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Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 Performance Review

When almost might not be good enough…

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 Performance Review 1
Traction – Besides the fit, the traction is the best part of the Nike Hyperfuse 2013. The rubber used is perfect for any court or condition… even on dusty floors I didn’t have to wipe at all. Outdoors, they played perfectly… and playing perfectly outdoors is pretty hard to do. It doesnt hurt that herringbone was used but I still think the rubber had a lot to do with their performance, especially seeing as how the entire outrigger is traction-less yet played perfectly fine this time around.

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 Performance Review 2
Cushion – Their cushion is horrible. By far their worst quality. An insole is recommended unless you enjoy this dense cushioning. One thing’s for sure, some of Nike’s most recent implementations of Zoom have been a huge hit or miss… these air balled.

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 Performance Review 3
Materials – Hyperfuse – hence the name – is used along the entire upper and I enjoyed the way they played. They start out slightly stiff in the toe but after a few hours that goes away entirely. What you end up with is a shoe that fits like a glove without loss of structure or support. This is the best Hyperfuse as far as their materials are concerned. Tough in the right places and forgiving where you need it.

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 Performance Review 4
Fit – They fit true to size and like I mentioned above, once you break the toe in a little the fit just gets better and better. You are completely contained inside the shoe despite have the Adaptive Fit system at the collar which is nearly detached from the rest of the upper. I didn’t notice the collar at all so I assume that was the goal. Lockdown without restriction.

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 Performance Review 5
Ventilation – Air flow and ventilation aren’t bad this year. Last years model was a giant piece of plastic and these actually have plenty of ventilation points so you wont be sitting in a puddle once you’re done for the night.

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 Performance Review 6
Support – The overall support is great. Most of the support is provided to you by the fit and lockdown while the outrigger helps on the lateral end. There is also a small shank (bar) in place at the midfoot which isn’t noticeable but works fairly well since there are multiple flex grooves up front. Can’t complain.

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 Performance Review 7
Overall – The shoe is almost perfect but sorely lacks in one of the areas that happens to be a make or break attribute for most. They just aren’t comfortable from a cushion standpoint. A slightly softer or more forgiving foam midsole would have worked well but with the way they are currently, they weren’t too pleasing after long hours on-court. All in all… I loved everything about the Hyperfuse 2013… except for the cushion.

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 Performance Review 8

  1. nightwing can u make a low vs high performance topic
    i keep telling my friends a low can also be suportive etc
    but they will believe only if u say so
    which is dumb because they they know kdv elite has 10 10 suport but they say its a low so its not suportive

    1. Supportive of these days low cut bball shoes…i guess that only mean the shoes can lock down your heel area very nicely , so your ankle won’t roll over easily like the old days low cut bball shoes……Sure it’s ok for light weight player and healthy ankle, but if not you will need some reinforce or compression on you ankle. plz don’t compare with players in NBA NCAA etc…..coz they wrap their ankle b4 game.

    2. Pretty sure supportive means(atleast one meaning) that it stops your feet from doing something its not, and a lot of times this has to do with FIT. It keeps your feet contained and the dudeabove me is partially correct about the heel ring but that’s not the only aspect. Now back to the point I’m pretty sure nughtwing talked about this sometime ago in some vid already, I dont rememberwhich tho

  2. I have one question, but it is about the Jordan Super.Fly 2.

    Because of the unlocked zoom, would you say that jumps are easier?

    I know it probably doesn’t increase your vertical, but would you say that going into a jump is smoother than it would be if you were wearing, say, a Kobe 8?

    1. Yes it is easier,but judging from your question you look like you are out to buy a SF 2 or Kobe 8, so keep in mind that while the unlocked zoom is “boosting” your explosivity( or makes you at least feel bouncier) it has a very small amount of court feel. So if you have ankle braces to support you , get the kobes

    1. Go to YouTube and check nightwings channel there is a video there about the orange circle it’s pretty long like 80 mins our something but ask you need to know is there. And let me tell you it’s pretty cool

  3. Whati wanted to say they think u will get injured the1st week bc its a low
    And they think adidas is to blame when some 1 gets injured
    Stupid( ma friends)

  4. low or high is more of a mental thing. If you are gonna roll your ankle that day, then you are gonna roll your ankle that day no matter which shoe you put on.

  5. Gosh I hate nike right now they need to stop being idiots and putting the smallest zoom unit the can make and the most uncomfortable foam setup ever in this shoe freakin stupid I would put lunarlon or cushlon in the shoe and make the zoom in the entire forefoot for great cushion the rest is fine

    1. you try to run a company, you’re trying to sell a 110 dollar shoe, but you put all your flagship tech in it? That’s not how it works

  6. I tried the Hyperfuse Low 2012 because it was on sale, only about USD90 in my country which is one of the cheapest shoes available!

    I too didn’t like the cushion. It’s so hard and stiff. I didn’t try the 2013 version but based from your review, I guess they use the same setup. Even the Hyperfranchise felt more comfortable.

    I told the sales person that I’m a Guard (and also a center at the same time) but he kept on saying that these shoes are good for Guards. I’m really confused.

  7. One more thing. You mentioned before that a forefoot cushion is more important for Guards so is it safe to assume that a Zoom Air at the heel would be better suited to a center?

    Many thanks in advance

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