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Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review

In all my years, ballin’ on a budget never felt this good…

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 1Traction – I showed this shoes traction alongside the Nike Hyperdunk 2014 and mentioned there that even though the two patterns are very similar, they performed very differently. Between the two, you’d assume the pricier model would boast the best performance… but that wasn’t the case. You’ll get more out of this pattern, whether you’re indoors or outdoors, and the pattern itself was just very consistent. Not much wiping needed and covers you in multidirectional fashion for ample coverage.

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 2Cushion- Dual Fusion was my favorite cushion system to run in back when my legs and knees where 100% healthy. Its lightweight, soft and slightly responsive without restricting range of motion. For me, this was the Lunarlon before there was Lunarlon… probably why I took to Lunar so well when it was introduced. What I like most about this particular setup is that its full length and its supportive while providing adequate cushion. The grey layer is a standard Phylon which acts as a carrier to the red softer Phylon layer. Both work incredibly well together which is greatly appreciated in my book. If you’re looking to try out a budget friendly model but dislike the lack of cushion most of them have… this shoe is the exact opposite. Budget friendly but with cushion.

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 3Materials – Standard materials at this point in time. Fuse and synthetic leather are used along the entire shoe and we pretty much know what that’ll bring. Plenty of durability and a little bit of break-in time. Woven is the hot new material to use nowadays so technically this Fuse stuff is outdated… but it still works very well so no real complaints.

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 4Fit – They fit true to size and maybe even a little narrow at the forefoot. Try a pair on if you can, but I’d recommend getting your normal size if all else fails. Lockdown was solid… this part of the shoe was very much like a Hyperfuse or Hyperdunk model. Very reliable and nothing out of this world… gets the job done which is what a budget friendly model is all about.

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 5Ventilation – Above average ventilation on these guys and I was happy about that. The toe would’ve benefited from some perforations, but thats just me nitpicking.

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 6Support – Most of the support comes from the shoes fit and lockdown. The rest of the support comes from under your foot with the flat stable base and Dual Fusion setup. I landed on someone’s foot twice while playing in these shoes and both times I was able to quickly recover and get back to playing.

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 7Overall – Its rare to find a budget friendly model that doesn’t need a little something here or there… maybe an insole or double socks. The Nike Prime Hype DF isn’t one of those though. If you put these on along with a pair of Hyperdunk’s, you’d have a hard time noticing the difference. These are a great bang for your buck model that you can currently grab at Finish Line. If they’re at other retailers in other colorways then feel free to let me know below in the comment section. If you end up trying out a pair for yourself, make to hit me up and let me know what you think… ball’n on a budget never felt this good.

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 8

  1. It’s good to know you can still buy a solid pair of basketball shoes without scouring the outlets or shelling over $100. Plus, I love the aesthetics of the shoe. IMO these look better (and play better) than this year’s hyperdunks.
    Also, I appreciate how you review shoes like this and the air max stutter step or shoes from small brands Nightwing. You write reviews for those looking for the signatures and those looking for quality on a budget. Keep up the good work!

  2. I hate how some of nikes low end models look better then the high priced ones. Aesthetically these are real nice looking to me. This shoe updated with nicer materials or more technology would be sweet. But it would also be pricier. Still a solid shoe though. Especially for the price.

  3. This video is awesome nightwing. This just goes to show you really don’t need to buy signature models for awesome performance. Plus it seems to me you have a bond with these shoes inperticularly. This is a major reason I love your videos. I’m really a sneaker head because I love to see a personality in shoes. The prime hype seems to be a shoe that reflects a lesson. You dont need to be the best, to play like the best.

  4. This vid made me have more interest with low end nike shoes. Love your vids man.
    Nightwing please do a review on the stutter step 2’s. Please please plsease lol

  5. The Jordan Brand has also low budget hooping shoes,i can’t remember the name of the model but i think it cost less than a $100.00..same material and cushioning use with Nike Prime Hype DF..

    1. I think that the one you’re thinking of is the Jordan Court Vision. I saw those at finishline and tried them on…not bad for budget model. They sold out pretty quickly too once the price dropped even further.

  6. They’re pretty cheap because there’s no Zoom or Air Max, no Flywire. There are other low budget shoes that provide (for example) Zoom, but lack in 1 or 2 other attributes such as traction or fit.

