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Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Performance Review

I apologize for the delay! This time of year is always busy as far as real life is concerned… add in a full time job and running your own business & my beard will be as white as Santa’s by New Years!

Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Performance Review 1Traction –
Same exact setup as the previously reviewed Nike Zoom Hyperdisruptor, the full length herringbone and rubber used are both ideal for on-court action. Great grip from start to finish, on any court & nearly any condition. This is a great setup for indoor players and outdoor players alike. Only real tip for outdoor users is to try and play on rough courts, when I played on the smooth blacktop I would have some slipping when debris was present – due to the flat herringbone pieces throughout the outsole.


Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Performance Review 2

Cushion – Same midsole and outsole as the Hyperdisruptor but the cushion setup is slightly different. Instead of heel and forefoot Zoom, we just have forefoot Zoom. Still just as unresponsive as the Hyperdisruptor which was pretty disappointing… I guess they just don’t make Zoom like they used to. I will say that I experienced no pain or discomfort while playing in them but at the same time, it just wasn’t the Zoom Air setup that I grew up with and came to love.


Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Performance Review 3

Material – Hyperfuse, as usual. I feel like a broken record when I go over Nike Team Models. Not to say that is a bad thing, just that there really isn’t any real variety until you get up to the signature lines and even then… things are fairly repetitive. However, it all works and its durable so you can’t complain too much.



Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Performance Review 4

Fit – The fit was great and practically flawless – they fit true to size by the way. I loved everything about the fit and lockdown of the shoe and this is possibly their best feature besides the great traction. The way the shoe moves with your foot with all the flex grooves along the upper is phenomenal and the lockdown wings that are reminiscent of the LeBron 9 were a great addition as well.


Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Performance Review 5

Ventilation – These have a good amount of ventilation and air flow. If you are looking for a shoe that will help keep you cool then this is a viable option.




Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Performance Review 6

Support – Support was good. Not fantastic and not horrible. I guess instead of being overwhelmed or underwhelmed… I was just whelmed. Got the job done and that is pretty much all that you can ask for.




Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Performance Review 7

Overall – Its a good shoe, like the Hyperdisruptor was. I like the price point that they are set at and they come in a variety of colors so they are easily accessible for team players – which is exactly what they were meant for. However, I’d like to see more emphasis put on the cushion systems in these lower end models… at least utilize a softer foam so the ride is a bit more forgiving. Other than that, they are another solid team option from Nike Basketball that would be a good look if you need to match uniform requirements on the court.

You can grab these now at a discounted rate over at FinishLine.com.


Nike Zoom Hyperquickness Performance Review 8

  1. Do you think it’s possible that nike is making the old zoom technology unresponsive so that buyers gravitate toward the newer lunarlon technology ? If so, do you think zoom and air max will ever be taken out of shoes if nike labels it as “obsolete” ?

      1. To add to that, it’s interesting because they are adding lunarlon to some retros like the Air Force 1, air max 90, and they plan on putting it in the air max 1 based on a picture I saw. At least jordan brand is still using a non foam based cushion. I like non foams because they last so much longer, but because brands are trying to make shoes as light as possible, the future of mostly foam based shoes is inevitable.

        1. I thought some foams might last longer than Air based cushions? So what is their main advantage over Zoom Air for example? Disperses impact better and is more lightweight? Do lighter shoes make that much of a difference to people’s games?

          Have you done a topic on foams Vs other cushions, Nightwing? If not, I think that would be very interesting if you did do one somewhere down the line. Discussing the Pros and Cons of foam compared to other cushion systems.

          Since Jordan himself liked Zoom Air, and Jordan brand still uses it quite a lot, I sometimes wonder what Jordan would like to use right now if he was still playing? Do you guys think Jordan would stick with Zoom Air, or do you think he’d have no problem using a foam based cushioning system?

    1. They really need to fix this zoom problem because i loved lunarlon in the lunarglides but when they put it in basketball shoes(like the hyperdunk) i cant feel it and it felt clunky… Can anyone else even feel the lunarlon in basketball shoes?

        1. I wonder if the lunarlon in the kobe 8s feel more like the runners. I own the hyperdunks and it really does feel more dense. I guess this is what they mean when nike said that the lunarlon is “basketball specific”.

          1. I dont like the new hyperdunks cushion. I wish they would have kept it the same as the 2011s. And the kobe 8s are super comfy they are in my rotation along with the xx8 se okc and kobe 6s.

  2. Been lurking forever, and your reviews are one of those that I HAVE to check out (along with Duke’s from CK, and BL9’s) before I make any purchases. Just wanna say that I truly appreciate the efforts that you’ve put in over the years, and reading the responses to your articles, I’d say plenty of people here feel the same way 🙂 Thanks

      1. Awww, now I have to say something nice. J/K, Chris, I agree with Syd – when I wonder how my opinions stack up I look to you first. You have done a fantastic job with the site and building this thing and all support and props to you. Syd is a long time e-friend and one of the people I think about when I write reviews.

        That said, some idiot on NT is basically taking “us” (reviewers) to task for being on the take. I had a very interesting exchange about that with him today. Gotta stick together.

  3. Traction, Cushion, Fit, and Materials are the things that I look for in a hoop shoe.

    You mentioned that the Zoom bag isn’t responsive, so I’m guessing it just feels like foam cushioning throughout the shoe, No pain or discomfort will work for me.

    Not a fan of fuse, I still prefer good old materials(Leather & Nubuck), but I’m going to grab myself a pair for Outdoor use.

    Thanks for the review!

  4. I found an old pair of my Shox Vision TB (from 2009) in a box in my storage closet – these shoes had forefoot zoom to go along with the shox in the heel. I was surprised when I tried them on and thought that the forefoot zoom on this was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt (it’s also good to note that these ended up becoming my “beaters” to wear during tennis season once I got my Kobe IV’s).

    I don’t have any shoes leftover prior to 2009 but if this was generally the size and amount of zoom that was placed in a Nike basketball shoe (a TB no less) then I feel like we got suckered for what they are calling Zoom cushioning these days.

  5. Copped a pair just yesterday. Can’t wait to try them out in a game soon. Thanks for the review! Also liked the Young Justice reference (whether intentional or not) lol.

  6. I own a pair of these and still hoop on them they are very light not so comfy but I like them

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