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Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM ‘Pit Viper’ – Detailed Look & Review

I’ve bought way too many Kobe 8’s… I know this. However, these were a lot better looking in person that they ever were in images. If you’d like to see for yourself then check the video out… if you’d rather not get suckered into buying them then pick a different post to read through.

As always, thanks for watching!!!

  1. For me this is one of my
    Favorites cause of the mint. But I’. Still waiting for them
    To drop here in the Philippines.
    On another not. Nightwing theres a video of the designer of the cp3s talking about the shoe and another one with d rose talking about his shoe. So you might want to post them here or whatever. More power to you!

    1. I know this commentis pretty late but, they have pit vipers in robinsons galleria. I have it already, i bought the last pair thats my size (10 us) in hoopsville. 🙂

  2. Nightwing! Did the rubber wear off a lot after wearing them outside for so long??? Did you ran around or just plain walked?

  3. Why do you guys keep mentioning the spawn this is his job he will get it done when he plans on it there are so many releases coming and projects hes working on give him a break those spawns are just sitting on racks because they are a team based shoe anyway with a dozen colorways theres no rush

    1. I agree with your first sentence about people hassling Nightwing about the Spawn review, but I completely disagree with you about the Spawns and how you’re just passing them off as a team shoe, making it sound like they are nothing special. We’re in a Kobe 8 thread, and those are great shoes, but the UA Anatomix Spawn is potentially a better all around shoe, so I think that is why people are anxiously awaiting the performance review.

      I really want to see UA make a go over it and step up to be a competitor to both Nike and Adidas. That can be nothing but good for all us consumers IMO. It could lower prices, and or, push these other companies to work harder and come out with better tech and better shoes overall.

      Nightwing also stated a few weeks ago that he wanted to do something special for the performance review, so if it was just an ordinary team shoe, I doubt he’d go to all that trouble to make the review a little different to his regular ones.

      lol, hope I haven’t hyped up the review too much. It could also simply be a case of Nightwing being too busy with other stuff, which is fair enough. People (myself included) can’t keep pushing him to do the reviews and have them out just before each shoe is released. Don’t get me wrong, I think that would be awesome if he could do that, but he’s probably got a lot of stuff on his plate, and it’s not fair that we ask for him to release reviews before he is ready.

  4. Id definately go vipers over snakes for the fact that you can get any shoe in those colors but that plum and mint is crazy and a rare combo id grab both but if i had one choice it would be viper the black and hold elites are crazy though and that tongue on them pops pure art and not too crazy those are number one on my list

  5. I wish i can pick up a pair of sulfurs lol thats my favorite pair and one of the three that i dont have i started late those kobes are addictive

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