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Nike LeBron XI (11) Performance Review

Hakuna… Matata…

Nike LeBron XI (11) Performance Review 1

Traction – The traction overall is very good. Not the best but its close. One thing is that I do feel the LeBron X has better overall traction and I wish that I could go back and change their traction score to a 9.5 so that it didn’t look like these two were on par with one another but… I can’t so I’ll just tell you here… I preferred the LeBron X’s traction over these BUT, these still offer very good traction. I only has minor slippage on floors that weren’t well maintained… floors that were moderately maintained and in pristine condition worked perfectly fine.

Nike LeBron XI (11) Performance Review 2

Cushion – As you know, I felt the cushion started off a bit mushy… as if there was too much cushion. I gave you the small tip to replace the midsole with that of the Kobe 8 if you didn’t want to deal with the break-in period. However, I can say that if you stick with the original midsole… they do break-in in time. It takes a long time but it does happen. The good news is that smaller players – such as myself – have this as an option. The better news is that larger players will be able to enjoy Lunarlon the way I do since this setup is built for a larger player overall while the Kobe 8 was built for a smaller player/ Guards. The addition of bottom loaded full length Zoom is amazing and it does exactly what its supposed to… absorbs most of the impact as soon as your foot strikes the floor.

To say that these are one of the best and most well balanced cushion sources Nike has ever used would be a pretty accurate way to assess the situation… if you are looking for the best then you’ve found it. It’ll just set you back $200.

Nike LeBron XI (11) Performance Review 3

Materials – I love the materials. Fuse is in place but its minimal – I like Fuse when done right but I never truly love it. The Foamposite on the other hand… I love Foamposite and to be more specific… I love when Nike uses Foamposite with Fuse to create Hyperposite. Its lighter, thinner and molds much faster than traditional Foamposite. On top of that, its built the way they look… like a tank… or the Tumbler to be more specific. If you do not know what the Tumbler is then you MUST leave this place we call Kicks On Court and watch Batman Begins. Go… right now…

Nike LeBron XI (11) Performance Review 4

Fit – They run true to size length wise. Width wise they are snug. This was intended so that you receive a perfect molded fit, however, if you have wide feet then you may want to go up 1/2 size… if your feet are just slightly wide then I wouldn’t worry about it but mostly if you have a wide forefoot then I’d consider it if you are unable to try the shoe on.

Lockdown from the midfoot to the forefoot is perfect in every way. The left shoe’s heel give me some problems the first few nights but after the Lunarlon and Hyperposite began to mold then everything fell into place beautifully. They remind me of the Nike Air Max Hyperposite but much easier for Guards to wear. This shoe is like fine wine (so I’ve heard… I don’t actually drink & the one time I tried wine I thought it tasted like liquefied ass), it gets better with age.

Nike LeBron XI (11) Performance Review 5

Ventilation – The air flow is decent. Nothing spectacular but there is a reason behind it. Foamposite needs heat and moisture in order for it to mold to your foots specific shape. If the ventilation was awesome then your experience wouldn’t be as they’d be uncomfortable to wear and take forever to break-in. The score is what it is but hopefully you understand that the materials used require ventilation to be minimal.

Nike LeBron XI (11) Performance Review 6

Support – The support is abundant – as it should be being that this shoe needs to be able to support a 6’8″ 250 pound monster. However, the support isn’t so abundant that you lose range of motion or flexibility. They’ve finally figured out how to implement tons of support while still allowing you to move freely… without being a 6’8″ 250 pound freak of nature. That in itself… is awesome.

Nike LeBron XI (11) Performance Review 7

Overall – Given time, the LeBron XI becomes one with your foot while providing you with a ton of cushion, perfect fit and lots of support. You’ll receive all of this and you can be a 5’7″ white guy, play your style & you wont feel like you have bricks laced onto your feet. This is the best LeBron so far. Its the most technologically advanced, they look amazing aesthetically (personal opinion of course) and they perform in ways Guards and Forwards/ Centers alike can enjoy.

This, to me, is like the Air Jordan XX8 & Under Armour Anatomix Spawn… how the hell are they going to top this next year?!?

