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Performance Breakdown: Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011


I have gotten quite a few requests to review the Hyperfuse 2011’s performance. After giving it some thought, I don’t think I will pick these up at all unless I find them for an insanely cheap price… which wont happen until the shoe is at least a few months old. They are too similar to the Hyperfuse from last year without too many changes made to warrant a review.

However, I will breakdown the key changes between the Hyperfuse & Hyperfuse 2011 for you to aid you in your decision on whether or not you’d like to purchase. So, hit the jump to read on…


From an aesthetic perspective, the entire midsole and outsole have remained the same, there is an addition to the midsole but I’ll go over that in a bit. The upper has changed in design, but not by much.


The outsole… they have remained the same which is very disappointing. I always find it lazy of a brand to reuse an outsole and midsole from previous models. Its very redundant and boring. If it works then that’s great, but for me personally, the outriggers lack of traction while on an indoor surface left much to be desired… even if the rest of the traction was herringbone. The herringbone is also thick and widely spaced just as it was before which makes these great for outdoor hoops, what the shoe was created for.

Cushion also remains the same as before. Forefoot Zoom Air is in place with Phylon everywhere else. I’ve heard that Nike has used a lighter weight Phylon which is a bit softer and more responsive than the last models. Overall cushion should be a little better in the 2011 than in its original counterpart.


The fit of the shoe is the only thing that I can see on the upper besides its overall design that has been enhanced. The older Hyperfuse seen on the left features a straight and narrow lacing system. The Hyperfuse 2011 on the right however, features a lacing structure which will anatomically fit around the shape of your foot a lot better (similar to the LeBron 8 series) which is a huge plus. In short, the Hyperfuse 2011 should have a greater overall fit and lockdown due to its redesigned lacing system.


The upper… Again, its been redesigned a bit but nothing to major has taken place. Don’t let the extra mesh panels fool you, these both have the SAME amount of ventilation. Most of the added ventilation also is placed on top of support panels, such as the heel, so those panels are actually blocking the mesh preventing heat and moisture to pass through.

The ‘wing’ that has been added to the lateral side of the shoe is an extra design feature which also serves a purpose. This is to help contain your foot during sudden changes in direction made by the wearer. Is it worth having it one there, in my opinion, yes. Its for support so in that sense, it should have been on the first round as well but its better to get it now than never.

Lastly, that collar cut and height has been upgraded. The front of the collar has been shaped a little higher while the medial, lateral and heel notch areas have been shaped a bit lower. This, much like the LeBron 8 series, will give you greater heel lockdown while still allowing the wearer to have better range of motion in the ankle similar to what a low top shoe would bring to the table.


So, which one would I choose? The Hyperfuse 2011. While not much has changed between the two, the areas that were modified were greatly needed and are a welcomed addition to the Hyperfuse line. They are just too similar to each other for me to play in again and go over the same things as I did with last years model. The Hyperfuse 2011 is going to be a better overall performer when comparing the two so if you’ve been wanting to try a pair of Hyperfuse’s out Id go ahead and grab the 2011 version. If you enjoyed last years model and want to go with something similar, again, I’d go ahead and pickup the 2011 and you will be even more satisfied than you were with last years model.

Keep in mind that the Hyperfuse and Hyperfuse 2011 run a ½ size small so if purchasing online you will want to go up at least ½ a size.

I hope this helps you out and if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll respond.

Images Via Finishline

  1. One thing to note. I was trying these on and they had both in the store. I compared to these two and I notice the 2011s padding in the collar is minimal (similar to lebron 8 ps).

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  2. Found the ankle cut horribly uncomfortable, they bite so much I could never wear them to ball in. They’re already in a clearance store here. About $ 40 cheaper than retail.

  3. Ehhh, never F’d with them to begin with because of there lack of heel cushioning. Dunno what it is about the way I walk/play but my heels tend to get a sore quicker without some form of heel cushion. Phylon just ain’t cutting it nowadays… And Nike need to stop playing around n start releasing some goddamn XDR pairs in the US. Everytime I look, Dem shits is an Asia exclusive Smfh. Sorry to go off topic but damn man. It is summer time is it not? Like honestly nightwing, or anyone else for that matter, what was the last (non retro) Nike outdoor ball shoe u can think of? Sharkleys? My Air Raids and Lebron 20-5-5s are straight up basura now. Slayed

  4. So question, if u were to give advice/suggestion on a outdoor sneaker. What do u think is the best sneaker out for streetball. The Hyperfuse 2011?

