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Nike Zoom HyperRev Deconstructed

Nike Zoom HyperRev Deconstructed 1

Its no secret what the Nike Zoom HyperRev is made of but if you still like to know exactly how everything looks within a shoe – not a bad thing by the way, I speak from experience – then you’ll want to check out the Nike Zoom HyperRev as its deconstructed.

Via Long7

Nike Zoom HyperRev Deconstructed 2

Nike Zoom HyperRev Deconstructed 3

Nike Zoom HyperRev Deconstructed 4

  1. This shoe’s Tech was so transparent on the shelf, not sure why there Doc’d these. They need to Deco the Jordan 19

  2. Full length responsive zoom is second to none even lunarfoam. Not sure why nike went away from for over 5 yrs but I’m glad it’s back

    1. Its not really responsive as nightwing stated. Its smooth with great heel to toe transition, but not really responsive like the lebron X or J12. I assume its because of the phylite

      1. i kinda felt that unless you were really jumping alot that 360 air unit is less plush then the zoom. The zoom feels better for on foot comfort

    1. I thought that I was the only one that felt that with the arches. I also didn’t like how narrow it felt around the toe. It seems more like a straight cylinder to me than something that got a little wider at the toe like most shoes that I find comfortable and I definitely dont have wide feet.

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