    These shoes show that essentials and fundamentals are key. No gimmicks, just Nike giving us a good shoe.

  7. Nike made these that good by accident… They never wanna their budget shoes perform that good. They want us you to buy the expensive ones in order to fullfill their primary target aka Profit. Good for us tho… Nice review by the way.

    1. Just took a look at that shoe after seeing this comment. A little more expensive than the Prime Hype, but it seems pretty solid. If the adiprene + is only in the forefoot, does that mean the rest is just EVA?

    2. Do NOT touch the crazystrike 3 if you’re also thinking about these.
      Also if says adiprene is in the forefoot you’re pretty much guaranteed EVA the rest of the way.

  8. Man…looks like Nike trying to hit’em where it hurts with the low budget kicks game. Way to step it up Nike! Sneaky…

  9. Nightwing, please do a review on Zoom Hyperfuse 2014.. i’m a planning to get it so i just wanted to see if can par with Hyperdunk 2014.

  10. I usually go a half-size up in narrower shoes but thats cuz I have a wide foot. I’m really interested in trying this foam and well as the firmer midsole carrier!

  11. I just got a pair of black Nike Prime Hype today in China ( not fake) for 610 Yuan approximately $100. The shoes are really cool.

  12. I have been looking for a cheaper basketball shoe since it has been three years since my last shoe and I was out of the shoe game since. I had to check the usual like the Hyperfuse and Hyperdunks then I saw this at Champs and looked like the current Hyper series but cheaper.

    I found your site when I did a search on how they performed and I guess I’ll buy myself a pair based on your review. Thanks a lot for the great and in depth review! Keep it up!

    1. Probably not as good, go with the hd2014 despite NW’s bad traction experience I think the grip is great, not kb9 great but still great. If you have a narrow foot you should go down a half size ’cause the fore foot is a little wide and if lace up tight it will cause the whole shoe to crease all weird.

  13. Hey @nightwing2303 , could you please make a comparison list of all known cushion and categorized them by [Responsiveness] and [Impact Protection], since not all of us have the opportunity to try and experience it all..

  14. Thank you so much for your Review, For Adding it on your top ten list. You have caused me to check them out, which lead tot a AAU team, struggling with shoe finances wearing them. People all around pick up court’s outside and in the gym for men’s leauge- I’ve shown your review and seen more and more people trying them & thanking me. So again, thank you for your top ten list and your review!

    These are amazing. Not just because of the price point. Nike has exceeded every shoe with in the Hyper series this year. Traction, Comfort, Lockdown, Colorways. Multiple Colorways are now on sale for $59.98 at Finish Line. 59.98- thats half the price of the Hyperdunks, 1/3 the price of Kobe or Lebron. Even the zoom soldier x2. It’s not just Price Point- I stress these are basically a Hyper Series with XDR- great indoor and outdoor. Molded sockliner, which does form to your foot and really give great fit and support. Prime Hype acts as a Sprint Frame. Full length cushioning. 1/2 the Price, there’d really need to be something amazing about Hyper Series, or anything with out full length zoom, with out indoor/ outdoor capability.

    People asking for Hyper Dunk/Quickness. ect- Hyper Series is inferior to this shoe. No need to worry about the perfomance of the Hyperseries, outside the Hyper Rev, the Hyperquick, Hyperdunk, HyperFuse are all inferior with out any doubt. Hyper Rev has lowered it’s price point a great deal and basically a signature shoe, with some different make up. Also, you could grab 2x of these for the price of HyperDunk (With both sale prices) (3x the price vs Kobe/ Lebron) is beat in cushioning. Full Length vs targeted! Cushioning. It has a toe cap, great for outside or any toe dragging. The main difference that could be in favor of the Hyper series is perhaps the material needing a little more break in time.

    Colorways- Everything from orange to purple to red home, red away. Neutral Grey home, away. White with Black, Black with white. You get a Primarily Black w a Orange, Blue Bottom- it looks like a KD Thunder CW. Blue. I think that covers every colorway. There is not a Celtic Green- but Black w/ White or The Volt should be sufficient.