Nike LeBron XI (11) Performance Review 8

  1. Is the video uploading?

    The Breds are already spoken for, but if they really are this good, then the Gammas might be too. DAMN $400+ GONE!

  2. For shoes like these, the xx8s, and anatomix spawns, I have no idea how the brands are going to improve upon them next year if the shoes are already almost perfect. The only thing it can think of for these is slightly better traction. For the other two I can’t think of anything. What I think nike should do is make a free run basketball shoe with full length articulated zoom air to fit into every flex groove. If they did that then the shoe would have perfect court feel and perfect cushion, something that’s never been done before.

    1. Um, the Kobe 8’s! The Lunarlon cushioning was amazing, and I felt like it had good court feel. It’s already been done before…

  3. Nike/Jordan are just putting out some fire this year and collecting. I would love to see their earnings for this year. Crazy.

  4. Can’t wait to see this shoe here in PH, But I dont wanna see the price though, I mean the X Elite’s are like xx,xxx.xx in our currency. Ugh! Darn it!

    1. That exact colorway (king’s pride) has been available here bro since October 12. Retails for PhP 9,495. Check it.

  5. Oh my goodness, I shot my load when the performance review was made. Really good job Nightwing, I ALSO do wonder how they’re gonna top this off in the next year…Also thanks for the early post to.

    Definitely a worthy shoe to cop and play bball with.

        1. maybe the only think other than a fresh coat of paint would be to add change up the plastic underneath to CF…

  6. Hey nightwing do you really think the kobe 9’s will be $225 and when will they come out the photos usually came out around this time and where is the video for the lebron 11? It should be here right???

  7. Thanks for another great review.been waiting for this.but still a little bit confuse of what to cop as a better performance shoes,jordan xx8 se or this lebron xi.most of the time I’m in a shooting guard position but sometime I’m in a small forward.pls. help.thanks

    1. You can’t go wrong with either of them based on reviews on this site.
      Based off XX8 performance review and what Nightwing said that the XX8 SE are basically the same without the shroud.)
      Both shoes suits well with any style of play or any player it seems.
      Maybe try on each shoe and pick what you personally prefer or
      be patient if you are actually waiting for the performance review for XX8 SE before making your decision.

  8. at long last! i got em. the cushion is a bit stiff. (only played in em twice for two hours each) traction is exactly what u said it was. they fit very well. i wear a 6-7 yet i got an 8 cuz that was the only size i could get. they fit snug width-wise.(i love that). Length-wise they are an 8. I love em. The Kobe’s are a bit on the better side.(i’ve personally preferred lows ever since having the Kobe 5’s. Though they didn’t have zoom cuz they were GS.) I love both though.

  9. I think the only way they could top it off next year is to use somewhat the same setup BUT instead of lunarlon and bottom loaded zoom, they use the 360 visible zoom unit on the X’s..think about it..decoupled 360 zoom..hmmm..that would be awesome since its flexible for guards and it provides you with the springy feel of the 360 zoom. Damn it nike, make it happen! Lol

      1. Hey, Nightwing. I know that this shoe was released last year but I just had to ask because I’m only copping a pair now. How snug are the XIs compared to the Xs and XIIs?

          1. If I’m a US 8.5 for the LeBron X (That’s my size for most of my shoes), should I stay true to size or should go half a size up?

    1. I also read once that Allen Iverson is 6’1″ but when I met him he was about 2″ shorter than me and I am 5’11”

  10. Nightwing! not to rush you but do you have the performance review for the Air Jordan XX8 SE??? I’ve been waiting for your review so i can decide on whether or not to get the shoe.

  11. air jordan XX8 SE have the same performance of the original except for the ventilation because it doesnt have the shroud so stop whining for the performance review for XX8 SE

      1. Like everyone said, they should be almost identical performance to the XX8s, so I don’t know why you guys need to wait for another performance review before buying the shoe, when you can just watch the XX8 performance review right now.

