won’t clog the surface and the court coverage is great since the pattern goes all the way to the edge of the outsole.


The only real issue with the traction isn’t with the traction itself… more on the lack of flex in the forefoot. LeBron’s 8th signature featured more flex grooves and they were deeper whereas the LeBron X lacks this feature a bit. I’m sure the Max Zoom unit has something to do with the shoes overall inability to flex so I’d like to see the tech refined even more than it is already.


If it’s possible, I’d love to see an articulated Max Zoom unit. Think about it… a 180 Max Zoom unit in the heel which is then attached to the forefoot section of the cushion system featuring multiple points of flex while still providing maximum cushion and responsiveness… that would be AWESOME!!!

Don’t make fun of my doodle… I’m not a designer.


I know what you are all thinking… are they worth the $290 price tag?

Simply put… no. BUT, that’s mostly because the average baller just doesn’t NEED the Nike+ System – even though it is pretty cool. The rest of the shoe for a somewhat reasonable price tag of $180 I can definitely get down with… especially since the LeBron X is THAT sneaker… the one that changes the game as we currently know it… just like the Air Jordan XI did back in 1995/96.

  1. Great to read all that about new Lebron sneaker NW , but how much does this shoe weight ? Its looks really bulky and i’m wondering if it will be good for 6ft guard like myself. Does they feel like Melo M8? Cuz from size standpoint they seem to be just a like in terms of bulky’ness (lol i dont know if that word exists but you know what i mean?) Regards !

    1. It looks heavier than it is but its still not lightweight. I’ll have the actual weight on the score card once the full review is complete. They dont feel like the Melo… these are in a league on of their own.

      1. Thanks! Whats the release date of those beasts ? That last sentence of yours is realy makin me wanna buy them instead of Air Jordan XI BRED’s that are commin for X-mas lol

  2. Is this a new possible #1 nightwing? Haha, and totally agree with the comparison to the 11’s, they changed the game for real. Best tech on a shoe at that time

  3. Looking forward to the review, I wish jordan brand would be this….relevant? Oh BT dubs, the drawing is actually spot on. From a design stand point less is more. Quick decisive and to the point. I am a tattoo artist and design…..boat seats….ugh on the side so yeah it’s actually pretty good. cheers

    1. Maybe but we dont discuss “fashion” on this site. KicksOnCourt is strictly for performance heads and in terms of performance the XI was an amazing shoe at the time of its original release.

  4. I know this is probably a given, but is the cushioning better than the Micro G Torch cushioning that you said you really loved?

  5. These shoes sound amazing can’t wait for the video. But I was wondering if u knew when the Kobe Vii Gold Medals would be coming out, are they coming out 9/29/12 like the Lebron X and Durants? Thanks

  6. A big call comparing the LeBrons X to the AJXI (which looks 10 times better, I believe).
    My first pair of Jordans were the Concords and I played ball in them and they were awesome!!! I guess have to wait for your performance review.

    Also, I haven’t tried a pair of LeBrons on since the first ones (as they weren’t wide enough for my foot). Have Nike changed the profile for these shoes???

  7. YO – Why did you have to do this?!

    I hope they come in Black and Solid Rubber Sole so then I can convince myselfishness to hit the Pay Day Loan mart and skip The Direct TV note, Rim note, and no itunes for a month…. AGAIN.

    What the Huka?!

  8. The main thing that sets the Lebron 9 Elite apart in my eyes is the carbon fiber side plate. It keeps my foot from moving/rolling outside the sole when I cut. Other shoes (including the HD 2012) dont do this and it makes a huge difference for me. Do you think the 10 will have this same stability? Since I dont see anything like the carbon side plate in the 9 Elite I’m curious. Thanks!

  9. Hey NightWing,

    Did you ever think that Nike should have just sell a shoe that can feature Nike+ and sell the Nike+ chip seperately. Like how Adidas did it with their MiCoach! because man, Nike+ is just pointless unless you really wanna know your jump,verticallity and speed rate. Hope you answer this question. Have tried on this with my friend who ordered at Air-Knight. Cushion was the upgraded version here but you were right about the fuse peeling!

  10. i can’t really see the comparison of the Lebron X to the Air Jordan XI as a game-changer simply because I haven’t even gotten to try on the X, let alone play in them. I definitely want to pick these up, and at $180 with all this tech it is well worth it to me.
    Does this newer fuse break in faster and feel better around the foot than typical hyperfuse?

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