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Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Performance Review

Improved upon since the last model, which is always a good thing.

Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Performance Review 1Traction – These have excellent traction. Surprising too since the pattern is pretty random. The Venomenon series is an outdoor specific shoe overseas, but I’m not sure if that’s the case with the U.S. version. There was nothing stating that these feature XDR outsoles, and Nike will always let you know when they use a certain type of material as it’ll usually be labeled somewhere on the product or come with a hang tag with the material labeled. So while the traction was pretty awesome – indoors & outdoors – the rubber is softer than you’d expect with an outdoor shoe so I wouldn’t recommend them to someone that plays on a rough outdoor surface, but if you play on a court with a smooth blacktop finish like a tennis court then you’ll be good.

Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Performance Review 2Cushion – Bottom loaded Zoom Air located in the heel and forefoot… not my favorite setup. It works well for what it is, but you don’t really feel anything since there is a midsole between your foot and the cushion. The good news is that it absorbs impact upon impact, and you’ll have a slightly more ‘responsive’ ride in terms of reaction speed, but the downside is that a bottom loaded setup is best when utilized full length in order to absorb as much impact as possible. Even when using tiny Hex-Zoom units like in the LeBron 12, they’re placed from heel to toe so you have a decent amount of protection. Same when it comes to something like the Air Jordan 2010 which opted for the full length option. So while they get the job done, the cushion is nothing to gawk at. It would have been awesome if the Zoom was bottom loaded and the midsole was Lunar, but I didn’t make the shoe so that obviously didn’t happen. I will say that this is definitely an improvement over the Venomenon 4, so in that sense… its a plus.

Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Performance Review 3Materials – I absolutely love the materials. Mesh and wovens are the new thing, and they’re something I thoroughly enjoy when utilized properly. If you you’ve played in the HyperRev 2015 and enjoyed their upper then you’ll likely enjoy these as well. They’re soft, flexible, require no break-in time, breathable and contain the foot well enough. It is a mesh though, so durability won’t be their strongest attribute. But if you prioritize the attributes I just mentioned above durability then you’ll be happy with them.

Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Performance Review 4Fit – They fit true to size, and wide footers will want to try them on. They have that ‘perfect’ fit for my foot, so you might think they’re too snug if you have a wider foot. Forefoot and midfoot lockdown was really solid. Dynamic Flywire is located at the forefoot for some additional coverage so you don’t put too much strain on the mesh material, and the external heel counter offers great heel lockdown. Transition is a bit clunky due to the heel counter, but if you stay on your toes for the most part then you might not notice it too much. If you heel strike then you’ll feel the chunkiness that I’m talking about.

Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Performance Review 5Support – They remind me of the Kobe 8 and Kobe 9 EM in terms of support. There is just enough to where you’re not as risk of injury, but not too much to where you’ll feel restricted. The heel counter is the only area that I’d change due to the clunky transition it causes. I’d have used a heel clip like what the Kobe 8 used, I think that would’ve allowed the heel to compress a bit more upon heel strikes. Other than that they’re solid. Internal shank, solid TPU heel counter and a forefoot lateral outrigger. Everything you’ve come to expect in one of Kobe’s main signature models, but in a more affordable package.

Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Performance Review 6Overall – I actually like these a little more than the Kobe X’s. I enjoyed the materials much more, and the traction, while not quite Kobe X level, are capable of being used indoors and outdoors – even without the use of XDR. Cushion was much better in the X’s, but for $120 the Venomenon’s do just fine. Once again, I ended up enjoying the take down model a little more than the signature model… there are some things I’d change here and there, but overall they’re a great option for their price. Especially if you wanted a Kobe model for indoor and outdoor use.

Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Performance Review 7

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  1. 1st comment!
    Thoughts on how long the traction would last outdoors?
    And how long would LeBron 12 lows last outdoors? In your opinion of course.

    Thanks man, keep up this fantastic work

    1. there is no real way to answer these questions….you have to factor in how hard you play/cut/dig in on defense, how often you play, what kind of surface you play on, etc.
      in my experience an XDR shoe probably lasts a good 5/6 months if you play hard in them 2-3 times a week…my outdoor shoe right now is the clutchfit drive low, and though the traction has worn down a bit on the edges (obviously the first area to grind down if you’re a guard), they’re still going strong 5 months later

    2. Biggest factor – Depends on the Outdoor Surface.
      Asphalt courts (like LA Streets) which are like courts found at some churches or schools, can wear your kix down in a week. There are Smooth concrete surfaces that kick will last a long time but those are allways the slippery courts and your kicks need to be new to even get traction. I have played on some high textured courts that grinded a pair down in 4 games and those were XDR kicks. then there’s Black top which I think get’s real HOT and burns the kicks down even faster and maybe the shoes would last 2 weeks. what I am talking about is bold spots on the outsole. Out door hoopin – I think 1 months tops IF you play hard. if you stand around waiting to take jumpers and play LAzy ass defense, 5 moths – If you Hustletron, 1 month tops before you get crossover angled soles. Have Fun and Hustletron the other players!!!

  2. This is a bit off topic, but I wasn’t given a straight answer by Nike. So the zoom bag in my KD 7s popped and I’ve only played in them for like a months worth. There is a small tear in the mesh on the toe but no excessive wear besides that. Will Nike accept this claim? They said if they find puncture holes or deem that it’s excessive wear they’ll deny it which worries me. Thanks

  3. LOL! That intro though. Hahahahahaha!!! Good review man. I think that I might skip these so that I can grab some other models. The Soldiers are high on the list for me.

