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Nike Zoom Hyperrev – Officially Unveiled

Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 2Engineered around the less-is-more design principle, the Nike Zoom HyperRev maximizes the foot’s natural motion where it’s needed most.

Developed with the speed and quickness of phenom point guard Kyrie Irving top-of-mind, the Nike Zoom HyperRev maximizes performance and comfort. The upper features mesh and a dynamic Nike Flywire system made up of super-strong, ultralight nylon cables for locked-down support.

The feel and responsiveness of the Nike Zoom HyperRev is enhanced with the combination of full-length Nike Zoom and a lightweight Phylite midsole.

Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 1

Designer Leo Chang’s goal was to create a lightweight, breathable and flexible shoe that delivered a custom fit with proprioceptive feel. The shoe’s ankle support features flexible foam lining within the mesh.

Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 15

Full performance benefits of the Nike Zoom HyperRev include:


Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 14RESPONSIVE CUSHIONING

Full-length Nike Zoom provides responsive cushioning encased within a lightweight Phylite midsole for responsive shock absorption.




Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 10LOCKED-DOWN SUPPORT

A dynamic Flywire system made up of super-strong, ultralight nylon cables cradles the foot for locked-down support just where it’s needed.




Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 11STABILITY

The foam comfort of the collar and heel area provide a proprioceptive feel combined with stability and support during quick lateral cuts.




The Nike Zoom HyperRev launches globally on Nike.com and select retail locations beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 3

Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 4 Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 8 Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 7 Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 6 Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 5

Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 9
Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 12 Nike Zoom Hyperrev Officially Unveiled 13

  1. Lets hope this is the zoom that everyone loves; not the new stuff that no one can feel. If these feel anything like the jordan XII’s, these would be amazing.

      1. Nike never failed with full length zoom (for the most part) so this should be good. The lebron x had great zoom and hopefully these dont disappoint. What I dont understand is how is the shoe flexible with a full length zoom unit?

        1. 360 Max Zoom is not the same as full length Zoom. 360 Max Zoom is an Max Air sized unit while Zoom Air is thick and much lower to the ground. Two totally different implementations of Zoom while still being ultra responsive.

  2. Do you know whether the ZOOM UNIT is full length like the LEBRON 11 is full length? Or is it full lengthlike the KOBE EIGHT is full length?

        1. Besides the Kobe 1 and Huarache 2k5 similarities, it looks more like a Kobe I, KD VI(swoosh placement and triangle pattern on the lateral side) and Huarache 2k5 mix.

          It should be a full-length Zoom like in Air Jordan XIII and LeBron XI.

          If it was Heel and Forefoot Zoom it would have be stated in the tech sheet if that was the case.

          Maybe with Phylite Midsole, Zoom maybe give responsive feel it has been known for and not the most recent implementations.

          I know people will wonder how much flex these shoe will have since not having a shank of some sort will have people be concerned, rightfully so.

  3. funny how one of the priorities of the shoe is natural foot movement, then they use zoom (one of the stiffest options) for cushioning…..look at how thick the sole is, hard to believe it will allow for natural movement

    1. It isnt as stiff when it is full length. The lebron 11s used a very similar set up just its midsole was modular and had lunarlon vs phylite. So they should be very flexible similar to how a roshe run basketball shoe would if their midsole was just a bit more dense. But that being said we’ll never know until we . . . watch Nightwing’s review.

      1. The only reason some shoes with zoom are stiff is because of the contruction like if they use thick rubber or foam and if there aren’t any flex grooves. I have the Zoom Revis shoes which have full length zoom, the rubber is kinda thin and it uses a flexible and soft foam, so it flexes very easily. These look like they have more than enough flex.

        1. I felt the zoom revis was too thin and not as responsive compared to a lebron XI or Jordan XII. T could actually feel the foam through the zoom air which kind of made it a stiff ride

          1. Your right its not as responsive but that is because the zoom is bottom-loaded on the Zoom Revis. I don’t think it was because the zoom was thin, I think the zoom still did its job when it comes to impact protection and provided amazing comfort. You cant really compare them to the Jordan XII since they have top loaded Zoom.

          2. I have the zoom revis as well, that is why i said when it is full length it flexes a bit more easy. It is true about the rubber being thin and the midsole being soft which does allow for more flex. But if you take a fore foot or heel zoom unit and try to bend it then go bend a full length zoom unit the full length zoom will bend with more ease.

  4. I like. That black/white/grey colorway is a must. We’ll see how they play after I get those to determine if I get more.

  5. looks sick what bout performance and price, kinda like a crazy light or crazy quick for nike, you know that great performance shoe that is not signature but one colorway is signature to a player.

  6. On nike.Com It says that they are only releasing the red color way……… I hope they realize the black one it is some much cleaner

  7. They could not have designed an uglier shoe IMO it’s a socks with fuse a midsole/outsole with some flywire

  8. Am i the only one who things Leo Chang isnt an experienced enough designer to be on high profile athletes? Put him on some team shoes or something. The shoes he designs scream “budget shoe” These basically look like the kd 6 with a huarache collar.

  9. with that see through mesh i’m questioning it’s lateral support…seems too flimsy.
    Need a bit of stiffness on the side for support…especially during quick cut movement, jab step, etc

  10. These look like the hyper dunk 2011s on the medial(or lateral which ever os considered the inside side of the shoe) side with the swoosh placement. The also have similar zoom windows/ setups assuming the zoom is top loaded on these (i know the 2011s didnt have full length but the had zoom windows and top loaded zoom)

  11. Nightwing! So does that mean that this is like kyrie’s signature shoe? Is there a sketch or somethin to see what the Hyperdunk 2014 looks like cause im collecting the hyperdunks…

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