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Performance Teaser: Li-Ning The Villain


Li-Ning does performance old school. No frills or gimmicks, just straight up affordable performance kicks.

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Cushion is pretty much on point with what I have been experiencing in the Turningpoint. The BounSe & CushioN foams used in the heel and forefoot are very absorbent; something that any player can not only appreciate but would also welcome… especially if you have issues after suffering multiple knee injuries.

One thing to mention is that the Villain’s ability to compress with heel impact is limited with the silver support bar in place. There is a noticeable difference in heel compression – between the Villain & Turningpoint – because of this so I would recommend these to those who want or need impact absorption along with additional stability. Sometimes if the heel compresses too much one can lose their balance when in transition or upon landings and a potential ankle injury would follow suit.


Traction is beast just as it was on the Turningpoint. It’s clearly a different design but either of the two works well. If you play outdoors you may want to go with the Villain since the rubber isn’t quite as soft as the Turningpoint & there is a lot more court coverage available so they will last a bit longer.


Stay tuned for more as I will update you once again prior to the full performance review.

  1. Looking forward to your full reviews on these. I’ve been eyeing these for a while. Your teasers sold me on them. By the way, how is the sizing of these? I heard they fit small. I’m using 9.5. I am about to get a 10.

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