    Orange, Volt Yellow, Red/Black, Red/Grey, Grey/White, Grey/Black, White/Silver
    Color- White Grey, Dark Grey, Black White, Blue with Light Blue, Red with grey, Red with Black
    University Blue/ Photo Blue/ White on the Logo
    Black/White/Anthracite/Dark Grey – Self Explainatory
    University Red/Laser Crimson/Wolf Grey – Featured Above
    Dark Grey/White/Wolf Grey/Black – Grey White Kind of a Clean Neutral Shoe
    Black/White/Team Orange/Anthracite – Kind of reminds me of Kevin Durant color set up.
    Black/Anthracite/Volt/White | Width – D – Medium Black with your volt yellow (Foot Locker Exclusive)
    White/Wolf Grey/Pure Platinum/Black These very Clean, White and Grey Nike’s (Foot Locker)
    Cave Purple/Hyper Crimson/Hyper Grape/White – Purple, Orange – Look’s like a ThrowBack Raptors cw?
    Team Orange/Hyper Crimson/Wolf Grey/White- This could be a Texas or Tenn C.W. Organge/Light
    Black/Red >> These really stood out, They have a different material on the toe for the drag and scuff protection. They come very with the Mesh Black, with Red Support Showing through, while the Foam and Upper show Red. This is a very clean model. It almost seems like it would be a signature shoe, maybe for Portland/ Chicago.

    Traction vs the Hyper Series- Your getting close to XDR Hyper Series Shoe:
    Beyond color, and the rare indoor/ outdoor durability with a lot of modern tech. These are in my personal opinion; better than the Hyperdunks/ Quickness/ Hyper Series in general. This is a better shoe! By price point. Equal Colorways. Durable.

    You’re paying less for basically XDR traction, which is a improved traction to the Hyperdunk. More Durable, completely as reliable. Like the HyperDunk- this would work if your a guard, wing, or a big. You have court feel. Phylon cushioning. An amazing built in sockliner- that really does conform to your foot’s pressure point. You maintain court-feel. You have great support and a solid shoe.

    Where is Hyper Series better? You could argue on material. Both are completely flexible and similiar. This material does take a bit of break in time. It’s just basic break in time.

    Why is this shoe better? Durable, as Flexible as any Hyper Series, amazing containment- the leather breaks in and the shoe feels fantastic, with the sock in. This has the anatomical system- with loosening and tightening, same as we’ve seen in Hyperdunk.
    There are simply no problems with this shoe. Full length cushioning, great lockdown, amazing shoe. Traction, the sock system as well anatomical set up Nike offers. I can not believe Nike let this release and I can’t believe Finishline has it at under 60.00. This shoe is set up like a 120.00$ Shoe, especially with so many people commenting about the HyperSeries review.

    NW did a amazing review. My former AAU team needed durability & I was able to show them a shoe at 1/2 the Price because of this review, the top 10 list- which lead me to try it out. They wear blue and red, so the “KD” like colorwave really was loved by most of the guys. The fact they could also go with either of the Red Set ups. Let the player’s choose between a number of colors. A couple of the guys actually had the money set aside for HyperDunks, which they’ve worn previous years and even bought the “KD CW” due to this shoe being half the price. A few of the players had the HyperDunks or Hyperquicks from last year and use this shoe, indoor and outdoor.

    I play men’s leauge- referred them to NW’s review and top ten list. Then pointed out a 59.98 price. I see more and more of them around the men’s league and as a assistant coach for AAU, the guys really love them. We’ve had no issue with anyone having durability, lock down, or traction. This is top of the line Nike technology, in exception to the Fuse material needing a little more break in then the softer meshes we’ve seen on so many signature models. This works for all positions, indoor/outdoor. For a christmas gift to yourself or for anyone else. Do not pass on this shoe for whatever reason & buy a Hyper-Series shoe. This is the Dark-horse shoe of the year, A perfect team model, especially for anyone who does not always have access to a indoor court. Even more so, for a player with a budget. You won’t be dissapointed in any aspect of this shoe. I have talked a team of 14 into going with them, in men’s leauge there’s atleast 20 players that have heard about them. Thanks for the great Review NW- by completing it, paying attention to a lower $ model, you saved a lot of people money. I’ve been thanked many times by the AAU guys and by the Men’s Leauge player’s who have taken to try these out. Thanks for a great review Nightwing- you drew my attention to this shoe. Everyone who has tried them after talking to me- I ask about problems, none. I would of never tried them on if not for the review to be honest. Thank you!

