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Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014 Performance Review

We’re going, going. Back to, back to. Basics, basics…

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014 Performance Review 1Traction – You can never really go wrong with herringbone. Well… you can, but it’s really hard to mess things up when using it. The grooves in the Hyperfuse 2014 were nice since it catered to both indoor and outdoor usage, so there was ample coverage no matter the surface. Dust didn’t get clogged up either, so that was a big plus. Only thing you can really complain about with this setup is that the rubber is a bit on the soft side in terms of outdoor usage. Other than that there wasn’t anything to really complain about.



Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014 Performance Review 2Cushion – Heel and forefoot Zoom Air are in place, and while they used a traditional forefoot unit vs the rectangle unit, I still couldn’t feel the forefoot the same way I was able to feel the heel. I think this was mostly due to the dense Phylon they used… it was really lightweight Phylon, but a bit dense. While the cushion is adequate, I can’t help but wonder when we’re going to get the old Zoom Air back… or if we ever will. I really miss that setup and the new stuff just doesn’t compare.



Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014 Performance Review 3Materials – If you enjoyed the original Hyperfuse then you’ll love these. The built is similar, but the Fuse isn’t as stiff. You will retain the durability of the Fuse without sacrificing mobility. Other than that, what you see is what you get. Hyperfuse…





Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014 Performance Review 4Fit – They run true to size length wise, but width wise they were a bit wide. This was an obvious downside for me on a personal level, but if you have wide feet then you’ll likely enjoy how they fit quite a bit. Again, they fit true to size length wise so I’m not sure if going down 1/2 size will help you out at all… I suggest trying them on just in case. In terms of lockdown, the forefoot area was sloppy due to the wider fit. The heel was nice and secure, but the forefoot left me unsteady when changing directions quickly or stopping suddenly.



Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014 Performance Review 5Ventilation – Solid ventilation, no complaints at all. Like I said above, these remind me a lot of the original Hyperfuse which were pretty well balanced.





Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014 Performance Review 6Support – Most of the support comes from a shoes fit, and with the forefoot on these fitting slightly sloppy… you can imagine that I didn’t experience the best support. Wide footers won’t have this problem as they’ll receive that one-to-one fit that I wound up missing. in addition to their fit, the midfoot features an internal support shank and the midsole itself cages your foot for lateral support. My favorite aspect was their wide/ chunky looking base. It acted as an outrigger, and its something that I enjoy whenever its present on a performance model. Most shoes today are made to be really streamlined and these aren’t… this was more like a chunky 90’s midsole, but chunky in a good way… like chunky Chips Ahoy.

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014 Performance Review 7Overall – Had they fit me as nicely as last year’s model then I would’ve enjoyed these a lot more. But for those looking for something that will fit their wide foot without breaking the bank, the Hyperfuse 2014 is a good option. You can use them indoors or outdoors & you’ll receive pretty solid performance.

If you were interested in grabbing a pair, you can do so now (on-sale) at Finish Line.

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014 Performance Review 8

  1. Great review as always. I kinda like the looks of the shoe and maybe I would be interested in grabbing one pair of these as a backup shoe but the price is killing it for me. Why would I pay 125,- for a solid performance shoe when for that money or less I could buy a much superior model from last season (like the xx8, melo10, lebron 11, Kobe 8 or maybe even the KD 7 which are already on sale). I feel these kind of shoes should cost no more than 100 bucks. Maybe I’m missing something but I doubt that the target audience would really pay the retail price for these. Please bear in mind that I live in Germany so maybe my perception of price politics regarding basketball sneakers in the USA is blurred.

    1. Trust me, they will still get the target audience. Back in my high school days, the top shoe was the Kobe 5, AJ2009, and Lebron 7, but the vast majority of players opted for the Hyperize or Soldier 3 because they were moderately priced, easy to find, and just straight up solid and reliable. No frills, just performance. Most HS players play in team models. Based on what I’ve been seeing, the players who tend to wear sigs are the weekend warrior-types of players. In my local gym, I’m seeing mostly Rose’s, KDs, Kobes, etc. One time, I saw a Hyperquickness, but thats pretty much it. I hope you get my point.

  2. Do you think that bigger sized players will be able to feel the forefoot zoom? (Bigger player, more weight, more compression)

  3. Nightwing, how does your knee and shin feel when playing in these outdoors on a cement floor? It scored 7/10 on cushion, so does it mean you might feel pain when playing on a cement court?

    Which will bottom out faster, the phylon in these or those on dual fusion? Im thinking of buying these coz of the zoom or the prime hype. Will be using the shoe mostly outdoor cement court.

  4. I just bought these on sale at Finish Line and used a 10 dollar off 60 coupon. I am 5’8″ and 175-180 lbs solid. I can feel the zoom in both the heel and forefoot easily and they feel GREAT. I haven’t felt FULL forefoot zoom units in a while but these felt really good. For an outdoor/indoor option, these get my vote. Again, I personally, at my weight feel the zoom in both areas easily just by moving. Great shoe that should hold up at a great deal.

      1. Very comfortable. I find that most Nike shoes nowadays are tight on my small toes and need to be broken in to give me any relief. These needed ZERO break in time. They are wider than most Nike shoes nowadays. I actually tried on both these and the Nike Hyper Prime DF in Finishline and went with these for the cushion and width (comfort).

        1. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t sloppy wide but they don’t crush your feet. I wear Eastbay socks and those have some cushion. With the socks on, the shoe fits just perfect with no pinching, squeezing, or any discomfort.

  5. Does it support ankles well? The adaptive fit from last year was great, and wass solid for me, although I do have ankle wraps/supports whenever I wear them (just in case). Thanks guys!

  6. Thanks NW. What do you mean specifically when you meant the “old zoom air setup”, is it different foam or just bottom loaded/sitting on top the foam, and what are some shoes for example.

  7. Nightwing, if the fit was better, the support would have been better which would result in a higher overall score?

    1. Most likely. If my foot doesnt fit properly in the shoe then the shoe will not support me properly, or at least as the design of the shoe intended. When your foot and the shoe are not one with one another, support will greatly suffer because of it.

      1. Thanks man. Even tho i never seen ur foot, my foot is between normal and wide. Thanks for the review bro. Keep up the great work my dude

  8. Both of my Hyperfuse 2014 insode ankle collar are tearing. This happened after 1 wear/1 game. Not really affect the overall support though…

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