        The main thing for me is actually being able to get them. That’s all I want to know – Why are they hard to get a hold of for us international customers? Why are they not available to us? I thought these were supposed to be easier to get than the XX8s, yet I could have easily gotten a pair XX8s (if I liked the shroud or was willing to pay the price), but these, I can’t get, unless I am willing to overpay for them, which defeats the purpose of them being a more affordable version of the XX8s. Why are stores like Footlocker, Eastbay, not allowed to stock them?

        Maybe these release colorways are limited and they plan to release solid colorways later on that will be more widely available? If anyone has any contacts at Jordan brand, I sure would like to know what their plan is with these shoes.

  12. Damn………. Wifey digs them too, gonna have to get a His and Hers pair of BRED’s

    1. Wow, I would not have thought that these would appeal to a girl, especially from an aesthetics point of view. What does she like about them? The looks, the tech, or both?

  13. Got to try em on today, bounced around and all with a Lebron 8 and Kobe 8 on the other foot (alternately). Thatncushion is something man! But i think it will be more comfortable when the foamposite and lunarlon break in as the upper of my well worn lebron 8 is much cozy for me. Heck it felt like a more supportive Kobe 8 with a little more firmness on the lunarlon (i could feel the zoom a bit, dont know why maybe my Kobe’s are already worn down).

    In the end i copped the hyperdunk low, $80 bucks or less was all i could spend says my wife hahahaha but it was nice testing the 11’s out beside my other worn down shoes.

  14. Ayy Chris bro i just love what your doing man. Your helping out the community and so much more. These are literally tanks like you said! Hey I’ve been following you on youtube since around early 2011 or late 2010. Hey i noticed that with the new layout of your website (which is awesome) you dont have the top 10 performers list anymore. Can you maybe bring that back? It was a great way to know what is ranked the best so far! I can understand if you got rid of it if it was junking up the site! Hey thanks for what you do!

  15. hi nightwing,
    i got some question i hope you can help me answer these as i can’t try out any shoe in my country, i need to buy it online so i only have “you” as my guide 😛

    anyway i’m quite heavy 220 pound
    and i already quite old, 33 years old
    i played twice a week indoor court.
    im playing SF
    basically i’m a shooter and a rebounder
    i never liked airmax and i always like zoom air
    and i have a bad knee in one of my leg
    and also have achilles tendonitis in one of my leg
    (i can swear that’s because i wore Kobe 8 before ) 🙁
    anyway my current rotation is :
    lebron X
    lebron X elite
    li-ning way of wade

    among those 3 i really like the X elite
    it feel more supportive compared to regular X maybe because the carbon fibre support on the lateral and medial side .
    and the cushioning feel less mushy than the regular X
    the only thing that gonna make it better for me, i think is if they can make it sit a little bit lower to the ground, as i’m not an inside player. i’m more perimeter guy.

    i want to ask about the cushioning in these
    i know you gave it the same score as the X and X elite
    but compare them side by side , how they fare to each other ?
    and also the support ?
    as these 2 is my important factor when i get a shoe.

    i never liked air max but for some reason i really love the zoom max on the X elite.
    it feel more “zoomy” than the one on the regular X.

    anyway, looking forward for your next awesome reviews,
    thank you so much.

    1. The 11 is better cushioning than the 10, due to the combination of lunarlon and full length nike zoom, at the first try, its too mushy but after you keep using them, it will mold the shape of your feet so it wil get more better

  16. when is the jordan XX8 SE performance review coming out im surely that they made few changes except for the flightplate system

  17. I was just thinking that its interesting Nike isnt dropping Nike+ editions of the Lebron 11 and KDs. Perhaps noone was using it for that purpose?

      1. I watched the video however imo switching the insole takes away the essence of the shoe. So it doesnt make any sense

        1. Yeah it wouldn’t be smart to buy the Kobe 8s just so you use the Kobe insole. But if you already have the Kobe 8 then its a great option since the Lebron XI offers more protection on the upper than the Kobe 8s, and as Nightwing said you would have a more low to the ground cushion that some people prefer. I on the other hand enjoy Zoom cushioning. so I don’t think I would do the swap even though I have the Kobe 8s. Now I’m just waiting for the Lebron XIs to go on sale lol.

