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Performance Teaser: Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM Pt. 2

Best traction on a Kobe since the IV…


Seriously… this is the best traction since the Kobe IV. It might even be better since the rubber is more pliable which offers a greater amount of friction between the floor and your foot. Will it last outdoors? Probably not, the rubber is too soft… but there are other options for you outdoor players such as XDR iD options and purchasing overseas releases.

I already know you are going to ask me… which is better, the CP3.VI or the Kobe 8? My answer… they’re both the best when it comes to traction… and that is ALL you need to know.


I’m surprised the engineered mesh hasn’t ripped apart by now. The upper was my number 1 concern when the Kobe 8 was unveiled. After purchasing them I was definitely surprised by how much Fuse is used in the design… you just can’t see it because they placed the mesh over the Fuse instead of between the Fuse. There is no time table as to how long it will actually last… but they’re definitely more sturdy than they look.


Overall, these are very good shoes. Again, just like I mentioned in the first teaser, I just can’t label them ‘perfect’ due to the interior slipping issue. I still can’t get over it personally.

  1. in the second paragraph I think you meant to say that the mesh HASN’T ripped apart. anyways great impression looking forward to the final review! keep up the great work! -@sms1325

  2. I haven’t been having problems with the slipping on the inside of the shoe. I’m not sure if this is a widespread problem or what but I haven’t seen a whole lot of people with the issue. I have seen a few complaints about it. I think there’s one thing everyone can agree on and that’s that these KILL the 7!

    1. I agree. These outperform the 7 is every aspect. Most people don’t notice certain things with their shoes so they may not even notice any slippage. Its a nuisance and it is an issue but it inst a huge issue, just something that needs to be noted.

    1. If you think you can write better than him, start your own website. Don’t come on here and be a dick about his writing.

    2. wow, what a dick. you leave a comment here just to lecture a guy how to run his site? how about this, run your own blog.

    3. Oreo is just giving constructive criticism. All of you sound like sensitive brats getting all defensive.

      Nightwing isn’t a pussy and can decide for himself whether or not to take that advice.

  3. hey Nightwing, how do your toes feel because of the slipping has that been a major issue or just a small one? or is the slipping just a mental thing?

  4. Please where do you find the socks I have the Kobe 8 and I went to footlocker asked and looked around and couldn’t find them……. And if you do not personally have slipping issues would you say that it is perfect…. To be honest my feet don’t sweat… It’s kinda weird…

    1. The socks are a joke. you dont need them they actually make the slipping worse. your better off with regular socks.

  5. Hi Nightwing ! Wish you a very Happy New Year Kicks Master, great work all year. I have followed your advices tru the year and every advice helped me with the shoe! Now just waiting for your reviews on Kobe 8 and Melo M9. I think both will be good for a guard. Just need to know which has better responsivness and overall fit. I think traction will be the same. Bless !

  6. dude, stop using the Kobe 8 system socks. Those socks are slippery!!!!! Use the regular elites and the slipping issue SHOULD BE FIXED. I’m not kidding. the Kobe socks seem to use a fabric with a thin film on it making them slippery not like the usual elite socks or cotton sock.

      1. if you look higher up on the comments i was the first to mention the socks and how terrible they are. crazy cuz these are the first shoes i got to ball in without your review and i tried them wth regular nike socks at first and they were great. then i tried them with the kobe ellite socks and i understood why you couldnt stand the slippeyness. either way word got to u so awsome

    1. Wow, major fail on Nike’s part if the socks that are supposed to go with them are causing the slipping issue.

  7. hey nightwing im huge fan and just had one question about these. i know you said the traction is good but is it a traction that makes alot of noise?

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