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NikeLab’s High Tech Zoom Fly SP Drops Next Month

In celebration of Breaking2, Nike is releasing the NikeLab Zoom Fly SP.

Breaking2 is Nike’s innovation project to break the two-hour marathon barrier. While Eliud Kipchoge just missed the mark with a finishing time of 2:00:25, beating the world record by 2:32, Nike is celebrating with this special release of the Zoom Fly SP.

Check out all the official information below regarding the logos and branding. You can hit Nike+, nike.com/nikelab, and select retailers for these when they drop on June 8.

The NikeLab Zoom Fly SP utilizes ultra-lightweight, soft, and highly resilient Lunarlon foam to create a light and responsive underfoot experience. An embedded, full-length, carbon-infused nylon plate increases stiffness — and the plate has raised questions of legality. A high abrasion rubber in the heel adds durability and the shoe’s 10mm offset is designed to minimize Achilles strain while the 33-mm stack height should ensure impact protection mile after mile.

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From Nike Inc:


Created in 1976 by Nike’s first employee, Jeff Johnson, who fanned out the Swoosh to make a sunburst design


References the speed and elegance of auto racing at Autodromo Nationale Monza in Italy, where Breaking2 took place on May 6, 2017


References the flags present at marathon finish lines


References the brave attempt to break the two-hour marathon barrier and also nods to the original Nike Zoom Mayfly


August 2015: The month and year the design was initiated
ALTRNT MAT V2: Indicating this is the second version of this translucent alternate material
STRETCH WVN: To communicate the material is stretch woven
EMB: The upper is also embroidered
Summer 2017: The season of the shoe’s release


FAST: Indicates the shoe is part of Nike’s FAST running series
INNOV CNCPT: Shows that it is an innovation concept
DSGN V7.2: Means this is the seventh iteration and second material direction of the upper design

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  1. so does this have the new zoomx cushion, is the new zoomx cushion just a better lunarlon, or did they put zoom in the name of the shoe without there being any type of zoom there?

    1. It’s curved Zoom(the red-line follows the Zoom bag), basically like Jordan’s Unlocked-Zoom, but packed in foam, which kind of makes it interesting on-paper, but hard to translate into practical advances. I would’ve much rather seen a high-rebound spring-plate.

  2. For me to ever consider something with Lunarlon in it again there has to be a review from a runner who isn’t in Nikes pocket and who cleary states that it really is durable in the 1500 to 2000 miles range. To say it’s better than the old Lunarlon does nothing for me.
    To be rude one could say that the old Lunarlon would have been a better motovation for this project. Either you run the marathon under 2 hours or the Lunarlon bottoms out first… ?

    1. I’m sorry, but for you to expect a shoe’s cushion to seriously last for 1500-2000 miles is absurd. I ran cross country in high school and my coach recommended we replace our shoes before they reach 700 miles. I don’t even know of a shoe that can even stay together for 1500 miles

      1. Me neither. ?
        So that would be a worthwile task for a company that really wants to be great, don’t you think? Instead of adding to the ongoing mess with a shoe technology that just let’s you buy more products for the wrong reasons.
        My own running days are long done because my knees are too far gone but my desire for real quality instead of sad realities will never fade.
        I’m the one stubborn fool driving around in the 1992 Mercedes with 400000km+ while everybody else is sitting in their driverless Googlecars.
        My guess is by the time Google find other things more interesting the good ol’ Merc has 600000km+ on the clock. It’s very likely that i’m not here any more by that time because my own genes don’t have the quality i’m longing for. ????

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