  18. when is the Jordan XX8’s SE performance review going to come out and is the traction different between xx8 and xx8se

  19. Got my pair finally. They feel great so far. Great bounce, feedback, and impact protection. Cushioning reminds me of an improved version of the XX3.

  20. Logged about 12-13 hours of court play in these. The shoe seems a bit flat and is pressing on my outer toes. I have a pair of AJ2012s with the interchangeable midsole; would you recommend swapping them out or sticking with the Lunarlon insole hoping that it’ll flatten out over time? (And which AJ2012 insole would you say most closely replicates the Lebron one?)


    1. I had the same problem. My pinky toes hurt after running for the first week. After 20 hours of using the shoes it feels perfect. This brings an interesting point. In the days of Lebron wearing new shoes for every game this shoe is going to suck for him lol!!!!

      1. These shoes were made to the exact specifications of Lebron James so there is no doubt his version is custom-fitted so that he won’t get hotspots and have problems with new pairs. Its a good thing these will break in and feel better with more wears.

      2. I was actually watching an interview with Michael Jordan the other day from around ’93, and he said that he wore a brand new pair of shoes every game. I didn’t actually know that. I always thought that he might use the same pair at least a few times. Seems like such a waste of money to just junk shoes after one game.

        I also thought about the breaking in period that some shoes need, and was thinking that it might not always be optimal to change to new shoes every game. What do you guys think? or do you think that signature shoes don’t really need any break in time for the person that they are made for, as they are made to that person’s specifications?

        1. Well you know like when you have a good fitting shoe length-wise and width-wise, you don’t really have to break them in much. I don’t have any facts on this but, I’m sure Nike custom makes shoes for many of there signed athletes.

          1. To custom form posite material to an athlethe must be an interesting process if done. I guess if they had a mold of Lebrons foot they could heat up shoes before sending it to him.

          2. Wow that’s an great idea. It looks like it would be very complicated process, since they would have to make the mold smaller so that it wouldn’t add deadspace to the shoe. As an recreational baller I’d rather just go through the break in process so that the shoe has a tight one to one fit. But as long as the shoe it at least fitted to the pro athlete they’re shouldn’t be any problems with hotspots and they will mold as they warm up and during the game.

  21. These shoes are amazing!!! however I’m having a problem with traction (slipping on the forefoot). Anyone else have this problem? Nightwing?

    1. I didnt unless the floor was dirty. Make sure you are planting your feet properly, if you use the sides of your foot where the outsole wraps up the shoe a bit then you wont receive the best traction. I’m light footed and tend to use the outsides of my foot often so proper footwork – at times – is all thats needed.

      1. I play on all different floors, I’m also light footed as, and usually get caught on the defensive end when when I’m shuffling side to side. Didn’t Have a problem with the Kobe 8 or Lebron X elite. However u did say the traction for these could be better. I’ll let you know how it goes when I concentrate on my footing during games. Other than that these shoes are beast!

        Keep up the great work mate! All your reviews have been spot on with my purchases. However I can’t get hold of some xx8.

  22. hey nightwing, I have a questions regarding shoe sizes. When you say TTS its the measurement of the length of the tips of your foot right? Meaning the shoe must not have any deadspace beyond the toe area? I usually wear sz11 shoes for basketball and its not loose or anything and I thought its my true size but a sz10 LJXI fits right with quite a snug feel on the forefoot. Does it mean my foot is just really sz10? I’m really having second thoughts on using my sz10 LJXI til I get a trade for a sz11.

  23. Hi, great review.
    you mentioned about changing the insole and i was just wondering if lebron 11 insole fits in the kobe8.
    it’d be great if you get back to me. thanks!

  24. For wide footers out there having problems with hot spots around the pinky or 4th toe (toe next to your pinky), loosen the shoe from the mid foot down. For me loosening them from the 3rd or 4th lace down closest to my toes helped (Basically enough room for me to slip a finger under the laces here). I have a tendency to lace my shoes too tight for whatever the reason may be, but with the snug fit these provide from the mid foot down for me by themselves, I found it unnecessary. After loosening them this way a bit, they felt even better than before. I’ve never balled in foams before, so this sort of snug fit is a new, yet enjoyable experience for me the more I play in them.

