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Our Favorite LeBron James Signature Models of All-Time

What is your favorite LeBron James signature sneaker of all-time? Here are ours…

Well, today is the day. The first-ever Finals trilogy kicks off at 9PM EST on ABC. While two teams meeting in the Finals for three straight years is an impressive feat, LeBron’s seventh straight Finals appearance is arguably the bigger achievement.

To celebrate LeBron’s dominance, we looked back at every LeBron James signature model and picked our all-time favorites.

Check out our picks below and be sure to let us know what your favorite LeBron James sneaker is in the comments section below or on social media with the #WearTesters.


Look, LeBron’s sneakers have never really called my name. He’s is just too unique physically to have his signature sneaker cater to a mere mortal like myself. But looking back at every LeBron sneaker for this list, I realized that there are some absolute bangers.

My favorite has to be the one that started it all: the Nike Zoom Generation. If this sneaker released today it would still be ahead of its time visually and that’s an impressive feat if you ask me. Tinker, Avar, Aaron Cooper? C’mon. #GAMEOVER.


My favorite LeBron signature from 1-14 is the LeBron 8 V1. It was the last time leather and suede were used on the LeBron line and it had one of the most comfortable Air Max units I’ve ever worn. My favorite colorway of the shoe is actually the low top Sprite edition which is the LeBron 8 V2, but if I had to pick one of the V1 colorways then it’d be the first release that featured black/red”.


The LeBron X is, by far, my favorite LBJ signature. It was so, so comfortable, looked great off-court (especially with jeans), and it was a great tenth shoe that showed just how far the signature line had come. The ‘Cutting Jade’ colorway is still one of my favorite sneakers in my 170+ pair collection. Sadly, the LeBron X was followed by the XI, a sad excuse of a successor.


The LeBron II. Technology-wise, it was top of the line — caged Zoom, Kevlar panels, and a removable laser strap before laser details were overdone. Best colorway: Black/Red, Sith Lord style.

Second would be the LeBron 14 ‘Flip the Switch’. The 14 is completely understated in technology and design; it’s smooth, except for the strap, with almost no details — it’s a very “mature” shoe.


My favorite pair would be two choices.

1A). The Nike Air Zoom Generation in White/Black/Red. It was just an introduction to the greatness of what Lebron James has become. It was also was also a game-changer — the minds of Tinker Hatfield, Eric Avar, and Aaron Cooper joined forces to help create the ultimate first shoe.

1B). The Nike Zoom LeBron II. A performance beast — from lockdown to the Pebax-encapsulated Zoom for cushion and the super aggressive outsole traction that just stuck to everything you threw at it. The design was also unique, especially the laser etched details around the ankle/heel area, and the strap provided serious lockdown. This shoe still has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  1. III and IV for me. I was fiending for the All-Star IV when the images leaked, then Nike didn’t release them. That might’ve been the beginning of my hate for Nike because Lebron was getting PEs of his own shoe, which still makes no sense.

  2. I’ve got 2…

    Zoom Generation in the 1st game color. I tried hard to get those and failed miserably. The Wheat color was a nice consolation prize!

    Lebron XI…. YES I said it! Performance wise it’s so so… but aesthetically I love the super futuristic look. It’s too far ahead of its time.

  3. the AZG and the II were definitely the best, in my opinion

    @noah: the x was a comfortable shoe to walk around in, but it was a pretty terrible basketball shoe for anybody who doesn’t play down low and isn’t 300 pounds, haha….the xi, however, was a far superior basketball shoe, i don’t like playing in lebrons but the xi was the last lebron shoe that i genuinely enjoyed playing ball in, cushioning is much mushier than i typically enjoy but it fit me incredibly well

  4. Lebron V is easily in my top 3 most comfortable sneakers and I really love the look. IVs are up there too for me. Actually I love 1 through 8 (excluding 7s – absolutely no idea why people like them so much) and would absolutely buy if they retro. Lebron XI is worst of the worst. I cried with tears the first time in them and my feet hurt so much that I couldn’t walk for 3 days after that.

  5. LBJ 3. On and off court hipness, a big man shoe, stable, well balanced from heel to toe, and the upper and outsole combination matched brilliantly, great containment with the only downside being the traction on dusty courts. I wore mine both indoors and out without the insole as the first iteration of Max Zoom worked exceptionally well, It was dense enough to not give you that sink in feeling when you are attempting to explode upward on multiple jumps, and while transitioning laterally. You could get down on D, get up quick, and then make hard cuts without losing reaction in the LBJ 3. I understand that many dig the mushy feel of some Nike shoes, as it makes you feel as if the cushioning is working. But that system sucks for those of us who need true impact protection, and then not some bouncy feel. The LBJ 3 was that shoe. I hope that Nike does not retro that shoe, because I know that they will fuck it up, just to be able to sell them to those idiots over on NikeTalk.

  6. Design wise I have to go with the Lebron 11s when they released they were sooooo sick the miami heats terracotta warriors and gamma blues on top of the forging irons i remember that feeling hahaha

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