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Nike Lunar TR1 Performance Review

I’ve used plenty of trainers over the years, but the Nike Lunar TR1 is one of the best training shoes that I have used in awhile.


Nike Lunar TR1 Performance Review 1Traction – The Nike Lunar TR1 has a pressure-mapped traction intended to give it grip on all surfaces. Whether it was the weight room, a wood surface, or turf I found that I had enough traction to do what I needed. On turf I usually recommend using some sort of cleat, but if all you have is the TR1 then you can definitely make due. The outsole has rubber nodes which gives you traction which provides ample traction in a pretty wide variety of surfaces, and the rubber used is fairly durable.


Nike Lunar TR1 Performance Review 2Cushion – This was one of the first things that I noticed about this shoe. When I first put it on, I immediately felt the Lunarlon. Lunarlon is my favorite cushioning system that Nike offers, and I was really happy to see it implemented in a trainer to where it does not take away from its purpose. With a training shoe, you want to make sure that it does not take away from support/ stability, and these take care of cushion while remaining stable. Responsiveness was decent while still providing a little impact protection, especially when performing explosion exercises. One of the things that they advertised was a re-engineered Lunarlon cushion, and I really liked what they have done. They definitely feel different than what you’d get out of one of their runners, and even their basketball line, but still being the Lunarlon that I’ve come to love. Hopefully we’ll see this cushion source used more with upcoming trainers, and I’d love to see where it evolves.


Nike Lunar TR1 Performance Review 3Materials – The TR1 uses Nike’s Fuse material along with mesh in key flex zones. The mesh and textile upper with offer a lightweight no-sew construction which was lightweight yet supportive. I never felt like I was dragging my foot around during workouts, but I never felt like I wasn’t protected during harsher routines. Overall, I think that the materials were chosen well to ensure durability throughout the off-season while still providing you with something that is lightweight.


Nike Lunar TR1 Performance Review 4Fit – When I first put on the shoe they felt a little tight and I could tell that they would require some break-in time. By my 3rd session they began to break-in nicely to where they never felt too restrictive. The shoe keeps you locked in, and I never experienced any internal slippage while working out. I worked on everything from agility to weightlifting, even some on-field running, and felt no slippage and was very impressed with how the shoe held up.


Nike Lunar TR1 Performance Review 5Support – This is always big in a training shoe because regardless of all other attributes you need ample support without restriction in order to comfortably perform all of your exercises. Luckily the TR1 does just that. You are low to the ground, which increases your balance and stability, and you are given just enough cushion to make long sessions comfortable from beginning to end. Everything from the way they fit to the way they flex allows you to get the job done in the gym and on the field, all in a lightweight package.


Nike Lunar TR1 Performance Review 6Overall – The TR1 offers a bit of everything that you might look for in a trainer. You can take care of things in the gym, on the track, and on the field. Strengthening, conditioning, agility and pretty much anything you throw at them they can handle. My personal favorite trainer has been the Nike Zoom Revis, and while these don’t offer as much cushioning as those, these offer more support and stability. I’ve enjoyed every workout I’ve done with the TR1 and they continue to be my go-to trainer during the off season.

You can find these now at tons of retailers – some for under retail – Finish Line, Nike Store, Eastbay, Champs Sports & Dick’s Sporting Goods are just some of the retail spots.

  1. I was always curious about the performance on these. Good work and the Revis Zooms is my favorite trainers aswell. The Adidas RG3 boost is also a very good trainer but a little stiff and they run a half large.

    1. When I first experienced the Lunarlon foam in a performance shoe, it was in the Nike Hyperdunk 2012. I instantly fell in love with the technology and it became my favorite Nike cushioning system. The newer Lunarlon found in the TR1 gave more support while still being the lightweight cushioning system. I really liked the step forward that Nike took with this cushion.

  2. I’ve got these bad boys in the Florida State colorway. The lunarlon definitely feels nice in these, more so than the Kobe 9 in my opinion. With that said, I had massive issue with the heel lock-down in these. Did you experience anything like that Batman?

    1. I personally thought the lock down was really great on this shoe. The heel stayed fine with me when I went through all of my exercises. What were you doing when the heel slipped?

  3. Thanks a lot for your review!
    I’ve bought the last pair of TR1 several days ago. Though I didn’t use them yet it was a love from the first… ehm… fit. They suit so tight & comfortable. And fix an ankle perfectly.
    And yeah, I like men’s shoes more. ))

  4. I wants to buy this shoes for running. Do you think they are good for that ? (Sometime I run 10miles/15 km)

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