  25. Hey Nightwing, I was just wondering if you could fit in the Air Jordan 2011 Midsole/Insole into the Lebron XI? Or if anyone has both pairs and has tried this, please let me know!

  26. I usually wear a size 11.5 so I ordered a 12. Thought it had too much deadspace so I went to Champs in my area (yes they had LeBron 11s since they just reopened after renovation) and tried a 11.5 and 11. The 11 surprisingly fit so I bought it. I’m starting to think I’m actually a size 11, but always been wearing 11.5 due to my wide feet.

    Now I have them on to break them in even a little and I can tell it’s going to be rough. My laces are not tied and my forefoot feels like it’s being squeezed (I can feel my pulse). Should I endure it and break it in or give in and trade it for a size 11.5? My timeframe is probably limited to tomorrow since they’re probably flying off the shelves. Already had 3 guys trying em on while I was there.

    1. I might break in but I wouldnt risk it you should only size down if the shoe it too wide or long, if your feeling lace pressure then I would recommend going with the 11.5, Lebron’s still run a little narrow and snug so if you have wide feet go up in size.

      1. Went to exchange and guy said 11.5 had too much space in the front for me. Told me to break it in. Just played some games and it was brutal. Huge blister on my Achilles and pinky toe. Both on my right foot. I hope this is worth it cuz this is painful. So tempted to just go back to my xx8 se.

        1. In my experience having more room in the front isn’t a big deal, because if a shoe has good lockdown which most shoes with synthetic materials have, it won’t affect performance. The Lebron XI also have great lateral support, which is why your are getting blisters on you pinky, so if you sized up you the shoe would be a little wider near your pinky and would help with the tightness. The only reason I wouldn’t size up too much is if the shoe starts looking too big on your foot and they start feeling clunky or loose fitting. I used to buy shoes a full size smaller but since newer shoes use synthetic materials they dont break in much and feel narrower because of my wide feet. So I usually go up a full size from my true size and I do not have any issues with blisters and it has worked out great with the Superfly 2s, and Lebron Soldier 6 which many say are true to size but the toe boxes on both are smaller height wise compared to most shoes.

          1. I actually compared my sz 11 LeBrons with my sz 11.5 xx8 se and the length is EXACTLY the same. Even put one each together and felt where my toe is and there was no noticeable difference. I came to the conclusion that the LeBrons arent true to size since my normal sz is 11.5.

            I agree space in the toebox isn’t too big a deal but I’ve actually lost two toenails because of slippage in my oldier 6s. And i also value a close fit above all else. Terrible taste for someone with wide feet. But I can’t seem to help it.

  27. I would definitely get these if the traction was better. My friend just got these and he told me it didn’t work quite well on dusty courts.

  28. Hey NightWing2303,

    First of all, great work you do! Love your reviews and really detailed looks at performance.

    If it’s not too much to ask I really need your opinion (and anyone else’s). I’m a 5’11 SG who plays a fast, slashing style mainly beating opponents with a quick first step. I want a lightweight shoe with cushion but I don’t want to be too low to the court.

    At the moment I am deciding between the Lebron 11, Super.Fly 2 or KD V (found some on Ebay). Which would you suggest? Or any others I should look at?

    Thanks to any replies, much appreciated!

    1. If you’re willing to consider the Super.Fly 2, then I would recommend the Jordan XX8. The Lebron 11s are light when compared to the other Lebron shoes, but it’s still a pretty hefty shoe. Super.Fly 2 is pretty decent, but built more for SFs and PFs. Never tried the KD5s so no comment there. Check out NW’s review if you want more info. It would be easier to find the XX8 SEs than the regular ones (cheaper too), but that’s up to your preference.

    1. What do you value? If you really like good cushioning and will pay 50 extra, go for the LeBron 11s. If not, then the xx8 se has better value. It provides good support with great traction and lighter than the LeBron 11s. Not to mention less painful breaking in.