      1. I bin lookin for the outdoor 2010s. Can’t find any though :-/ I wear a sz14 n to make things even worse, I live in the Virgin Islands Smh. I have to order everything. Ev er y thing… So Soldier 3s huh?

        1. lol, that sucks bro. I actually use the regular 2010s and they have held up perfectly… not the best ventalation but everything else is fine. The Soldier 3s are light and very durrable. Ive had them for a couple of yrs now and theyre still good to hoop in.

        1. Most shoes are indoor capable so really just choose a shoe you are happy with and play indoors in them. I never wear my indoor shoes anywhere but the indoor courts so I dont compromise traction.

  5. thank u nightwing2303 u helped me with which shoe to get i have the hyperfuse 2010 and i thought there great and thanks to this i think that im ganna be happier with the hyerfuse 2011 which is great!

  6. Well I actually own the 2010s. Those have been my single Bball shoes for the past year. I’ve had a few problems with them though. At the beginning of the tongue where the tongue n Toebox meet. I dunno if it’s the stitching or what but inside the shoe it stabs/pinches/bites the top of my feet, even when I’m just wearing them casually for a while. It’s pretty random. Sometimes it happens n sometimes it does t. In both shoes btw. The tongue also never stays in place. It twists n turns 45-90degrees on a regular so I always have to readjust no matter how tight I tie them or double knot them and lastly the heel of the collar has eaten away through 3layers lol. So yeah I think it’s about that time. Love that stacked zoom air cushioning, traction n almost everything else but it’s time for something new

  7. what would u suggest buying, hyperfuse 2011, hyperdunk 2011, adizero 1.5, adizero crazy light, lebron 8 ps, kobe 6, kd 3, or jordan 2011? thanks

    1. Depends on your style of play and what you look for in a performance shoe. Traction, cushion and so on. One you figure that out you can start to narrow down your selection.

      1. uhm, im a 1 guard what do u suggest buying hyperfuse 2011, hyperdunk 2011, adizero 1.5, adizero crazy light, lebron 8 ps, kobe 6, kd 3, or jordan 2011? thanks

      1. thanks! had to retire one of my ball shoes, looking for something to switch up with my 8 ps. appreciate that you take the time to reply bro! more power!

  8. How do you clean the hyperfuse 2011 and the hyperdunk 2011 with ordinary laundry soap? And can you soak these shoes in water?

      1. nightwing wats ur real name? lol do u know the reason y nike cldnt put zoom air in foot? y just heel? cld i buy ur sneaker? any sneaker for a really really cheap price, i dnt have any shoes but the hyperfse 2010 and 2011 the 2010 dsnt fit me no more so ive only got the 2011 i cldnt just use the 2011 for practice it wld get destroyed its my game babies lol, pls i need a shoe for practice plssssssss

        1. They actually have zm air in the forefoot and nothing in the heel. Quicker players tend to stay on their toes so heel cushion isn’t needed all the time. It would’ve been nice had they added additional cushion in the heel just in case though.

          1. oh, whats ur real name? do u have a fb? cld i add u? yo cd i buy a sneaker of yours plssss any sneaker for a very very low price plssss man i really need a sneaker besides my hyperfuse 2011

  9. how’s the sizing in these hyperfuse? in footlocker, they say that you should order half size larger. is that true?

      1. Either would be fine really. With the hyperfuse having forefoot zm air they are good for quick guards. Some prefer heel and toe cushion which is where the hyperdunk is better. If wanting something to play both indoor and outdoor, the hyperfuse would be best.

  10. hey nightwing first i wanna say that you are great at what you do, keep it up. onto the question, do you think i should get the lebron v/2 white/black/red colourway ? or the adizero rose 2.0 home colourway. I live in malaysia so my choices are pretty limited :/ and in malaysia its almost like china(i lived in beijing for 2 years) and its mostly outdoors for playing , except for school games ( only in china ) let me know your thoughts? thank you so much for being there to do reviews man, keep it up!

