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Nike Zoom Hyperdisruptor Performance Review

Not so much Zoom but you can still vroom vroom vroom.


Traction – After a small break-in period, the traction proved to be practically perfect on every court no matter the condition. For those of you that prefer to gear a squeak with your traction… this is your shoe.


Cushion – I wound up playing in the Hyperdisruptor much longer than I typically wear review sneakers as I was remaining adamant that they just needed “a little more break-in time” for the Zoom Air to become what I was used to. Unfortunately, that never happened. Zero responsiveness from the midsole and Zoom units made what could have been a perfect team model into one a little less desirable. Not sure if I’m the only one with this experience but feel free to share your experiences in them in the comment section.


Materials – We all know I love raw materials but if plastic is going to be used… this is how to do it. Pliable and form fitting yet still durable. Their mesh panels may not withstand the test of time but for what they are, I wouldn’t mind wearing plastic based synthetics like this more often.


Fit – They fit true to size but do run slightly narrow. A proper try on is strongly suggested, if you cannot try them on then buy at your own risk with the info provided.

Lockdown is pretty much perfect. No issues whatsoever and again, this type of Fuse is really the way to go if synthetics must be used.


Ventilation – They breathe well. Air flow isn’t restricted much and while it may not be very noticeable if this is your only pair of hoop shoes, you will notice it if you switch from one shoe to another from time to time.


Support – If you need arch support then these might not take care of your needs. There is a small TPU based internal shank but it still allows the shoe to flex in places that you might not want it to. The upper provides most of the support in terms of fit and lockdown. Think of a snugger fitting Zoom Soldier VI without the strap… that pretty much sums it up.


Overall – My only real complaint is the Zoom. Is it something that makes them awful to play it? Not at all… they’re really fun to hoop in actually, due to the impressive fit and wicked traction. Just like with most Fuse and team models, these are a great any man type of shoe… fitting each position from 1-4 easily. If these would have had the same cushion setup as the Hyperdunk 2011 or Zoom Soldier VI then Nike would have had the best overall team shoe on the market.


  1. FIRST! lol jk…

    Nice review… but im pretty disappointed in the zoom… i thought the cushioning would be the highlight of this shoe

  2. I’m very disappointed about the zoom air. Was looking to purchase a pair but probably won’t. I wish I could buy them to see if it was nightwings pair or if they are all like that.

  3. Hey Nightwing, I was also disappointed especially with the cushion but also with the support at first, so I decided to try those shock doctor court insoles that you reviewed in them. I really like the way the insoles feel and I definitely feel like I have more support and a little bit more cushion. Just a suggestion, and great work as always!

    1. Awesome, glad you like them! I dont include the insole in the review bc I need to test them the way they are and give an accurate assessment of their performance. But that is why I reviewed the insoles and such.

      1. Hey Nightwing. I really like what your doing. Always looked for a good performance basketball shoe reviewer until I found u.

        Im 31 years old been playing ball since I was 6.

        I work in the film industry here in Canada. My best advice to u would be to cut your videos in half in regards to time. You repeat yourself a lot , and I think you’ll see more site traffic both from guests and advertisers. Sometimes less is more. Just get more to the point:)

        Other than that great job !

  4. Hey can u recommend me a couple of shoes that do not have a shank plate like these and the soldier 6s. They have a smooth transition and usually shank plates make my feet hurt thanks

    1. Shank plates are typically placed at the base of the shoe and is the furthest thing away from the foot besides the outsole. Its highly unlikely that the shank is causing any pain as its nowhere near the foot. It might be the midsoles mold or possibly the insole itself which typically have a molded arch. Might want to try taking the insole out and replacing it with one that works well with your foot.

      1. i agree with nightwing, they are molded to follow the arc of the foot and are usually underneath the insoles, try thicker insoles might solve it

  5. in your review you said it was like the kobe 8 and kd5 combined sorta. As far as fit, is it more like the kd5? or kobe 8? My guess is kd5 cuz of the same type tongue used. Also, is the insole thick and fluffy like the kd5?

