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Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Low Performance Review


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Traction – Just as it was in the original version, traction in the low is exactly the same. I did feel solid rubber performed greater when dust and debris were on-court so if possible, I’d recommend using a solid rubber outsole if you plan to pick these up so you can get the most out of the traction surface as possible.


Cushion – While the heel Zoom Air has been removed, I still felt the cushion was adequate for a Guard. Larger players may want heel and forefoot cushion and that is where the higher cut model comes into play. I will say that the Phylon midsole was good enough coupled with the forefoot Zoom, however, foam isn’t quite as resilient as an air based cushion so keep that in mind as well.


Material – A much thinner upper was used on the low model which is something I do enjoy. It isn’t overly restrictive but also not extremely supportive either. While you will receive much more flex within the material itself, it did buckle a bit under severe pressure – mostly upon sudden stops. Luckily the Fuse/ Flywire combination is still durable as ever so in that regard nothing has changed with the difference in thickness between layers.

Fit – They fit true to size and offer exceptional lock down in the midfoot/ forefoot region. The heel on the other hand was lacking quite a bit due to the missing heel notches as well as the lace setup implemented. Those that tape their ankles or wear a brace most likely won’t run into this issue but for those of you who don’t, just be on the lookout and invest in a pair of SpeedWraps.


Ventilation – Air flow isn’t restricted too much. The tongue is a lightweight & breathable mesh while the Fuse layers actually have perforations in place that work. They are slightly better than the higher cut model in this regard and above average overall in the ventilation department.


Support – Having proper heel lock down would have been a nice touch so the support took a hit when directly comparing it the Hyperdunk 2011. There is a TPU shank plate in place for rigidity but because the heel was unable to fully keep your foot in place, the TPU heel counter was almost a useless piece placed on the upper. Just because a heel cup is on a shoe doesn’t automatically mean it works.


Overall – As a Guard, I did prefer the low cut version over the high. However, there are some issues present that made my time playing in them a bit underwhelming at times. For speedy fast paced players, these will be a perfect match. Larger players may want to stick with the higher cut model as the multiple layers along the upper & lockdown fit are more abundant which will offer much more support and stability.

You can purchase the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Low at retailers such as Finish Line.


  1. Nice review, too bad they took out the zoom bag on the heel. Nikestore claims they still have them though. lol.

    1. btw, would you say that the cushioning set-up on the hyperdunk lows is similar to the set-up on the KDIV’s?

        1. Ok. Thanks man! I think that is a plus factor on these compared to the kd’s. and the fit is much better for me on the hd as well.

  2. Good review Nightwing.
    Just a recommendation, it’d be nice to have a numeric score next to your shoes ratings. It is more direct that way. Without the numbers, I ended up losing count on the shoe ratings. There are a lot of shoes there.

    1. Really? You can’t count up to ten? If it’s a partial shoe, then just take a guess. Come on, man…

      1. It is just a constructive recommendation to Nightwing to make this website better. Whether he accept or not, its up to him. There is no need for you longcity to worry about this. So stay out of this.

  3. Nice review Nightwing. I have a question for you in regards to Nike Air Zoom. You seem to know more than most!

    I have multiple pairs of Zoom Kobe’s, last night I was hooping in my Zoom Kobe V’s (POP) and at the end of the night my heel was a little sore and parts of my Achilles tendon. Could it be possible that this was due to the Air Zoom bag being “worn out” or “deflated”? Note: The court I was playing on was some sort of tile, not a true wood floor, so this floor could be the culprit too, but I have hooped there before and didn’t experience the same discomfort.

    Any information you have for me in regards to this would be great, thanks!

  4. Great review. I’m a bigger guy myself, but I’m gonna give these a shot for some 1 day a week outdoor playing. Nike had them on sale, so I was able to pick them up for about $48. I usually play in the KD’s (IIs and IIIs), and was thinking of switching to the IV’s but the reviews of the pinching have me a bit scared.

  5. If I was to wear two pairs of socks, should I get my normal size or half a size up? Also, does wearing two pairs of socks help the lockdown in the heal for this shoe? Thanks

  6. Mod’s I did to try to cope with the minor issues..

    Since the HD 2011 Low is really similar to the Kobe VI build, a shoe that I loved, what I did was transfer the Kobe VI insole over to the HD 2011 Low.
    This made the footbed feel a lot better to me since I think the material of the KBVI insole seemed to be a lot higher & not as soft as the original insole of the HD low.
    Also, the Kobe VI insole curved up & hugged the the heel of your foot whereas the original insole was just flat. This kinda helped the heel fit for me.
    I also used a runner’s loop lacing system on these to try to help the heel lockdown.

    If you own a pair of Kobe VI’s and have the Hyperdunk 2011 low too, give the insole swap a try! It made the Hyperdunk 2011 low feel a lot better to me.

    1. **quality of the material of the KB6 insole seemed to be a lot higher than the original HD 2011 Low insole.

  7. Hi Nightwing,

    I just bought a 2012 Hyperdunk Low PE “Son of the Dragon” yesterday. I’m very happy to share that it has zoom air bags in both the forefoot and heel.

    I guess Nike read your review that they should’ve kept the heel zoom units in the 2011 Hyperdunk lows as well. Haha

    Great job with your reviews!

  8. Should I get these or the Adizero Rose 2.5. I like basketball shoes that are durable and lightweight and I’m having trouble picking which one.

  9. The 2011 lows actually do have zoom air in the heel. It’s just not visible like it is in the high HD. The solid window with the swoosh on the heel of the sole is where the zoom bag is located

  10. Hey NightWing i just recently bought these shoes and i was wondering if a ankle brace will help prevent the slipping of the heel? and if it does, will the ankle brace make my shoe tighter? because my shoe right now, without the ankle brace is a good fit.

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