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Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low NIKEiD – Detailed Look & Review

If you wanted to see just how NIKEiD is rolling out their Kobe 9 Elite Low models then you’ll want to check this video out. It’s probably the best NIKEiD I’ve ever purchased as far as wuality/ craftsmanship is concerned. Doesn’t hurt that the Kobe 9 Elite Low is just a sexy shoe in general.

Performance information is gone over briefly as well, not that it really needed to be addressed… well, maybe it did.

  1. As always, quality vid, Nightwing. My favorite part was the “same as the other Kobe 9s” rant. LoL!

    1. Me too dude!! Oh I know whatcha mean about the flyknit NW it’s pretty cool the way it looks and feels.

  2. Super clean shoe. I just wish it was a general release. Hopefully Tiffany’s will see them and convince Nike to release them for all to buy.

  3. NW trying to educate the masses. LOL! “It’s the same shoe…” Great review man. These look really clean. The colors go together well.

  4. Good luck trying on the KB9 elite Flyknit lows. My local House of Hoops doesn’t allow fitting of limited stock shoes like the Kobe 9 elites and Jordan retros. I can’t stand that, but oh well.

  5. I really wish they would add more colors for the flyknit. In fact, I could have sworn they offered the multicolored when I first checked these out. Now its just black and grey offered. Still some awesome shoes can be made.

  6. I just can’t spend that much dough on a shoe that doesn’t have a fabric inner footbed like most shoes, to reduce foot sliding.

      1. It’s still probably not as good as having fabric so I’ll stick to other shoes that do, like the Lebron XI or any other shoe.

  7. Definitely go up 1/2 a size, couldn’t fit my regular size without jamming my toes, had to go to footlocker and exchange. I have the EM’s and they’re by far my fav hoop shoe

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