  4. i have something to say about the jordan 2010. i always mention it as it was my go to shoe until the outsole was split. i disected it. it had 1 bottom loaded zoom bag and the double stack is only at the heel. no double stack at the forefoot. and the reason why the you can feel the zoom at the forefoot is because the forefoot foam was very thin almost like just an insole thick. the midsole looks thick at the back because it was double stacked and there is a thin midsole dividing the bottom from the top zoom. then the forefoot only had that very thin midsole. compare it with the alpha 1. the midsole was really thick and you can mostly feel the midsole and not the bottom zoom bag.

  5. NICE Kankle Bracelet! I recently rolled my kankle in the Hypercahse – Worst day hoopin since 05 when I tore my meniscus. Hyperchase is a roll over KING.

  6. Do you think they will release with solid outsoles? Great review man. Your site weartesters one of the best review sites period.

      1. Thanks for the reply! I hope they release some solid rubber on these because those may have xdr. Anyways keep up the good work man! You have got to be one of the best in the game of shoe reviewers.

  7. Hey NW I agree the lower budget models have been better my mentality have been used a lot more in my rotation then the x. I’m always wanting to try something new. Out of these 3 the venomenon lillard 1 and kyrie 1 in what order would u take these?

    1. Based on the scores, it would probably be venomenon first, kyrie 1 is probably second (d Lillard 1 had lockdown problems), Lillard 3rd

  8. Hi sir NightWing2303! Playing on a rubberised-painted cement court and I care a lot about traction and being close to the ground (rare jumpshots, all dribble penetration) which will be better to get, a KB Mentality or a Venomenon 5? Thank you from the Philippines.

  9. I have had these since about a week after they came out. The forefoot area on mine has already worn down. It’s not like I use theses everyday to ball in I have only worn them to my outdoor court a couple of times. And I’m mostly a big man, so I don’t make as much hard cuts or stops. Other than basketball I sometimes use theses as an all day casual shoe. And I’m a little disappointed that some of my forefoot and outrigger has worn down with not much intense play.

  10. Great review, very interested in these and you thouroughly answered my concerns, questions, ect from the Venomenon being a overseas shoe- the KD Trey 5 2 being so horrible and the Mentality constantly bringing solid colorways- you answered everything about material, cushioning set up, support, ect. I really like reading your personal preferences about the mentality vs the Venemonon. Essentially, your getting XDR, Zoom, a Kobe signature, with a better Zoom than predessors, a solid good price line, and really great timing as these are moving over. I am thouroughly looking to see how Lebron line/ Durant line/ Jordan (superfly) adidas with the 773 being outdoor based last year, gives a lot of wonder and hope that UA tests the outdoor primary function of the shoe market. Finally consumers who are athletes undrstanding Retros are fine outdoors, but modern tech has its place in the indoor outdoor and Indoor only. Indoor only is almost alwaysr200+ while here 120 mentality many color option around 70 dollars, promo codes from major performance basketball carriers. Remember this will be Kobes last year, so really these kicks beimg ondoor outdoor, mesh and woven blend, nice material, price point, some zoom. may be a nice way for, a budget baller as myself to remember Kobe, while KD and King will have pleanty more shoes. Kobe line 4yw ^-^

  11. for non readers =
    Support – nw-They remind me of the Kobe 8 and Kobe 9 EM in terms of support. Mentality v Ven? Nw-I like the Venomenon indoors and Mentality outdoor
    Overall – nw- I actually like these a little more than the Kobe X’she traction was pretty awesome – indoors & outdoors –
    Materials – Mesh and wovens are the new thing

  12. I am a huge fan, love your work and am interested in these or the Kobe mentality. I am a little flat footed and the Mentality looks kind of flat. Do these venomenon 5s have better arch support?

  13. So if I swap the insoles of the Mentality and the Venomenon 5 I’ll have a great shoe. I’m thinking that a lot of people buy the Mentality for the insole. Haha

  14. out of the nike venomenon 5, nike run the one, nike hyperchase, and nike lebron st 2, which would you take? also, could you rank the four of them?

  15. Hi! you really had a job well done, and thanks to your good review, ill be able to cope these tomorrow, and they will be my first kobe shoe 🙂 i just had one question, do the cushion really is not that good or it is just not good in your perspective?

  16. Hey Nightwing, which one would you suggest, the KB Mentality or the Venomenon 5 if I need them for recreational purposes and everyday school use? Thanks for your reviews they are brilliant!

  17. Nightwing! How does this shoe compare to the kobe 5 or 6 which in my opinion the best shoe I have ever played in! I loved the cushion and feel of that shoe! I hated the kobe the shoe felt awkward from heal to toe for me and the lack of cushion killed my shins! Since I can no longer find the kobe 5 or 6. Unless you an point me in the right direction, how does this shoe compare with the zoom units and feel!

  18. Nightwing! How does this shoe compare to the kobe 5 or 6 which in my opinion the best shoe I have ever played in! I loved the cushion and feel of that shoe! I hated the kobe 9 the shoe felt awkward from heal to toe for me and the lack of cushion killed my shins! Since I can no longer find the kobe 5 or 6. Unless you an point me in the right direction, how does this shoe compare with the zoom units and feel!

  19. These were by far the best pair of basketball shoes I’e eer owned. Until they were stolen from my truck. Now I’m tryna replace them online. Anyone know a good deal shipping to Vancouver, Canada?

    Thank you,

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