    My favorite and most used shoes- D Rose 3/5 Melo 8/ Kobe system 7, Jordan Super fly 2, UA Torch 3, UA Clutch Fit, Nike Zoom Soldier 6, Adi Crazy quick, KD 5, Adidas Adi Power 2 (Dwight’s Every Position Power Player kick 😛 ) Hyper Dunks, Hyper Disrupts. Yes, each shoe has a ton of benefits, but being a 6’5 Point Forward, who literally moves between 1-4 during games. I can say this shoe, I love wearing indoor and outdoors. I’ve got the UA Clutchfit’s for early x-mas from my girl, she wanted me to be able to wear them for a holiday tournament and I felt bad switching back to these.

    Price Point aside, these are a fabulous performing shoe. Supportive, Comfortable, Indoor/ Outdoor is huge in Memphis, These shoes work great as a all around hoops shoe. Toss the price point aside, they’re extremely comfortable, great courtfeel, great support, traction is wonderful in traffic, backing into it or driving in. Just if your a indoor, outdoor player- so many shoes warn do not wear outside. I’ve seen crazylights tear, jordan 28’s tear. Finding a durable shoe, that I can wear outdoors and change positions in, with ancle support is very tough, since the KD 5, with the upper support, Melo 8, Rose 3 and Adi Power 2, shoes have become more focused on guard orientation, and some of the shoes for bigs have been harder to penetrate and jump stop at high speeds. All of those shoes were about the same year it seems, but I’ll give it to Nike on this shoe.

    Please don’t pass it up because it does not say Hyperdunk, or have a certain players number on it. This shoe gets the job done & makes my top ten list. Durability, lock-down, full length cushion, multiple position based are all huge points to me. I play in multiple leagues and will continue to recommend people to your reviews. Thanks again for a great review, thanks for putting it in your top ten. ( I hope you try another pair of Rose’s I’ve had a lot of love for mine ^-^ and wonder if the colors/ materials or a possible defect affected your wear. Between the Rose 5 and UA Clutchfit, I would say the differences are minute. Personally I like the Rose’s better and think you are missing out, due to a material, defect, idk- please try a different colorway I think you will be happy you did after Rose 2.5, Rose 3, Rose 4 all made the upper part of your lists. I’d hate that you not give the 5 on more try and I think it’d be a top 3. ^-^

    1. Holy cow, that was a lot to read lol. Really glad you, and everyone that has a pair, is enjoying the shoe. I was def. surprised at how great they were considering they didn’t get prices at $100 or more.

  15. Thank you Nightwing2303 for your informative and creative reviews. This shoe is really a performer, almost beats any other expensive shoes out there in the market. My friends bought LeBrons, quickness/dunks. But for me, which have a tight budget in my wallet, this pair never failed me in playing basketball. again thank you nightwing2303 for informing us how good these shoes even under 100usd.

  16. I gotta say. Love how these look. I’ve had em for two months. I play HARD with these and I just now got em to rip just a little on the left foot in the ventilation. I can still use em. Great shoe though, really comfy even though they give me awkward blisters on my sole and pinky toe… I think my pair might just be a little too big causing some friction. Still a great shoe on a budget

  17. Hi NW, I’m 5’9 with a quiet wide foot that my hyperfuse 2014 that’s supposed to fit well (from what you described on your review of it), feels tight even after adjustments, do you think I should go up half size for this pair? I’m actually going to keep my hyperfuse since its upper material got lots of scuff after a few practice games. And the prime hype is actually on a discount now.

  18. Would you go with the HD 2013 or these? The HD 2013 are about $20 more. Just worried about HD’s bottoming out before these.

  19. I have a pair of this model. I agree with the review. Specially it is really a narrow fit on the forefoot! Also the additional ventilation on the toe part would not hurt.

    Has anyone tried putting perforations on their pair of shoes? How was it?

