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Nike Lil’ Penny Posite White/ Grey/ Black – Red

Another colorway of the Lil’ Penny Posite has popped up and I think it makes the shoe look pretty nice. Not as nice as the Orlando’s, but still nice. I especially like the 3m and the black side panel on these. The black part looks like carbon fiber in these images, but a textured synthetic leather is more likely. Like most Penny Posites, there is no release date yet, but enjoy this quick look of the shoes below for now.



via NT

    1. You are stupid to think that no one else has ever tried to make a shoe that looks like armor or even tried it where would you get that it was a stolen idea I think your just a hater and lebron 11 came out almost a year before these will

      1. Yo dude, chill out, he’s kinda right though, this bears similarities to the Lebron 11s

        Nothing wrong with that at all, adidas does it all the time, it’s just the part of the game

        But the Jade and the Orlando ones still trump these, not feeling the white with silver

      2. Why?! Just Why?! You start off a convo with “You are stupid to…”? Is that how you do it in real life away from the keyboard? Let’s show some respect. Dang. What he said wasn’t even extreme or anything.

  1. Hey Nightwing,

    Thanks for linking to the post I had up a few days ago! I’m a San Jose native myself, keep up the good work!

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