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Performance Teaser: LeBron 9


The LeBron 8 V1 & V2 (even the V2 low) were all great shoes while the P.S. lacked in my personal opinion. What about LeBron’s 9th signature? Take a look at a small teaser as far as on-court performance is concerned…


The fit on most Nike models is something that I have to deal with all the time… its very frustrating for me personally. My feet are narrow, most of Nike’s shoes are made with a ‘one size fits most’ type of last; a last is the foot shape or model used to build the shoes upper in case you were wondering what I was talking about.

As you can see, I am having that bubble in the forefoot once again… just as I have in the past. There is so much dead space in the shoe that I just cant seem to make them fit comfortably. This is not going to be the case for most people, but for me this is a huge turnoff. The midfoot and heel fit just fine, the only issue I have had with the fit is in the forefoot. I had this same problem with the LeBron 8 P.S. yet I did not have this problem with the V1 or V2… and all of the LeBron 8’s are the same size.


Traction has been surprising. The chain pattern has worked just fine, even on sharp angles and hard cuts. I have experienced some slipping on the outrigger and heel. While I have had some slippage, it hasn’t been bad enough to alter my course when in motion. With my First Impression post I noted that once the texture wears down I don’t know how well they will handle… at this point that still holds true. Once the texture on the red portions of the outsole wear off, I’m still not sure how much more (or even less) slipping I could end up experiencing.

Another teaser will be posted prior to the full review so stay tuned.

  1. One again the story teling traction pattern fails again. Nike really degrades its own performance but not using a reliable and proven traction surface. Thats why the Kobe IVs are the shoes which I measure all my others by.

  2. half the printed logo (the part directly under my heel) peeled off after just one time playing in these!!! did the same happen to you? i think this shoe will have a long break in period like the lebron VII and not like the 8s, which i really enjoyed right out of the box. my opinion though is that they are pretty good so far. i like how the stability wing works and lockdown is pretty good. i put my laces through the slit in the tongue for better lockdown. traction is ok for now. i really like air max/zoom combo so cushioning for me is perfect. the shoe should get better once fully broken in. i also like how it doesn’t crease as much. one other BIG problem (aside from the insole logo) i have though is the ends of the tongue, right at the end of the mesh bootie and the beginning of the padded area, they really bite into your foot! but it only happens on my right foot and not my left, and a simple adjustment makes them go away, but they come back. i noticed this even when wearing a pair casually. i might just be my foot shape though. have you had this problem? eagerly awaiting the full review! thanks and more power!

    1. I have had the same issues but also agree that once broken in they are a good option. Maybe not a guard shoe but def a good on court choice. I still liked the 8s better though.

  3. jury’s still out on that one for me… i liked the 8 v1 and v2 but felt that i was fighting with the air max 360 unit as the game wore on, the inherent problem of air max, i guess… i love this cushioning set up as heel zoom, even the thicker ones like in the hyperdunk and the lebron 7ps, don’t work for me. but the toebox bunching on the 8ps really became an issue, as the fuse had flexed in such a way that it bites into my foot as well. really waiting for these to break in! i’m just such a huge bron fan that i really wanna ball in his kicks! thanks for reviewing this shoe! good work as always!

  4. these remind me of the nike air max2 uptempo. max in the heel, air in the forefoot, and stitched on lockdown system, kind of like the max 2 uptempo’s

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