  29. im thinking about buying the lebron 11 shoe. i frequently play basketball almost everyday but i was wondering how the traction would be on an outdoor court? will it be a long lasting shoe? will i have a lot of slippage? is it worth buying? thank you for your time

    1. I wouldn’t wear it for outdoors. The outsole is really thin. Heck, I wouldn’t wear it outdoors even if it was XDR. Thin outsoles like that have no business on outdoor courts.

  30. Hey NW, would you be willing to compare the length of your Lebron 11s with all your other shoes? I’m asking since I compared my size 11 Lebron 11s with my size 11.5 Jordan XX8 SEs and they were the exact same length. The comparison corroborated with my experience. My normal size at 11.5 for the Lebron 11s was way too roomy in the toebox, which doesn’t jive with all the other shoes I’ve tried (too many to count, my local footlocker store must hate me by now). I would even go as far as to just chalk it up as a mistake, but I’ve tried a size 12 from DSG, 11.5 and 11 from champs and there were no mistakes from Nike as far as labeling the sizes. Thanks!

  31. Hi sir

    Hi nightwing. Im a big fan of your site and along with kick genius, rely on your reviews for relevant shoe information, to be honest most of the sales people at our local nike don’t know anything about the product, they just want to sell sell sell. so you end up with a shoe you dont really want. Anyway, which one in your opinion is the better shoe, jordan superfly 2, lebron 11 or the kobe 8? I am planning to buy a new shoe but I still dont know what to get, just want to know what you think, since you wore all of these under performance conditions, thanks and great job.


  32. Hey NW and all – I’ve just started playing in these after destroying my Kobe 8 Elites and my Hyperdunk 2012. I have to say the traction is leaving a bit to be desired, I definitely don’t feel as confident in making sharp moves as I felt in the Kobe 8 or even the Hyperdunk 2012; I’ve only logged about 3 hrs of game time so I’m hoping this is something that will improve, can anyone comment on any improvement in the traction after breaking them in a bit? Otherwise everything else is great especially once the posite starts giving way a bit.

    1. You may still need to break them in. They dont flex well at first which makes you feel as if you arent connected to the floor as well as you would be in more flexible shoes. This gets better with time.

    2. I had similar probs as well. Th traction woudnt bite on average courts and was just a little bit under par with a perfect traction set up. However, it has gotten much better through time as i wore them around ehh like10 hours on court and they work gr8. hope that helped lol

  33. Do you think the lunarlon midsole will last long for bigger or heavier players?
    Also I was thinking whether I should get Lebron X or Lebron XI. In terms of cushioning, which one would you recommend?

  34. Hey Nightwing,
    I understand you always get a ton of questions asking you on your opinion on shoes so I wouldn’t be too surprised if you didn’t answer, I get it! Anyways, I am 14 years old, 5’9, 130 pounds and I usually play Point Guard or Shooting Guard. I am interested in buying the LeBron XI but I was wondering if you think they would be durable enough for me. Since the upper does contain foamposite, I assume they would be strong since foamposite is tough, but I was wondering your opinion on it. The shoe would need to last me for winter and spring, but I would only use them on court for games and practice. I also was wondering would the traction wear out after a season? I wanted to get your opinion though since $200 is a lot for me, especially since I am not old enough to get a job yet so it’s an expensive purchase for me! I would really appreciate it if you responded and thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out! Also, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the work you do. You help me determine what shoes to buy much easier and you give great detail in your performance reviews! I highly am thankful for them! Lastly, if you don’t feel the LeBron XI would be the right shoe for me, would you mind just recommending a shoe that would fit my type of performance? (My strengths would be shooting and defense.) Thanks again and whatever help I could get would be great!
    – Owen

  35. Hey nightwing,
    I’m having some pretty painful hotspots right now with this shoe in the insole and sort of around the lower hyperposite area. Do these hotspots go away as the shoe breaks in? Thanks because I just dropped a lot of money on these.

    1. How long have you been playing in them? Brand new these will start out stiff. I had the same problem around my 4th and 5th toe on my right foot, but after breaking these in (roughly a week and a half of pick-up sessions for me), I’ve had 0 pain and refuse to wear anything else. A lot of it for me had to do with the foamposite, and lunarlon molding and settling over time.