  6. Great review. Pretty similar to my experience in the Hyperdisruptors. Overall a good shoe but the zoom is lackluster (very disappointed about that since Nike hypes up the zoom in these) and the midfoot support is pretty weak. I was very excited about getting these but they didn’t live up to my expectations. Oh well. On to the next shoe…

  7. NW,

    I never felt any responsiveness from the zoom units. if I were to say it in a harsh way, they were “FAKE ZOOMS” or AESTHETICS that make you believe it’s actually ZOOM.

    is there a way you could contact or inform Nike about these Disruptors or complain about it? I find the zooms of this shoe worthy of it’s name, hyper-disrupting.

  8. I was wondering if you were going to review the Adidas real deals, but I guess the shoes been out for awhile, so I’ll buy them and I know you will review the Adidas the crazy quick…Let me know if they will hold up outdoors because i play outside more

  9. Hey nightwing i was wondering what would be a good shoe like the kd v but better cushion? because i wear the kd v and sometimes they hurt or i have ankle injuries from them so what would be shoe like it but better cushion???

    1. Hey Kenny, that is interesting. Some people on other sites have said that the cushioning is great, but a lot of people have said that it sucks too. I wonder if they have quality control issue with these shoes?

      Where did you get your pair from? And what colorway did you get?

      Have you had other shoes with Zoom to compare it to?

  10. Yo nightwing I was amazed at how awesome these shoes were when I tried them It didn’t even feel like I was wearing shoes at all the zoom was amazing the quality weight everything was great

  11. hi. nice review! what about outside performance? choosing between cp3.vi and zoom hiperdisruptor. also I regulary wear nike us 7.5 size and have not wide feet. what would you recommend for me from these two? summer plays mostly outside.

    p.s. copied message to this thread to get more responce from owners of these two.

  12. you must try to break-in this shoe outdoors just like the glove when you have time nightwing, because the only issue the shoe have is the zoom units. if you could feel the zoom after break-in outdoor then this will be a very nice performer

  13. The Zoom in these was very apparent to me. It felt very bouncy already when I initially tried them on. My guess is that you are too light for this Zoom, NW. I go 5’8″ 195 and I can feel the Zoom with every step. Love these (especially for $40 at the Gilroy outlets).

  14. I think there is a problem with Quality Control. I tried 2 different cw’s of the Hyperquickness this past weekend and on 1 pair I could feel the cushioning, the other pair felt like there was no cushioning on the shoe.

    Anyway, I decided to grab a pair of Hyperdisruptor’s for outdoor(Cement court) use, since they had the same price as the Hyperquickness and both models were already at a discounted price. Not bad to get Zoom bag’s at your heels than none(IMO). Played in 1 game last night with them and so far I couldn’t feel the responsiveness of a Zoom airbag. Hopefully after a few more games they will start to become responsive. It’s a bit weird since I swear I could feel that bounce when walking around and not when running and jumping in a game.

  15. i bought two pair of this kicks one is mine which is black and the blue one is for my brother nice shoes actually. im happy because i can move along with comfi

  16. Got these for $60 at the outlet. hell of a shoe for actual ball players. Thanks for the heads up nightwing

  17. i actually enjoy these shoes. my pair came with the translucent outsole. they literally stick to the floor and offer me great responsiveness

  18. Personally I thought the zoom was pretty good. But this was my first pair of shoes that I hopped in that had zoom cushioning I’m more of a Lunarlon or micro g kinda guy

  19. Hi nightwing! I became fascinated by the way you review kicks for the benefit of ballers and ballers-at-heart.

    Anyways, i was in a mall when the soldier 6 and these hyperdisruptor were going on sale. Im really fascinated by these as they weigh insanely weigh and is so much ventilated above normal.. But cushion counts for me and i end up buying the soldier 6 because of of so much better zoom..

  20. Man I got these on a HUUGEE Sale. They were 140 bucks and I got it for 40 at a Nike Outlet store. Thanks man.

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