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Nike Kobe X Merlot/ Metallic Gold – Villain Orange

The first colorway of the Nike Kobe X to hit retail will be the ‘Blue Lagoon’, which is also known as the 5a.m. Flight, but overseas it looks like they’ll launch with this Merlot/ Metallic Gold – Villain Orange colorway.

According to CrosstrainerSA, this pair will release tomorrow at their store – located in South Africa. I cannot find any info from Nike to confirm this, so maybe these are an exclusive colorway for select overseas retailers… either that or they’re not legit, not 100% either way. They don’t look fake, but you can never tell these days.

As for how they look… I like the Merlot or Burgundy, and the splatter, but not a fan of the bright Orange look. They almost look like something you’d come up with on NIKEiD.

Check out the colorway below, let me know what you think, and stay tuned for more concrete information once it comes. Nike Kobe X Merlot Metallic Gold - Villain OrangeNike Kobe X Merlot Metallic Gold - Villain Orange 2

    1. I’ve only bought my ball shoes in-store so I don’t know about this, but what are these fake sites and how can one tell that they’re fake?

      1. Usually when the writing is in broken or incorrect English, or the pictures look strange or “off”, they’re Chinese replicas. You should also be suspicious if you see shoes that retail for $100+

      2. You never truly know these days. Sometimes the fakes/variants are made with the same materials, build quality, and attention to detail as the authentic merchandise (Which begs to ask why can the fake companies offer the shoes for so cheap when Nike charges so much. But that’s another topic altogether). Your best bet is to use the manufacturers website or their major retail partners (Footlocker, Footaction, Champs, Sports Authority, Finishline, Dicks, Eastbay, Sport Chalet, etc…). The biggest red flags should be the shoe simply looking off. Then low price. Colorway’s you haven’t seen before. Then there are further steps like checking the fact tag in the shoe. Logo and stitch placement. Making sure the box matches. Manufacturing dates. Style codes. Correct insoles. ETC…..

        1. Why does nike charge more than the fake companies?? To put it simply: You see those ridiculous cars Kobe (or any superstar) drives? You see all the money Tinker and all designers make? All the zero’s in the paychecks of Nikes research and development staff? That my friend is why “fake companies” can sell with the same materials for $30 and Nike charges $150

  1. I don’t understand.

    Nike picks colors that would be attractive to a five year old, yet prices the shoes toward people that actually have jobs. To top it all off, the guy who endorses this signature line is so prone to folly, that the sheer ridiculousness of these styles and color scheme’s can only lead me to believe that both Nike and Kobe Bryant, are making fun of his fans with much of this shit.

    I say “fans”, because nobody in his right mind would ever wear no shit like this.

    1. a lot of older guys won’t wear these kind of colorways, but then there are those younger guys and kids who enjoy some pop either on court or off court. The price is what it is, but these kind of colorways have a target audience. It’s just marketing, and you not liking it is simply just your opinion. At the end of the day, some people will like it and Nike will make money off that.

  2. I feel like the Kobe X was all Kobe’s fault. Im sure if left alone Avar would have retooled the IX with a performance weave upper while staying true to the the 9’s design. Kobe really pushed for simplicity which leads to the X being a fail for the price. Simplicity would have been best served in the Kobe X casual line.

  3. I feel like the first hard cut you take in these the mesh would rip in half and you’ll cry because you wasted 220 dollars on this.

  4. Not gonna lie. I think there will be a colorway or two of these that I like. But it totally looks like a $140 runner. Also, does the X have the ridiculous heel pull tab or not? Or is it just the All-Star colorway? Also like many I HATE the different heel graphics. The right shoe (with Kobe’s logo) looks so much cleaner. That is my only complaint about my xx9’s as well. Pick a design and stick with it.

  5. a truly hideous combination of colors. how does nike even allow something like that to get proposed? scary bad. whoever did this should have been fired on the spot for gross incompetence. were they blind since birth? I’ve totally lost faith in the ppl working at nike. the company is a garbage factory. at least 75% of what they make should go straight to a Chinese landfill

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