      The 2nd pair I picked up in the TW colorway has not been painful to break in at all, so either my toe knuckles callused up, or the factory mold on my 2nd pair had a little more room than my KPs.

  36. I got one question. I don’t have a place that I can try these on in my area. What shoe can I try on that fits kind of like the Lebron 11’s.

  37. Hey Nightwing, I bought this shoe about a week ago, and after only 2 hours of playing in them, I noticed a small opening where the front foamposite piece meets with the fuse on the medial side, so pretty much the medial side right next to the bottom end of the tongue. This concerned me, and both of my shoes have it. Right now its hard to notice, but I have a feeling that that whole area where foamposite and fuse meet could open up, I guess my pair possibly wasn’t fused together right. Did this by any chance happen with yours or is it a problem with my pair’s fuse?

      1. Sounds like there’s a problem with your pairs fuse. I didn’t have this problem nor have I even heard others with this complaint

  38. I had a totally opposite experience regarding the traction. I was sliding all over the court wearing these (Gamma colorway). The court may need to be cleaned but when i switched to my 2012 hyperdunks, totally different story. perhaps the court needs to be immaculate for these?

    1. You can clearly see LeBron’s foot landed on its side and not the bottom of the shoe. With these shoes its really showing how sloppy his footwork is and how much he needs a wider base/ platform. But yeah, the outsole never touched the floor… hence no traction.

  39. nw, i know u luv lunarlon without zoom units, watever u call those, ex. kobe 8. but does this lebron 11 change ur mind with the full length zoom underneath this “thick” lunarlon?

  40. NW have you noticed the flywire on the Lebron XI? Some of the cables sink through the eyelets. I’m not sure if some of them are supposed to do that, but I came back to your video to see if yours did the same and they do. I threaded all cables through to the outside of eyelets with tweezers and my fit feels the way that I bet it was intended too.

    1. Okay so the 2 eyelets on the lateral side above the Nike Swoosh must not be intended for these. I just left House of Hoops and looked at all of the Lebron XIs there. I like the more snug fit when I do thread them through though.

  41. One dude stepped on my shoe. Now the paint at the Nike logo is coming off. Is it normal? I only used them once.

  42. Will outdoor courts (made out of cement) damage the zoom unit found in the outsole of the shoe? I can’t use my Lebron XI’s ’cause im scared that the zoom might pop like if I step on a little rock or something.. 🙁

  43. What do you mean if someone doesn’t what a Tumbler is to leave the sight and go watch Batman Begins? Are you implying that if someone doesn’t know what one shoe terminology that they are automatically branded as someone who watches Batman Begins(a nerd). Believe it or not basketball fans have the capabilities to watch and enjoy superheroes like Batman Begins. Does that make them a nerd too? No. I have played basketball my whole life and I also enjoy watching Batman Begins. Yeah I played basketball my whole life I’ve owned many pairs of basketball shoes and I don’t know what a Tumbler is. So I should probably go watch Batman Begins right? Do not label someone because they don’t know what a word means. That is like me saying that if you do not know what an Alley-Oop is you should probably go play with your Barbies because you clearly are an idiot and are not manly enough because you don’t know ONE word.

      1. I didn’t get offended. You have a Nightwing pic and name which is really b/a. I was just taken back by not necessarily by the fact that I thought you were making fun of nerds but the fact that you were like telling people to leave w/o any implication that it was joke. TBH I wrote that because I am trying to procrastinate from doing work so sorry if I offended you.

  44. Hey NW, guys, I need some help. I really don’t know which basketball shoes to get. If you ask me, I’m not the “power” player, I prefer to shoot 3 points most of the time, if I can, do 2 points, but prefer to shoot at further distances.

