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Performance Teaser: Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM Pt. 3

I don’t always make three Performance Teasers… but when I do… It’s after I’ve drank Dos Equis…

I’m just kidding, I don’t drink Dos Equis.


Kicks On Court reader, Mikko, left a comment on the last Performance Teaser saying that I should stop wearing the Kobe Elite socks with the Kobe 8… I did… and the slipping stopped. Damn socks… why must you ruin my Kobe 8 experience while being so cool looking…

So… since the slipping issue is no longer present… the Kobe 8 is so damn perfect that I will resort to complaining about a very minor detail… I mean, you have to complain about something, right?


I have a love/ hate relationship with the tongue. I love how they have padding… it allows me to tie these bad boys up as tight as I can before it begins to cut off circulation. The thing I dislike is that the right shoes tongue likes to move over a bit and slide into the side of the shoe. This doesn’t effect the performance one bit… in fact, this complaint is so minor that its the only thing I have left to say about the Kobe 8 other than this… what the hell were you thinking when you made the Kobe 7 if you can design a shoe that plays this good?!?


I said the Kobe 8 was as close as they’ve come to creating the perfect shoe – for a Guard – if it weren’t for the slipping. Now that I will never wear the Kobe 8 Elite socks again… where do you think that leaves us…

  1. Well since there is no slipping in the shoe would you consider these shoes perfect? And would you not recommend the Kobe elite socks? If so would any sock do? Thanks

  2. as I mentioned and I wouldn’t be surprised if these would easily bump off the CP3 VI on the top guard spot. it’s perfect in my opinion and best low top shoe that I have worn aside from runners. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nike would up the ante next year and release a much more comfortable and soft shoe next year.

    maybe under armour might consider making one for their basketball line as well. that would be just awesome.

    1. They have. The fit is greater. Only thing is that the CP3 would outlast the Kobe 8 outdoors by a hare due to the deeper herringbone. But other than that i find these to beat them overall.

      1. thanks. did you also notice that the Kobe 8’s traction rubber are a bit more softer than the KD V’s? I find the CP3 VI’s rubber on the hard side, but that maybe due to deeper herringbone pattern as you mentioned and XDR setup.

        1. Id say the Kobe and KD have the softest rubber of the three. If I were to choose one to play in outdoors it would be the CP3 based on the herringbone since its giant (deep) compared to the Kobe.

      1. HI Nightwing – just to clarify do you think it’s the actual dri-fit material on the elites that are causing the slippage? Or just elite type socks in general?

          1. Hi newfad and nightwing2303, I regularly use normal nike elite socks and I don’t experience any issues with slipping, but when I use a normal quarter sock actually the shoe feels a little slippery, this happens with my both shoes, the CP3 V and the Kobe VI.

  3. I can´t wait to get them!, i still say that, for me, the KBZ VII weren´t that bad, i played very well in them. Anyway i am going to get this one!

  4. Even with the laces going through those 2 slits on the tongue it still slides? That sucks, kinda reminds me of the Zoom Hyperflights. The tongues on those used to always slide to the side for me, was super annoying.

  5. So Nightwing you are tellin’ that stricktly on indoor court Kobes 8 are better than Rose 3 and cp3.VI ? Just what all needed to know ! Just need to wait for the purple pair . SWEET

  6. Am I the only person who has had a “bad” experience with the 8s? I bought the sulfurs today and balled for 2 1/2 hours and it felt like i was walking on bricks…traction wasn’t there because the floor was a little dusty and i got a knee cramp in my right knee…will the 8s be better after some more time wearing them? I broke them in just a little bit so far.

    1. Since when does 9.6 oz feel like bricks? Lunarlon is one of the most plush cushion systems avail to date. Traction has been beast for me on any indoor court condition and im a stickler for traction. Dont know what shoes you were wearing but it doesnt sound like the Kobe 8s.

      1. I bought them from my local HOH so I doubt they are fake…and plus I went in and tries it on to find my size so I know size isn’t the problem, I’ll just try and break into these a little more and see if any changes occur.

        1. I just find it extremely impossible that they felt like bricks at all since the 8’s don’t need break-in and and what you posted about cushion and traction is completely the opposite. there are only 3 reasons that I can think of with this, 1 is that you got fakes, 2 is that you don’t know what you are talking about and 3rd is that you have a ridiculous heavy footing that would render any comfortable cushion useless.

          anyway, I have a busted knee and I suffer from plantar fascitis. if there are concerns about shoes feeling like bricks, I’ll be the first one to take a note about it.

      2. I bought them from my local HOH so I doubt they are fake…and plus I went in and tried it on to find my size so I know size isn’t the problem, I’ll just try and break into these a little more and see if any changes occur.

  7. tongue sliding…why can’t they fix it once and for all?? do what rose 2.5 did, 2 holes side by side for the shoes lace , that way it keeps the tongue in place perfectly.

  8. Ok, it’s decided I’m getting these then. Hopefully in the alt-away grey/purp/yellow, and the one pair in the blacked out version too. Ugh such a great looking shoe.

  9. Is the clunky feeling from the Kobe VII gone? That and that the thin tounge let the laces cut off circulation to my toes was the main problems for me with VII

  10. Out of curiosity where would you rank these compared to last years top ten. I’m looking to get some new basketball shoes and its really between these (kobe 8) and the KDV.

  11. Do these feel the same or narrower than the kd v? Also, do they fit closer to the kobe 6 or the 7? I couldn’t fit in the 7, but 6 felt perfect.

    Thanks! Can’t wait for the review!

    1. 8’s almost the same fit as the KD V but felt much comfortable possibly due to the material. the Kobe VII’s were horrible and feel like a boa constrictor.

  12. Hey Nightwing, out of these 3, Kobe 8, Lebron 9 Elite, and Lebron X, which one do YOU think is the best? (I’m not asking for rankings or anything, I just want your opinion on this.)

  13. Hey nightwing, do you think that the kobe 8 is the beat guard shoes ever?
    And i’m 6’3″ and 190lb, a shape like melo, i actually play SG, SF and PF in my college, which shoes do you think is the best for me: kobe 8, lebron x or melo m9?
    Thanks man, your site is the best, it’s a must see for me everyday!
    A happy new year for you and your family!

  14. I have always had slipping issues when wearing Nike Elite socks…..I don’t use them to play ball in anymore, for that reason. I’m not surprised that the midsole/insole of the 8s, combined with the thickness/material of the socks caused some issues.

  15. Well that’s a relief!
    Excited to hear the final verdict.
    I might have to buy, but then again i’m a broke college student lol

  16. One of the best shoes for one of the best players…..makes sense to me. Even though it’ll cut down on its life, I’ll still play in these outdoors.

  17. How do these fit true to size? Big or small? I wanna get a pair but I dont know what size to go with and these would be my first pair of kobes so I cant compare em to previous models

  18. How is the XDR outsole different from the normal one? Is it just a little harder or is it thicker or something. Please reply

    1. i mean that i have to jump a lot, not dribble too much, i’ll either do a maximum of 5 dribbles then go to the rim or I’ll pass the ball

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