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Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed

The Nike Kyrie 1 is the latest model to be deconstructed by Long 7, showing you the ins and outs of Kyrie’s first signature sneaker.


I’ve been playing in the Kyrie… and I’m not a fan, overall. I don’t hate them, but I don’t love them either. Traction is the only aspect I’ve been enjoying, but the rest of the shoe just doesn’t work for me personally. There have been plenty of players that have been loving the Kyrie 1, and there are plenty that dislike them. So long as they suit your on-court needs then you should be fine.


If you wanted to know what went into the Kyrie 1, then check out some of the deconstruction below, and be sure to share your thoughts on the shoe in the comment section. Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed 1 Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed 2 Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed 3 Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed 4 Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed 5 Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed 6 Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed 7 Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed 8 Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed 9 Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed 10 Nike Kyrie 1 Deconstructed 11

      1. He’s not saying its not thick enough in the forefoot, and depending on your size it may not be thick enough. Its just not as good as a unlocked or a full length zoom unit.

  1. I find the shoes very hard to break in.. the shoes is extremely stiff! I haven’t even try to play in them yet
    Just trying to get the foam and the zoom bag to break in

    1. How would they break in properly if you’re not playing in them. walking in them in your house won’t do much to break them in, unless you wait like a month to do that.

      1. yes this shoe are stiff as fuck goddam i have played whit them like 6 time i gave up these are just like the hyper enforcer xd for the price these not worth it you are better buying the nike prime hype or even the curry 1

  2. Can’t wait for the review Nightwing! In the meantime, do you think they’d be better suited for a power forward than a guard like you?

    1. Its not so much position specific, as it is size specific. If you’re an undersized F then sure, but if you’re an actual F (size wise) then you might want more cushion. Maybe you don’t like more cushion, who knows. But as I said in the write up above, only thing I’m liking is the traction.

      1. Thanks for the reply! That makes sense, I like my cushion so these might have to be a pass 🙁 By the way the midsole reminds me of the KD V (minus the heel air max of course) especially with that small hidden shank plate.

        1. No problem. Most Nike models that have no visible shank have this internal bar. Pretty much every single team shoe. Midsole here actually reminded me more of the original hyperrev, the shoe just isnt well cushioned, unfortunately.

  3. That’s as big as I thought it would have been but that’s a pretty thick bag, not impressed but just an observation. Still coping with how the kobe 10 is only a 10mm caged unit which renders it hard af….. I tried to fool myself into saying it was responsive with the kd v elite. That shit hurt my knees and I’m only 17

    1. KD V Elites were awful to play in. If you want to feel the true power of a 10mm Zoom Air unit, just try on a pair of Melo M8’s. Yeah, you don’t even have to play in them to feel the difference, just a simple try on and walk around for a second will do the trick.

      1. I know but like you said and as I can see the Kobe x are a caged unit and not encapsulated with a foam cage like the Melos were. They looked awesome and I’ve heard from a lot of people they’re comfortable. I love kobes and this might be a nostalgia buy but I’m disappointed

        1. The Kobe 10 setup would have been better if it used Lunarlon in the heel and a nice Zoom Air unit in the forefoot instead of the other way around. Your heel is not likely to need the added bounce more than your forefoot.

          1. Lunarlon depending on the implementation has better court feel. I remember the first time wearing the Kobe 9 elite and I was blown away

  4. One reason why I’m not a big fan of the Kylie is because it’s a basic shoes, compare them the the hyper quickness 2014 and you’ll pretty much have the same shoe minus the signature details.

  5. Nike has been disappointing for this season, IMO. They sell very expensive products, yet the products doesn’t have much tech in them. The KD 7s were good, but they should have stick with the $150 price tag.

  6. Between these and KB mentality which would be a better choice for outdoor blacktop courts? They both are decently priced, traction is definitely important but I’ve heard alot of good things from nightwing about the KB mentality as well

  7. These deconstructions always hurt me a bit but they are incredibly interesting. I think it would be awesome to see OG’s and their Retro counterparts deconstructed and then compared. Especially shoes that have gone from performance models to lifestyle (Example : Zoom Flight The Glove). It would also be nice to see the REAL zoom air units Nike used to use.

    1. It’s a $110 shoe…which is a days wage and is deconstructed for people too see what the shoe is made up of. Many people are curious so you should thank Long7 for saving many people $110. Who knows he might have gotten the shoe free from Nike and we all know it did not cost Nike $110 to make.

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