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Is Paul George’s Nike Signature Shoe On The Way?

Is Paul George's Nike Signature Shoe On The Way?

Coming off yesterday’s news that Kyrie Irving would likely be getting his signature shoe, comes this tweet from Paul George:

This was in response to people on Twitter claiming that the HyperRev 2 would be his next signature shoe. George refuted that claim, saying that those were just his PE HyperRevs. With that said, George’s confidence in his new signature is a little bit surprising.

Nike Basketball has held firm with the “big 3” of signature sneaker athletes in LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant for almost seven years now. This news, alongside rumors that James Harden would be getting a sig, means that Nike Basketball potentially has double the signature athletes with six.

What do you think of the possibility of this sextet of signature athletes? Is there another Nike athlete that you feel is deserving of a sig? Let us know in the comments below.


Image via NikeInc. H/T to @baltsneakershow for the Harden info.

  1. This might be a sign that kobe sigs are closing the curtains, Kyrie and George should definitely get sigs

      1. Kobe 10’s, Kobe 11’s (if he plays in the league for that last year ) and the last one is all the kobe features in 1 shoe (ex. Jordan six rings, etc etc)

        1. sigh, kobe is the bomb, I wish he could stay for longer, but everyone including Jordan, has to grow old at some point

    1. I beg to differ. I was at the nike headquarters in Oregon, and the guy that I talked to said that the Kobes are too popular to kill off, so they are making new sneakers after he retires, such as the Jordans

  2. paul george is probably THE most talented two-way player in the league, but is he really a legitimate superstar that teams can count on to produce offensively on a consistent basis, especially in the playoffs? the guy is really nice, and wasn’t supposed to be a superstar coming into the league, still growing into the role, but folks are gonna keep saying that he’s the next big thing, etcetera…

    1. 18.6 turn off ration, hit up br’s report on him, when you look at the numbers, last year wasn’t a sig shoe year for the guy.

  3. I know that they aren’t Nike athletes but Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook, and Blake Griffin all need sigs from Jordan brand. I would also love to see Andre Iguodala get a Nike sig alongside Kyrie, PG, and Harden

    1. yeah but iggy, sad to say, wasn’t very good last year, at least not as good as he could have been. also, he definitely wouldn’t sell many shoes. he might have when he was the go-to star at the sixers many years ago, but an unglamorous guy who does all the things stat sheets don’t tell you about isn’t going to sell sneakers…

        1. Andre doesn’t deserve a signature shoe with his production the last few years and is not marketable at all, Kawhi isn’t there yet but he could possibly be later, but Westbrook and Griffin more than deserve one right now.

  4. PS jimmy harden getting his own shoe at this point in time is kind of a joke…don’t get me wrong, i love the guy as much as anybody else, flopping notwithstanding, but he has almost zero application on the defensive end, and doesn’t come up with the goods come the playoffs…sure he’s the best slasher in the league, but i didn’t know that is enough to be a nike signature athlete these days…

    i kind of feel the same about kyrie, but that’s another discussion altogether
    guess it goes to show you that highlight reel crossovers, circus shots and eurosteps can get you a shoe deal

    1. The main reason they will most likely get signature shoes is because they are very marketable players that are fan favorites, granted Hardens defense is horrible but he can defend anyone when he tries to, Kyrie is more or less the same way, but at their respective positions no-one in the league is as good on offense as those two. Paul George is a serious baller who legitimately deserves a signature sneaker so him getting one is a good call by Nike. From a money standpoint for Nike all three players are perfect for signature shoes.

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