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Nike LeBron Witness 3 | First Impression

After our first look at the Nike LeBron Witness 3 we have a detailed first impression for you all.

A textile build, full-length Air (possibly unlocked), and full-length herringbone — what more could you ask for? Oh, being available Stateside.

You guys had a lot to say about the upcoming Nike LeBron Witness 3 and I had my own thoughts on the shoe as well. I’m definitely interested in trying them out on-court, I just want to know how much they cost.

We hope you enjoy the new larger images thanks to NikeLeBron.net and let us know if your opinions have changed at all since the first look.

  1. Love the look! Looks dope! Honestly I buy basketball shoes for casual wear ‘cause their comfy and hard wearing. Hope these come out in the Uk

  2. Becoming a little skeptical if that is really a full length zoom bag…even if it is, it is probably very thin and Nike is trying to hype it up and market it as something more than it is.

  3. Bottom load full length air unit not quite as cmftbl as top. In my experience, such as Jordan 2012 (orange insole) that is bottom load air unit, maybe responsive but lack of some bouncy…besides, not sure why even now top load full length air unit can not compared with 80,90s nike’s full length air sole ?!

  4. I’m starting to warm up to the idea that its air, not zoom. This is a budget shoe after all, so we can’t expect something too crazy. Would’ve been nice, though.

    If done right, full length air could be decent enough. Depends on if its done right, though- soft foam carrier, not too much psi. If not, it could easily feel like its not there at all(they’ve done that plently of times with this setup). We’ll see.

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