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Performance Teaser: LeBron 9 Low Pt. 2


The LeBron 8 Low was a basketball ready sneaker even though it was redesigned into a low top, the LeBron 9 Low performs adequately but not nearly as good in some areas.


The Flywire wing featured on the LeBron 8 offered perfect lock down even as a low since it hadn’t been overhauled completely. LeBron’s 9th signature on the other hand was cut down quite a bit compared to the higher cut version.


I’m able to achieve a pretty good lock down fit for the most part but the top eyelet sits a bit lower than it should which allows free range of motion for your ankle but it doesn’t help keep it in place very well. If it were positioned just a bit higher it would have altered the fit dramatically, forcing the ankle and heel into place appropriately.


Along with the eyelet placement, the lock down wing has been altered a bit as well and that is what could have made the lock down perfect… just as it was in the LeBron 9 & LeBron 9 Elite.

Its hard to see but the size of the wing has been reduced a bit. While it keeps the top of the foot in place – which is good – it doesn’t extend into the heel within the shoe like it does with the higher cut version. There is enough room within the shoe to have had the wing extend along the back of the heel as it does with the high but that’s not what was done thus creating an imperfect heel lock down.


The low version of the LeBron 9 is comfortable, durable & well ventilated but offers a bit of an awkward fit. I have to choke the laces to receive a decent lock down feel which isn’t ideal. There is a bright side… they fit true to size and there is enough width space within the shoe to where a wide footer would love the feeling the fit offers and wouldn’t be hindered as much as someone with a narrow foot would be.

The full Performance Review will be next so stay tuned.

  1. I’m picking up the lebron 8 lows today actually and I was wondering if you preferred these over the 8’s. Excited to see this review and your Reebok one

  2. Looking forward to the full review. I’m considering this or the Wade 2 EV’s as my next hoop shoe. Currently looking for a shoe that has good cushioning & court feel for my aging legs.

      1. Cool! Thanks! I tried this on today and I wasn’t comfortable with the material on top of the big toe.

  3. Hello there,
    I appreciate your work and I was curious about you reviewing the reebok zig,
    will you do it?

  4. I’ve just watched your “Air J project” which is great and I have my answer. I cant wait. I was also curious about another brand “Le coq sportif”, shoes of J. Noah. CU mate

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