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Nike Zoom Crusader

Wondering what James Harden has been wearing on-court? Looks like the Nike Zoom Crusader.

Not sure when or if these will release but I’m really happy they didn’t put the ‘Hyper’ tag on these guys. Same initial concept with the design though… a little Fuse here, some Flywire there… forefoot Zoom and bamn! Nike Zoom Crusader. With my luck they’ll release the shoe and put Hyper before Crusader just to mess with me.

They look like good performers though… sort of looks like something Steve Nash would wear. Traction – while not traditional – looks like it’d perform well indoors. Share your thoughts in the comment section below and let me know what you think.

Nike Zoom Crusader 1

Nike Zoom Crusader 2

Nike Zoom Crusader 3

Nike Zoom Crusader 4

Via cilvarinz

  1. oh man, these DEFINITELY look like my kind of shoe…a no-nonsense low-top performer that can take a beating indoors or out, something that will let me feel light on my feet without distracting me from playing my game…and yeah, they do look a lot like the kobe 8, a shoe that i love
    just so happens that jimmy harden is one of my very favorite players, too, i know he can’t play D, but…

    probably gonna pick these up, i’m more interested in shoes like these than the lebron XIs, to be honest

    1. ditto on the XI’s. wore one but because of the price ($220 where i come from) i wasn’t too thrilled.

      hey thanks for the tip on the HD lows, best pair for me outdoors, coppin’ another pair soon! you should put up your own site/channel tadatsune. asian ballers will appreciate your thoughts as well since we share the same “terrain” and weather 🙂

  2. I love the fact that these are def-Kobe inspired… It’s nice to finally have a shoe, that is low-top and won’t cost my whole wallet… It looks good, I hope it will be comfy enough to run and move in… And big++ on the outdoor.

  3. apparently these come with XDR, are an outdoor specific shoe and will be released in the greater china area only…wonder why harden has been rocking them in pre-season games ,then!

    1. darn, I was very interested in getting a pair. Oh well, I know you like Harden and low tops, so I am glad that these might suit you quite well.

      I might have to try and get a pair of the Hyperdunk lows though. I want to try out a low top shoe before getting something like the Kobe 8. How would you compare the 2012 lows to the regular 2012 Hyperdunks?

      1. Go for hthe HD lows ice, i listened to Tadatsune and im enjoying my pair so much im waiting for another cw to hit the sales rack 🙂

        1. Yeah, thanks man, might just get a pair. I’ve never played in a low top Basketball shoe before, so I just wanted to try something out that is a little bit cheaper than the Kobe 8. I just want to see if I like playing in a low first, before getting something more expensive like the Kobe 8 itself.

          I agree with what you said in one of your posts above that Tadatsune should start his own site/channel. Awesome poster. His knowledge of the kicks he owns, and recommendations, are almost always top notch.

          1. I wore orthotics in them so heel lockdown was a bit of a concern. But i used a runner’s loop on the last two eyelets (just like what i did in my Kobe 8’s), and after some run in lockdown is now great. The stiff midsole is good for my foot as the Kobe 8’s are too flexible and inflames my Plantar Fasciitis without the orthotics. Hope u find a pair at a really good price!

  4. I heard somewhere that this is going to be an asia exclusive but not too sure about that…something like the KD Trey5 which are bang for your buck shoes with XDR outsoles…

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