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Performance Benefits: Nike Hyperdunk 2013

By now, you have probably seen the Nike Hyperdunk 2013 Performance Review… or at least tried to since the shoe camouflaged into the table I usually use.

If you wanted a refresher course on the Hyperdunk’s performance benefits then this is probably a better option for you. Their performance scores are still available for you within the video but this time around the information is delivered quicker and cleaner.

You can grab the colorway shown – along with many others – now over at Finish Line and if you already own the Hyperdunk 2013… let us know what you think about their on-court performance.

      1. You probably dont like this type of question but i want to know so here goes anyways!! Is there any shoe that stands out in terms of stability/fit/court feel? (the lower the better)

          1. k thanks, ive checked probably most of them since you started haha but didnt know how something like a crazyquick would compare to the UA anatomix spawn

  1. Dude, you can proly start hiring ppl to test these out for you when one day you have built a company and too old, or too busy to play in each of the shoes yourself.

    But, what really makes you the best and unique in the business is the sophisticated sensitivity you have towards the performance of the shoes, and those things are cultivated through years and years of experience that you have. So you might have a hard time in training employees in the future.

      1. Hey the hyperdunk+ 2013 on finishline.com….. None of the other sites have it listed as a + shoe and nike told me they were not making any more but I called finishline and they said it is for sure!?!? If you get info please let me know

    1. He has a little girl(see his vlogs on YouTube), but I believe his son is on the way.

      Bless up to you NW, wife, and little wings.

      1. I’m a detailed guy and I catch things that people normally wouldn’t. He stated 29 across plenty of videos, but sometime between late spring and early summer I heard him say 30. So his bday has passed.

        Confirm Nightwing?

        That’s probably enough with the personal info though. I’d be creeped out with people knowing too much about me and not the sneakers.

  2. still waiting for your verdict on
    Anatomix Spawn.
    im torn between the HD13 and Anatomix for this year.
    what is your opinion between those two?

  3. This collaboration with finish lline is a ggreat way to increase tour fanbase. A nice mutually benefiting idea. Tho I’m not used to hearing chris as opposed to nightwing2303 lol

  4. Nightwing you seriously look like your 24 like foreal no jokes no tricks no playing around I never would thought you are a dad

  5. Hey Nightwing, i’m starting up my season at school, i play the SG. I’m torn in between how well these perform and the Kobe’s. I’m looking for something new since i’ve worn Lebron’s and Hyperfuses for what feels like forever. I’m trying to find a lightweight sneaker but something with decent ankle support since all my friends are apparently plagued with straining their ankle…consistenly in low tops. According to your reviews, you love both of these sneakers. But if you could only choose one which would you prefer? and why?

  6. Hey man I know I’m a little late to the party, but I was wondering how wide these shoes are. I know you said the fit is good, but I have a wider foot and I was wondering if you could tell me how these will fit me?

  7. Hey I was just wondering how these compare to the UA anatomix spawns and the CP3. vii, looking to get one of these. I am a small forward and was wanting to know your opinions on these shoes.

  8. ok so i know this is really late, but i’m a big fan of the nike hyper dunk 2010 model and i was wondering if anyone knew a trustworthy site where i could get some from

  9. Hi I was just wondering do you think i should get a pair of hyperdunk 2013s and a pair of kobe 8s, two pairs of kobe 8s, or just 1 pair of kobe 8 because i really want the kobe 8 but im afraid if i only get one it will wear down the outsole by using it on asphaly/cement and my dad has a friend that works at nike so he can get half off so i can get 2 for the price of 1 thanks.

  10. hey,
    just bought a pair of these off your review, i bought my true sz 9.5 (i mostly wear 10’s in other shoes but not to play bball in, have i done the right thing here?. they’ll give a little yes?.

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