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Nike Zoom Ultraflight 2014

Could things get any better? First we get word that a slew of 90’s classics will be returning in 2014 and now we come to find that the Nike Zoom Ultraflight is coming along for the ride.

Flightposite, Jordan Team 1… Ultraflight… oh my… this is going to be a great year for hoopers.

Nike Zoom Ultraflight 2014

Via AK

  1. Good shoe. I’ll hold out for some og colorways.

    This shoe had excellent traction and nice fit.
    Cushioning was very nice.
    It really needed an outrigger or a little more surface area on the outsole for better stability tho.
    I dont have wide feet but felt as if my feet in the upper sat outside of the actual traction surface below.
    Id likely just get a pair for chillin now because with my body these are a little roll happy.

    Id love to see some 2k3’s get broken out by nike. A similar but superior performer in my view

    1. Dwelly what you know bout the 2k3’s? They were the most comfortable shoes I had before my LeBron x. The zoom air in there was wicked springy. You just had to wear crew socks for a while so the upper wouldn’t cut into you. Lol

      Hey Nightwing, do you know what kind of zoom air they used in the 2k3?

      1. They used full length zoom air…and those shoes were heavy with suede on the side..plus no shank plate it gave plantar fasciitis when I played in college

    1. I agree. I hated that NSW put on heel zoom in the hyperflights..I want OG make up in my retro.

      Now bring back the nike zoom turbines

  2. I thought the cushioning setup was the same for the 2K3, Ultraflight and Turbines. Had a love/hate with all three of these shoes. Ultraflights were hard to get on, and the upper cut into my feet sometimes, but such a crazy conceptual shoe to play in. 2K3’s had to go a half size down, but they were fun to play in. Turbines were my favorite of the bunch, but the lockdown was hard to get right and if you messed up the laces it was game over. Dang, if these come back, I guess there is hope for Zoom Drives, Jet Flights and Zoom BB Lows.

    1. The Turbines were turbines were the best shoes ive ever hooped in the early 2000’s, that lacing system was innovative and that full length zoom was springy and responsive

    1. I believe that’s the torch mesh that got used on the huarache 2010. And kobe v and vi. What I’m getting at is its very comfortable and will probably hug better than the double layer mesh used on the original. What seems weird is its a sleeve now opposed to a normal tongue method. I’m excited as long at the keep the zoom set up the same.

  3. Man, I hated the originals, they were the very definition of disposable plastic shoes, plus they were an ankle injury waiting to happen, the reissues are selling for about $30 at outlets in hong long, even that isn’t enough for me to go back on my decision to return the purple joints I bought back in the day (entirely because of j-will)

  4. omg I hope these play like the og. the pic of the sole looks a bit narrow in the forefoot. I really hope that isnt the case

    1. Original gangsta is a sign of respect for being the first. Used in crime families first then it just trickled into our vocab to pay respect to other items we use in life

  5. These are my favorite basketball shoes. I remember having to hold the sneaker sideways just to get my foot into the inner sleeve.

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