    1. I havent gotten my adiZero Rose yet so i cant really say anything about them at this time. The LeBron 8 was one of my favorite performance shoes this yr so they are a great option.

    1. If you cut hard you may want to go with the Hyperdunks. Traction overall is better than the other two. The lightest option i think is the Hyperfuse, not 100% on that though.

  11. Don’t see whats the point of the high top if it doesn’t gives support. Thats why i got the low top verson. I like low and mid top shoes tho but I don’t need ankle support anyway 🙂

    1. My personal opinion is that the ankle cannot be supported at all, only restricted. The ankle itself is a support hinge which joins the foot and leg together allowing for fluid motion. You cant support the support if you get what im saying.

      In essence, ankle support is a myth and gimmick within the performance field. Low tops and just fine so long as the shoe fits perfectly providing the wearer a one to one fit with the foot.

  12. hey bro, im planning to buy new kicks and im deciding if ill go for hyperdunks2011 or hyperfuse2011. its for outdoor (concrete) btw, im a 2-guard, pull-up jumper and slasher. what u think?

    1. Hyperfuse will be good but you may want to check out the Hyperenforcer, they offer a bit more vs the Hyperfuse.

      1. thanks bro, yeah just read about the hyperenforcer and it says its good on multiple surfaces im not sure if its already out here in the philippines. but goin back to my dunk vs fuse q, im like 60% dunk and 40% fuse, what u think on how the dunks perform on outdoors? i gotta feeling the herringbone was designed for indoors

    1. Oh lol, well in that case… The traction is better suited indoor unless the outdoor surface is rough in texture like a gravel based blacktop.

      1. it’s pretty rough, im just worried like if the outsole can handle the roughness by the surface. the outsole of the hyperdunks are pretty thin unlike the outsole of the fuse right?

        1. Theyre both fairly thick IMO. Hyperfuse is built for outdoor use so that would be the logical choice but the Hyperdunk could be alright but since the traction is placed into the small squares it may not last as long as the fuse.

      1. bro i just tried the hyperdunks and fuse. when it comes to design, i really dig the fuse (black, blue, yellowgreen) and u said it works out well outdoors but when i tried it, i was really uncomfortable on the forefoot part like the sides are too narrow for me but when i tried the hyperdunks it really fits well and actually very comfortable and i end up getting the hyperdunks. i just hope it goes well outdoors, what u think?

        1. I have to go a 1/2 sz up in Hyperfuse so not sure if you tried on a 1/2 sz bigger or not but that could be the problem.

          1. lol! i tried it, i went up till 10.5 still the forefoot part feels uncomfortable. i got the hyperdunks in 9.5. do you think the hyperdunks will be durable enough for the outdoor play?

            1. The overall shoe will be durable, traction may not be as great as it is on the Fuse but it should work out.

  13. Just wondering how these fit compared to the 2011 Hyperdunks. I can acceptably wear the dunks a 1/2 size up, so I’m wondering if that would work with these.

    Additionally I’m wondering if there is a fit and weight difference between the normal fuses, and the xdr versions. Thanks.

  14. I’m trying to find the right shoe to play on the court between hyperenforcer, hyperfuse, and hyperize. I’m trying to see which is better for my foot. Which is lighter, more comfort, and has better ankle support?

  15. I feel the same way about the Hyperfuses’. I bought the 2012 version out of impulse to actually play in, but they’re so bulky and Nike added some weight onto them. I have the 2010 lows and I love them, though. The thing I noticed about Nike is that hyperfuse is used in most of the shoes these days, so they’ve become nothing special. Saw your review on the Hyperdunks though–those seem to be evolving like Pokemon.

  16. How do the low 2011 hyperfuse fit? I want the low ones so I’ll have to order them online as they are so hard to find these days. Do they run small still? Wear 10.5 so should I get 11?

  17. I just got these and they are tearing up the top of my foot where the laces pinch cause the tongue has no padding. Also, it’s digging into the back of my ankle. Is there any way to adjust this or am I out of luck?

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