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Nike’s Answer to CrossFit: The MetCon 1

The hard truth; You don’t have to be first, you just have to be the best.

CrossFit is sweeping the nation, and Nike looks to invade the cultural phenomenon that Reebok is currently inhabiting with the Nike MetCon 1. A shoe designed for CrossFit, the MetCon 1 makes use of a sleek silhouette that incorporates Flywire and HyperFuse for lockdown fit and support with added durability. The cushion setup is currently described as a drop in midsole, which we can only imagine is made up of the popular Lunarlon foam. While the technology in the MetCon 1 is nothing revolutionary and somewhat minmal, the overall package should work well together to cater towards those who participate in CrossFit.

The Nike MetCon 1 is available for pre-order now at Road Runner Sports.





Images via RFX45 on NT.

  1. I’m confused by the article. I thought nike been in the crossfit game since the 90’s with their crosstrainers . Did Nike specifically say this was a crossfit shoe? Or is this speculation from the author?

    1. Things you’ll need for CrossFit/WOD style competition
      – rope protection (rope climbs will tear up your shoes if it isn’t solid rubber around the inner grooves)
      – heel drop (shoutout to oly lifting
      – solid heel (makes lifting heavy easier; zoom unites are annoying when trying to squat heavy)

      Previous crosstrainers don’t cater to those 3 categories above. Hence why this is a CrossFit shoe (though honestly, can be used for anyone in the gym lifting)

      1. Forgot to add, MetCon refers to metabolic conditioning; essentially High-Intensity Interval Training utilizing maximal effort anaerobic exercises. Hence why it is associated with CrossFit.

        Was going to edit this into the original comment, dunno if that’s possible…

      2. Hmm funny cause I use my zoom revis trainers and nike hypercross for my crossfit and they hold up just fine for the past 4 months

        1. Not saying you can’t do crossfit those shoes, it’s just better.
          When you’re squatting (as an example) you’re applying force to the ground which allows you to move up. If you’ve got cushoning like Zoom units, not only are you battling the weight you’re holding, but also applying additional force through the Zoom unit since the force applied is softer (hence why Zoom feels so good when you’re landing). There’s a reason why Chucks are solid heel and adored by lifters. Oly lifting shoes are the same thing; solid heel. I ran Nike Free 3.0; completely wrecked. My Nano 3.0 held up way better in comparison.

          Trust, solid and elevated heel makes a big difference once you get used to it. My Oly shoes hands down best investment.

          1. This is exactly why I do not wear shoes that feature Zoom Air in the heel while playing ball. It feels good while landing, but it also makes me have to work harder in order to transition into that second jump. A solid heel makes all the difference in the world, especially for those who rely upon explosive power, stability during repetition.

    2. Agreed, and most any running or training shoe will work for crossfit, so I really don’t see what makes these special. A hyperfuse trainer with a drop in lunar sole is great, but nothing new.

      1. cross training is like the broader scope. cross fit is the copyrighted routine i think. so what they did is sneakily putting a shoe on reebok/crossfit market without directly mentioning it. i dont get it either. copyrighting a workout and associate it with a shoe brand. its like copyrighting running, basketball. then shoes will be categorized as shoes good for “sport that plays with a ball that goes to a hoop” and “sport that plays with a goal”.

  2. If the traction is decent these almost look like a outdoor Kobe shoe. The first one even reminds me a bit of the Kobe 8 Sulfur if Under Armour made them.

  3. Probably for marketing purposes, because the HyperCross, or Free 5.0 TR, or FREE 7.0 TR is actually a better, more suited shoe for CrossFit.

  4. Nike simply could not stand Reebok getting all of the attention, in a growing sport. Reebok owned the fitness era in the late 80’s and mid 90’s, and Nike does not want to fall behind in that category again.

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