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This Nike Metcon 2 Changes Colors When Your Workout Heats Up

While your workouts hopefully won’t cause a meltdown, your training shoes can do so with the color-shifting Nike Metcon 2 ‘Meltdown’ sneaker.

The red and yellow portions of the Nike Metcon 2 (images below) will appear black on shelves but once you lace the CrossFit sneaker up, you’ll see the colors shift as your feet heat up.

Like every Metcon, it’s ready for your most demanding workouts—from wall exercises and rope climbs (which are helped by the side traction on the midsole) to sprinting and lifting.

You can pick up the Nike Metcon 2 ‘Meltdown’ for $140 by clicking HERE.

metcon-2-meltdown-mens-training-shoe-1 metcon-2-meltdown-mens-training-shoe-2 metcon-2-meltdown-mens-training-shoe-3

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