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Nike to Layoff 745 Workers from its Oregon HQ

nike campus oregon layoffs
Image via Oregon Live

According to the Oregonian, Nike will lay off 745 workers from its Oregon location by the end of September. This news supports the original report that the company was planning to downsize, which came in June.

According to Nike, the goal of its restructuring is to get closer to its consumers. By downsizing 2 percent of its workforce (about 1400 jobs), the brand hopes to increase its ability to handle custom orders in a faster, more automated way. It’s all linked to Nike’s new business initiative, which it’s calling the Consumer Direct Offense.

The 745 number comes from two separate layoffs. The first came in July, when the company initially let go of 255 employees; the additional 490 that would make up the total will be laid off by month’s end.

“In June 2017, we announced that we will be shifting to the Consumer Direct Offense, a new company alignment that allows Nike to better serve the consumer personally, at scale,” said Marc Bohn, a Nike vice president, in a letter to the state, according to Oregon Live. “As part of that restructuring, Nike undertook workforce reductions in July and is now implementing an additional round of workforce separations.”

The rest of the details are fairly fuzzy because Nike has released very little information regarding the layoffs.

Stay tuned to WearTesters for more information on the brand’s restructuring plan as the situation develops.

nike campus oregon layoffs
Image via Oregon Live


Source: Oregon Live

    1. Pretty much how it goes in Director and up levels from what I’ve seen. They always have the scoop early and typically leave before hand if the benefit outweighs staying.

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