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Nike Kobe X Deconstructed

Long7 is back with another sneaker deconstruction, this time around the Nike Kobe X is deconstructed.

Way back when the Kobe X was being leaked online, there was an image of a dismantled Kobe X which showed exactly what the shoe was made of. I do think that those images were all that was needed, so Long7 could have skipped this one… but, I guess if you didn’t see those images then this could be helpful.

You can see that the Lunarlon midsole is encased within the rubber sidewalls, the carbon fiber clip, and the partial inner sleeve. Something I wish they would have focused on is the materials… I’d liked to have seen that up close.

If you wanted to see more, head over to Long7, otherwise leave your thoughts below in the comment section.Nike Kobe X Deconstructed 1 Nike Kobe X Deconstructed 2 Nike Kobe X Deconstructed 3 Nike Kobe X Deconstructed 4 Nike Kobe X Deconstructed 5 Nike Kobe X Deconstructed 6 Nike Kobe X Deconstructed 7 Nike Kobe X Deconstructed 8 Nike Kobe X Deconstructed 9

  1. So it was lunarlon throughout? Hmmmm…. Interesting hoping a flyknit low comes out but I highly doubt it this time around

    1. Kobe X Elite low looks like to release this fall. Should be interesting on how this version of the flyknit works with this cushioning set up just not wanting to spend $225 or more for them. the price tag on these at $180 are too high for the tech

  2. If they could bottom load a zoom at the heel with a full length lunar, they could have done the same on the forefoot. Would have been better. Way better!

  3. I wonder how easy it is to deconstruct those shoes considering the quality of shoes nowadays lol

  4. Does anyone ever wonder what he does with the other shoe? Since he deconstructs just one shoe, he now has an extra left or right shoe laying around.

    1. For some of them I saw he chops them in half vertically so we can see the midsole, at least for shoes with Zoom or Air

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