    My first choice was the Hyperdunk, was the best overall but since it is 2014, I don’t think getting a 2013 would be a good idea. I cannot wait for the 2014 because I need the shoes now. Moved to LeBron XI, Air Jordan XI, Air Jordan XX8 / XX8 SE, Jordan Melo M10, Jordan Super.Fly 2 and Kobe 9 high. I lean more towards LeBron 11, Air Jordan XX8 SE (no budget for original XX8) and Kobe 9 highs. If you ask me for low-tops, definitely might not want to, because I had a sprain recently and I don’t want to have one again, I know it’s part of it, but no.

    I’m looking for something that could be good both indoor and outdoor, and that could last for a long time. I don’t plan to replace them very soon, I’m not a varsity player, just for casual games. I’m that person who sticks to one. My longest lasting pair of shoes was 5 years, the only problem not able to fit in them anymore.

    What do I look for? (in order): Traction, Support, Cushion, Fit, Material, Ventilation. My budget would be around $200, but I could stretch it if I need to. Style? Depends. Leaning on the LeBron 11’s, but how about the performance?

    Thank you guys.

  45. I mostly play outdoor, on a court that’s a bit dirty (with sand, which can be slippery) and they’re great. They are plenty of great deals out there… No more excuses 😉

  46. Tonight I think I finally felt what Lebron goes through with these and I don’t really understand why. I’ve hooped in the Lebron XI several times since November, but all of the games I played tonight left my two lateral toes sore in both shoes. I got them true to size for me, which is 12, but I’ve never had my toes feel raw in these before tonight. Maybe I just over did it, but we had to defend our title runs. You know how it is. Has anyone else experienced toe rub in the Lebron XI?

    In light of tonight, I might just hoop in guard oriented shoes now.

    1. Yep. Think the wear in process for wide footers will be long. Some shoes like m9, m8, cp3.v, hyperdunk 2011 I could ball in new, where as AJ 2012, AJ 2009 and now lebron XI absolutely KILLED my feet and I couldnt play ball till they moulded to my feet. Aj 2012 and aj 2009 took such a long time of wearing around to stop hurting (some said aj 2009 never wore in but they did 4 me just took for ever). lebron xi is still in the process of wearing in and that lateral foamposite wing is killing my toes as well. My guess is it will just take ages to mould to our feet. loosening the laces & double socking short term helps a bit but think they just need time but man I love these shoes. They are like nothing else and I have a crapload of shoes. Amazing how a shoe this bulky can feel this good in every way. wicked

  47. Hey for the people who have balled in their XIs for a while now, how is the cushioning once the lunar bottoms out? does it feel more responsive? Anything to compare it to? I was thinking along the lines of the hyperrev with the full length zoom. Just curious.

    1. Mine are now broken in pretty well and I couldn’t be more pleased. My personal opinion, the cushioning is wonderful.

          1. I hope they release a new lunar/zoom cushion shoe this year!!! Zoom is one of my favorite cushioning systems no matter how its impletemented even though I prefer full length zoom like on the Jordan 12s.

    1. The way the foamposite and fuse is setup is not designed for creasing. I still would not cop these solely for aesthetics because the color will still flake off over time. Well that last statement is more so due to balling and having dudes step on your shoes.

  48. I know I maybe somewhat late on this, but I bit the bullet and got a pair of the Lebron 11’s. I hooped in them yesterday for about 2 hours and to be honest I’m not sure why this shoe gets the bad reviews it gets. Yes, I’ll agree when I first put them on at the gym the feeling was a bit mushy. And yes, it did take a while to get that comfortable feeling, but the more I played the more I found myself thinking and these shoes could easily be Top 5 in my basketball shoe rotation. Right now I’d put these at #4 in my rotation behind the Jordan XX8 SE, the Under Armour Atanomix Spawn, and Melo M9. Just my thoughts.

    1. Lunar/Zoom should be the best of both worlds. I still haven’t tried it yet still hooping in my 28s. Honestly wouldn’t mind the mushiness if as long as it breaks in. But I hope we see more Lunar/Full Length Zoom shoes in the future maybe in a regular shoe and not in a drop-in midsole for a change. But I value cushioning above everything, it helps me keep playing longer even if reaction time is affected.

  49. hi i’m looking at buying either the LeBron xi or kobe 9 em if anybody could tell me which one is better that would be great!

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