    1. I tried wearing double socks and my feet got wet just a little. I’m playing in the Philippines right now and the temperature’s very hot this time of year. So, it’s not an issue for me. It didn’t cause me any performance issues whatsoever. Although you’re right on that narrow fit on the forefoot. That to me is the only cons overall for the shoe.

      1. I am in Manila too! Try checking out Rucker Outlet in Don Antonio, They sell them cheap. Right now I am looking for another Air Max Stutter Step 2. I have a wide forefoot that is why I love the Stutter Step. I agree with KnightWing2303 that a insole is needed for the stutter step.

  20. Just got the red/black version yesterday and played it on a very dusty court on our summer league. I only did some minor slips thrice during cuts and transition D’s. The cushioning is great and it even got better when I added some Sofsoles (Athlete) insoles. The support is good too, though I still used a McDavid Ankle Brace just to be sure (cause I have a bad right ankle nowadays). Nonetheless, I never felt any pain on my ankle and knees afterwards even with Jumper’s Knee on my left. Great bang for the buck shoe. I’ll buy another pair on my next cut. 😉

    1. I have both and i find them both really great for playing…depends on what you really want..low or mid…dual fusion takes a lil longer to break in…kb mentality a lil less durable…other than that they are both great shoes to play in. Ps: i got both of them after reading NW reviews too 😀

  21. will these be good enough for a power forward or centre player? or would the stutter step 2 be more appropriate? need to know if the support will hold up thanks!

  22. Sorry, but I had a pair of these for 4 months and suddenly they ripped. Both shoes. On the interior side. The ripped at an angle from the ankle to the foot. I have never had a pair of shoes does this before. I am a 6 6 older player (245 lbs). I didn’t like they way they fit from the get go, a little snug. I am trying to research if other buyers have had the same issue.

    1. Mine ripped in the same spot. Only thing I didn’t like about those shoe. I LOVE everything else. Thanks Nightwing2303!!!

  23. My kid tried on KD, Kobe, 2014 & 2015 Hyperdunk, 2015 Hyper Rev, and he said the Prime Hype & PH II fit the best and were very comfortable. I kept asking if he was sure just because of the low price. Finish Line had the 2014’s for only $59 with free shipping so they’re on the way. Once he wears them for a few days (assuming they’re as comfortable as they were in the store) he may want the PH II’s for $89 as an extra pair and I have a 20% Finish Line coupon. Compared to parents spending $150-$225 a pop for 2 pairs of LJ’s, Kobe’s, and Jordan’s, I have no problem dropping less than $150 to buy him 2 prime hypes since they’re on his feet 2-3 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, for 6 months. He’ll be able to bum them around later or maybe wear them through summer camps/league if they still fit.

  24. Where in Texas, the woodlands or online can one get these at a great discount?

    Anyone got Marshalls online link? I can only get finishline.

    @Nightwing2303 which are the current best shoes for a kinda heavy SF/SG on a shoestring budget? Indoor and outdoor shoes? We play most of the time on cement hard floor here in Mozambique.

    I was looking at the brandblack blackhawk, nike hyperquickness 2015 and shaq attaq retro 4. They are all under $50 at finish line

  25. I have had these shoes for about 8 months now, and thought I would give some feedback.

    As far as fit, traction and comfort go, these are great. I only used them for indoor play, and once I put them on I didn’t have a second thought about them until I took them off. To me this is a sign of a great shoe.

    The only problems for me personally are durability and support. The stock laces were not long enough to fill every hole, so I was never able to fully use the ankle support on offer.

    As for durability, after about 4 months the laces snapped. This might be due to sharp holes for the laces or something, and a simple file of the holes might fix it, but it was a problem nonetheless. At 8 months now, I have snapped the replacement laces as well. There are now tears in the mesh at the mid-sides.

    So overall, great shoe, but durability not quite up there

  26. i just got my pair yesterday… I tested out this morning, so far so good… great shoe… value for money! thanks for the review NW! all the best!

  27. bought a pair back in the day and hooped the heck out of them. these shoes are so good that years later I can’t find another shoe that I love so much, and I’m looking around the internet to try to find a new pair. My most recent pair is a pair of kyrie 4’s, and while I do like them, I want to get a pair of the DF’s to hoop in. If you can find a pair, you will not regret picking them up

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