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Nike Kobe X (10) ‘All-Star’ – Detailed Look & Review

Here is a detailed look at the upcoming Nike Kobe X (10) in the ‘All-Star’ colorway. These will be available at select retailers on 2/14/15 for $200, including ShoePalace.com.

  1. Aesthetically. Ewwwww

    I’ll wait for reviews before contemplating purchase. Only two performance kicks on my radar are the Curry 1 and the JCrossover 2. Not impressed with Nikes offerings so far.

    1. Yeah nike’s going downhill imo. From an aesthetic standpoint the newer nike signature lines are getting worse, and you can’t really feel any form of air tech in current lines. (Jordan brand sigs you can though, maybe it’s just me because I’m about 180). Lunarlon is okay but isn’t something to call home about. Adidas and UA are stealing the spotlight for me now. They feel great and don’t look too bad, you don’t have to deal with people purposely reselling them, and they’re generally cheaper than Nike at retail. And I haven’t owned anything by brandblack before but I’ll happily get a pair of J crossover 2s

  2. I don’t know… but I’ve been very indifferent lately with the overpriced Jordan Retros and signature kicks. These Kobe Xs would be nice if they cost around $130-140, but for $200 or $180 for the GRs is just crazy.

  3. To put it simply, Nike is getting too full of themselves. The prices are going up, while quality used in the shoe goes down. $200 dollars for any shoe is still hard for me to justify. They better come with a growth spurt, increased wingspan and leaping ability lol.

  4. He said probably clean surface only
    Please no
    I hope these kobe 10’performance well on dusty indoor court
    Pray to god

    1. Buy the kobe 9’s – pls don’t bring baby Jesus into shoes. These are expensive kicks man, don’t pray for grip, buy kix with grip/ traction/ bear claws

      1. nike stated kobe 10 has the best traction system in nike history and have “maximum traction”
        I still have hope in these until nightwing post the performance review

  5. The way you have described them it sounds like kd 5 elite and that was garbage. Simply trying them in was a lame experience. All this will do is sell more 9’s. That blue pair look lame tambien

      1. Which ones? The Sequoias(Strategy) or the Volts(Victory)? There might he a handful of EM lows like the Silk Roads left, but my point is that they’re sold out for the most part.

    1. On some shoes it’s just more of a gimmick anyway so it doesn’t matter. Try pulling a bit on a kobe 9 elite’s flywire and it doesn’t move at all, it feels like it’s just the little loop popping out of the flyknit and there’s no strand underneath or in the flyknit. It’s more or less just there for show. In lebron 11s, air max, and hyperfeels that I have they tighten and move. Nike’s pulling all the stops to bs their customers.

  6. I saw these on eBay for $150 shipped in my size. Not copping then, not copping now. Sad what has become of the Kobe line and Nike basketball and Jordan brand as of late. Hopefully the upcharge on shoes will be countered with discounts

  7. …I thought I was the only one fed up with paying more and getting less from Nike, good to hear others tired of these redic prices for watered down tech.

    Adidas, UA, and Brandblack have begun to seriously reduce how much I spend on Nike’s. Competition is catching up with the swoosh but I look shoes like the Kobe X low being priced at $180 and I wonder if they realize or even care.

  8. The tall tongue and the giant heal piece are awful and really detract from what is a nice silhouette. What is the deal with all the tall tongues lately? That is a design fad I really dislike these days. Moving on the tech doesn’t justify a $180-200 price point. These are an easy pass.

  9. Kobe 8 base price: $140
    Kobe 9 base price: $160
    Kobe 10 base price: $180?!?
    Buttsexing your consumer base year after year: Priceless

    Every damn year its a $20 increase!!

    Its like the damn Loch Ness Monster always asking for its three fiddy ($3.50). ENOUGH NIKE! Enough.

    OK Kobe. You can retire now. I cant afford this crap. I’m out

    1. Love the Southpark reference 🙂

      Kudos to you, plus you’re right, unless I see a max score, I’m not looking at anything nike for awhile. Too many hungry brands doing their thing like BrandBlack, loving what UA is bring as of late too. I’m a sucker for a good underdog.

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