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Performance Deals: Ektio Breakaway

We have one of the most interesting Performance Deals we’ve shared so far.

Ektio is holding a special promotion during the month of August that will provide you with a 15% rebate on your Ektio Breakaway purchase. All you have to do is buy the shoes and send them your ankle brace in return… you won’t need your brace once you have the Breakaway anyway so its a win/ win situation for you.

All the information is below and let me know if you’ve tried out the Ektio Breakaway yourself.

Performance Deals Ektio Breakaway 1

Do you have old Ankle Braces that are beat up and worthless?

Do you wear Ankle Braces every time you go on the court but HATE wearing them?

We have no doubt if you try Ektio, you’ll never need to wear ankle braces again!

So, August 2013, Ektio is running a special promotion to give YOU the opportunity to switch from your beat up Ankle Braces to the Ektio Revolution.

Order a pair of Ektio sneakers off Ektio.com, and receive a 15% Rebate on your order if you send an old pair of Ankle Braces to:

Ektio Inc.
220 Riverside Blvd. 6B
New York, NY 10069

Include your order number, name, and shipping address, and we’ll send you out a check for a 15% rebate on your purchase.

Rebate available for Non-Sale/Clearance models only. Breakaway model only.

Questions? Email us at info@ektio.com with title: “Brace Trade-In Rebate”

– Ektio

  1. whats the shoe displayed.. i like that one i went to ektio site and has fewer options than last.. .. im just ranting notexpecting an answer you must be Busy.. thanks.. site is still slow but working a little.. meaning if i take enough time viewing the thing.. thanks

  2. I wonder if someone like Steph Curry could benefit from wearing these shoes. Are they light enough for a guard like Steph, Nightwing?

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